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                                                    General Zachary Taylor
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                                                                       The Mexican War
                        i~;       ,

                                                         ANDERSON CHENAULT QUISENBERRY
                                                                                       AUTHOR OF
                                                 "Life and Tim.... of Humphrey MauhaIl the Elder," "Revoluliolwy Soldiers in Ken.
         --"                                          tucky," "1...0_', ExpeditioQltoCuba, 1850 a!lC! I/m:' ''The First lohn 

                                                           Waehinston of Virainia," "VirBinia T lOOp.s in the F rend. and 

                                                              Indian War," "Gen9lolrical MemoraAda of the Quiaen­
                                                                 beny FamiI:v and Other Familiee," "Memorial. of 

                                                                      the Quisenberf.7 ~MI1'lY. ir.~.c:nn""y, 

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                                                             The Kentucky State Historical Society 

                                                                    Frankfort Kentucky 

                                                                  GENERAL ZAOHARY TAYLOR

                                                           Where brevets. were conferred on officers of the
                                                       Regular Army, the fact is indicated in the roster
                   Appendix                            in parenthesis after the ·officer's name. For in­
                                                       stance, "Captain John B. Grayson, Commissary
    This Appendix' contains a roster 01 the Ken­       of Subsistence (Major and Lieutenant-Colonel,
tuckians who served as officers in the war with        Contreras, Churubusco, and Chapultepec)," indi­
Mexico, both in the Regular Army and the Vol­          cates that Captain Grayson was brevetted Major
unteer Army. It is not claimed that the roster          for gallant and' distinguished conduct in one of
is complete, but it is believed to be the most com­     those battles, and Lieutenant-Colonel for similar
plete one that has ever been published. It con­         conduct in the others.
tains, so far as it has been possible to get the in­       Many of the officers on this roster subsequently
formation, the names of officers who were born          served in the Union or the Confederate armies
 in Kentucky and appointed from Kentucky; of             in the Civil War. Where this was the case, the fact
.officers who were born in Kentucky and appointed        is indicated, together with the rank the officer
from other States; and: of officers who were ap­         held in the later service. Where the fact is known,
pointed from Kentucky, but were born elsewhere.          the date of the death of officers is also given.
 General Don Carlos Buell was born in Ohio and
 was appointed to the army from Indiana; and,
 although he was a citizen of Kentucky for many
 years, and died, there, he did not settle in the
 State until long after the close of the Mexican
 War. His is the only case of the kind on this
    f t is probably now impossible to get anything
 like a complete roster of native-born Kentuckians
 who were officers of volunteers in the Mexican
 War from other States. Perhaps half of those
 from Missouri were born in Kentucky, as were
 a great many of those from IlIinois and Texas,
 and, in a lesser degree, those from Arkansas, Ten­
 nessee, Indiana and Mississippi.
             The Regular Army                                               UENERAIJ ZAOHARY TArLOR

                                                                                FIRST DRAGOONS.
                FIELD AND STAFF.                                    Captain Benjamin D. Moore, killed December
                                                                 6, 1846, in action at San Pasqual, California.
    Major Gene)"al Zachary Taylor, Commander of                     Captain Enoch Steen (Major, Buena Vista).
  the HArmy of Occupation."
                                                                 Wounded at Buena Vista. Union Lieutenant­
    Brigadier General Thomas S. Jesup. Died                      Colonel. Died January 22,1880.
  June 10, 1860.
                                                                    First Lieutenant Abraham Buford (Captain,
    Colonel George Croghan, Inspector General.                   Buena Vista). Confederate Brigadier General.
 "The hero of Fort Stephenson" in War of 1812                    Died at Danville, IUinois, June 9, 1884.
 where Fremont, Ohio, now stands, and where
 there is a magnificent monument to his memory.
 Died January 8, 1849.

                                                                              SECOND DRAGOONS.
                                                                   Second Lieutenant Newton C. Givens (First
    Captain Abner R. Hetzel, Quartermaster. Died            I    Lieutenant, Buena Vista). Died March 9, 1859,
 in Louisville, July 20, 1847.                             i


                                                                 at San Antonio, Texas.
                                                                   Second Lieutenant James M. Hawes (First
    Captain John B. Grayson, Commissary of Sub­
                                                           ,1    Lieutenant, San Juan de los Llanos, Mexico). Con­
 sistence (Major and Lieutenant-Colonel, Contre­
                                                                 federate Brigadier General. Died November 22,
ras, Churubusco, Chapultepec).        Confederate
Brigadier General. Died October 21, 1861.                        1889, at Covington, Ky.
   Captain John S. Griffin, Assistant Surgeon. 
                                THIRD DRAGOONS.
   Captain Alfred W. Kennedy, Assistant Surgeon. 

Died June 3, 1851. 

          Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas P. Moore. Died
                                                                 July 21, 1851.
   Captain John Sanders, Engineer Corps (Major, 
          t       Captain Corydon S. AbelJ, Assistant Surgeon.
Monterey). Died July 29, 1859, at Fort Delaware, 


   Second Lieutenant Gustavus W. Smith, Corps
                                                         I         Captain Edgar B. Gaither. Died September 18,
                                                                 1855, at Columbia, Ky.
                                                                   Second Lieutenant James J. Moore. Died Feb­
of Engineers (1st Lieutenant and Captain, Cerro                  ruary 19, 1850.
Gordo"an:dContreras). Confederate Major Gen­                       Second Lieutenant William C. Wagley.
                                                                              MOUNTED RIFLES.
   Second Lieutenant Thomas J. Wood, Topograph­                     Captain George Bibb Crittenden (Major, Con­
ical Engineer (1st LIeutenant, Buena Vista).                     treras and Churubusco). Confederate Major Gen­
Union Major General.                                             eral. Died ¥ovember 27, 1880, at DanviI1e, Ky.
           GENERAL ZACHARY TAYLOR                                    (}IJNERAL ZACHA.RY TAYLOR

  Captain Henry C. Pope. Killed in a duel, May.                       SECOND INFANTRY.
                                                            Second Lieut~nant John R. Butler. Confederate
  Second Lieutenant William B. Lane (Union
Major).                                                    Colonel.
                                                             Second Lieutenant James M. L. Henry.     Died
            FIRST ARTILLERY.                               July 4, 1881, at Washington, D. C.
  Second Lieutenant Theodor.e Talbott.      Union
                                                                        THIRD INFANTRY.
Captain.                                              •
                                                      1       Captain Edmund B. Alexander (Major and
               THIRD ARTILLERY.
   Captain Robert Anderson, of Fort Sumter fame
(Major, Molino del Rey). Severely wounded at
                                                           Lieutenant-Colonel, Cerro Gordo, Contreras and
                                                           Churubusco). Unioll Colonel. Died January 3,
                                                           1888, at Washington, D. C.
Molino del Rey. Union Brigadier General. Died                 Captain Philip N. Barbour (Major, Palo Alto
October 26, 1871, at Nice, France.                         and Resaca de la Palma). Killed at the battle
   Captain John F. Reynolds (Captain and Major,            of Monterey, Mexico.
MOllt~t:'ey and Buena Vista). Union Major Gen­                 First Lieutenant Don CarlQs Buell (Captain
eral. Killed July 1, 1863, at the battle of Gettys­        and MajQr, MQnterey, CQntreras and Churu­
burg, Pa.
                                                      i     busco). Severely wQunded at Churubusco. Union
  First Lieutenant Thomas J. Curd. Died Feb­
ruary 12, 1850, at Frederick, Md.
    MajQr General.
                                                               'Second Lieutenant John J. Crittenden Bibb.
                                                            Died September 29, 1854, at WashingtQn, D. C.
  First Lieutenant Samuel Gill. Died January          t
                                                               Second Lieutenant JQhn C. McFerran, Union
                                                            ColQnel. Died April 25, 1872, at LQuisville, Ky.
18, 1876, at Cincinnati.                              I
        Second Lieutenant James N. Ward (First Lieu­
               FIRST INFANTRY.                               tenant, Cerro GordQ). Died December 6, 1858,
   Major John B. Clark. Died August 23, 1847.                at St. AnthQny, Minn.
   Captain John M. Scott (Major, Monterey).
Died October 26, 1850, at Frankfort, Ky.                                 FOURTH INFANTRY.
  Second Lieutenant William Logan Crittenden.                   First Lieutenant Richard H. Graham. Died
Shot August 16, 1851, in Havana, Cuba, by Span­              OctQber 12, 1846, of wQunds received at the bat­
ish authorities, while with the Lopez Expedition.            tle .of MQnterey.

                        56                                                          57
                                                                       GENERAL ZAOHARY TAYLOR
                                                                           NINTH INFANTRY.
               SIXTH INFANTRY.                        ""'"
                                                               Second Lieutenant Robert Hopkins.
   Captain Thomas L. Alexander (Major, Contre­
 ras and Churubusco). Died March 11, 1881, at'                         ELEVENTH INFANTRY.
Louisville, Ky.
   Captain John B. S. Todd. Union Brigadier
 General. Died January 5, 1872, at Yankton, Da~

                                                               Second Lieutenant George Davidson.
                                                                       THIRTEENTH INFANTRY.
                                                                Captain Hiram H. Higgins. Confederate Ma­
   First Lieutenant Edward Johnson (Captain and                 Second Lieutenant John L. Witherspoon. Died
Major, Molino del Rey and Chapultepec). Con­
                                                              October 22, 1847.
federate Major General. Died February 22,1873,
                                                                       FOURTEENTH INFANTRY.
at Richmond, Va.
                                                                Second Lieutenant James G. Fitzgerald.
   Second Lieutenant Simon B. Buckner (First
Lieutenant and Captain Contreras, Churubusco                    Second Lieutenant Thomas Hart.
                                                                Second Lieutenant Samuel H. Martin.
and Molino del Rey). Confederate Lieutenant­
General.                                                                 FIFTE'ENTH INFANTRY.
   Second Lieutenant Anderson D. Nelson. Union                  First Lieutenant Edward C. Marshall (Captain
Major. Died December 30, 1885, at Thomasville,                Chapultepec).                  ,
             SEVENTH INFANTRY.
   First Lieutenant Nevil Hopson. Died in 1847,
                                                                Second Lieutenant Henry F. Green.
                                                                         SIXTEENTH INFANTRY.
                                                                 Colonel John W. Tibbatts. Died July 5, 1852.
in Texas.                                             ,
                                                          j      Major James M. Talbott. Died June 15, 1848.
   Second! Lieutenant Samuel B. Maxey (First          I
                                                                 Captain Alexander C. Hensley, Assistant Sur­
Lieutenant, Contreras and Churubusco). Con~           I

                                                      !        geon.
federate Major General.
                                                                 Captain   James D. Stuart, Assistant Surgeon.
              EIGHTH INFANTRY.
                                                                 Captain   James W. Brannon.
   Second_..LieutenantEdmunds B. Holloway
                                                                 Captain   Edward Curd.
(First Lieutenant, Contreras and Churubusco).
                                                                 Captain   Theophilus T. Garrard. Union Brig­
Severely wounded at Churubusco. Confederate
Colonel. Died May 16, 1861, at Independence,                   adier General.
                                                                 Captain Edward A. Graves.
Mo., of wounds received mistakenly from his own
men.                                                                                   59

                                                                                The Volunteer Army
    Captain Patrick H. Harris. 

    Captain Charles Wickliffe. Confederate Col~             ,

 onel. Died April 27, 1862, of wounds received at                               THE FIELD AND STAFF. 

 the battle of Shiloh, Tenn. 
                                           Major General William O. Butler. Candidate
    First Lieutenant Charles J. Helm.                                 for Vice' President with Lewis Cass in 1848. Died
   First Lieutenant John T. Hughes.                                   in Kentucky, August 6, 1880. 

   First Lieutenant George W. Singleton. 
                               Brigadier General Thomas Marshall. Died in
   Second Lieutenant Edward C. Berry.                                 Kentucky, March 28, 1853. 

   Second Lieutenant Alexander Evans. Confed­       i) 
                 Captain Theodore O'Hara, Quartermaster of the
erate Major.
   Second Lieutenant Bernard H. Garrett.
   Second Lieutenant Thomas T. Hawkins. Con~

                                                                      Regular Army and special' aide to General Zach­
                                                                      ary Taylor (Major, Contreras and Churubusco).
                                                                      Confederate Colonel. Died June 6, 1867.
federate Major.                                     ..i
   Second Lieutenant Burwell B. !rvan.                  j                    FIRST KENTUCKY CAVALRY•
   Second Lieutenant Francis McMordie.              f                   Colonel Humphrey Marshall.          Confederate
   Second Lieutenant John A. Markley. 	
                Brigadier-General. Died in Louisville, Ky., March
  Second Lieutenant James M. Smith. 	               i                 28, 1872.
  Second Lieutenant Thomas M. Winston. Union 	      j                   Lieutenant-Colonel Ezekiel Field.
MaJor. 	                                                                Major John P. Gaines. Died in 1853 in Oregon.
                                                    I                   First Lieutenant Edward M. Vaughan, Ad-
                                                    I                 jutant. Killed at the battle of Buena Vista.
 Captain James D. Blair.
 Captain Alexander P. Churchill.

                                                                        First Lieutenant Thomas H. Barnes, Adjutant.
                                                                      Union Major. 

 Second Lieutenant Charles F. Vernon.               j                   Alexander C. Hensley, Surgeon. 

                                                    i                   Alexander M. Blanton, Assistant Surgeon.
                                                                        Captain Oliver P. Beard.
                                                    J                   Captain Cassius M Clay. Union Major General.
                                                                        Captain William J. Heady. 

                                                                        Captain J. S. Lillard. 

                                                                        Captain Thomas F. Marshall. 

                                                                         Captain Benjamin C. Milam. 


                                                   1                                                      '" 


          GENERAL ZACHARY TAYLOR                                 GENERAL ZACHARY TAYLOR

    Captain Aaron Pennington.                            Second Lieutenant Narbonne B. Scott.
    Captain G. L. Postlewaite.                           Second Lieutenant Green Clay Smith. Union
   Captain Johnson Pil'ice. Died in 1861.              Brigadier General.
   Captain John W. Shawhan. Wounded at Buena             Second Lieutenant George P. Swinford.
                                                             FIRST KENTUCKY INFANTRY.
,\ Captain James C. Stone.
    First Lieutenant Thomas' J. Churchill. Con­          Colonel Stephen Ormsby. ' Died April 16, 1869.
 federate Brigadier General.                             Lieutenant-Colonel Jason Rogers. Died May,
    First Lieutenant Lafayette Dunlap.                 1848, in Louisville, Ky.
    First Lieutenant John Field.                         Major John B: Shepherd.
    First Lieutenant Joseph H. D. MeKee.                 First Lieutenant William Fisher, Adjutant.
    First Lieutenant John H. Morgan. Confeder­           First Lieutenant William Riddle, Adjutant.
 ate Major General:                                      Thomas L. Caldwell, Surgeon.
    First Lieutenant Samuel F. Patterson.                John J. Mathews,~Assistant Surgeon.
    First. Lieutenant William T. Torrence.               Captain William L. Ball. Died July, 1846, in
    First Lientenant Jesse Woodruff.                   Matamoras, Mexico. 

    Second Lieutenant John Allen.                         Captain Charles W. Bullen. 

    Second Lieutenant Lowry J. Beard.                     Captain John Fuller. 

    Second Lieutenant Randolph Brasfield.                 Captain Charles H. Harper. 

    Second Lieutenant George Mason Brown.                 Captain Ebenezer B. Howe. 

   Second L,ieutenant John Mason Brown. Wound­            Captain FloriaR Kern. 

 ed at Buena Vista. Union Colonel.                        Captain William Minor. 

    Second Lieutenant Thomas K. Conn. Wounded             Captain Frank Saunders. 

 at Buena Vista.                                          Captain Conrad Schroeder. 

    Second Lieutenant Geo. R. Davidson                    Captain Benjamin F. Stewart. 

   Second Lieutenant George W. Keene.                     Captain Francis F. C. Triplett. 

   Second Lieutenant John W. Kimbrough.                   First Lieutenant John L. Albrecht. 

   Second Lieutenant John A. Merrifield. Wounded          First Lieutenant Joseph C. Baird. 

 at Buena Vista.                                          First Lieutenant William T. Barbour. 

   Second Lieutenant Thomas J. Peak.                      First Lieutenant John J. Huff. 

    Second Lieutenant George F. Sartain.                   First Lieutenant William Littrell. 

                       62                                                      63

                      GENERAL ZAOHARY TAYLOR                                      GENERAL ZAOHARY TAYLOR
             First Lieutenant Patrick McPike. 
                            Robert P. Hunt, Surgeon.
             First Lieutenant George W. Sigler. 
                         -John U. Le Fon, Assistant Surgeon.
             First Lieutenant Ephraim M. Stone., 
                         James B. Snail, Assistant Surgeon.
             First Lieutenant William White. 
                             Captain Franklin Chambers.
             Second Lieutenant Lewis Becker. 
                             Captain George W. Cutter.
             Second Lieutenant David Black. 
                              Captain William Dougherty.
             Second Lieutenant John R. Butler. 
                           Captain Speed S. Fry. Union Brigadier Gen­
             Second Lieutenant William Duerson. 
             Second Lieutenant John Harrigan. 
                             Captain iames O. Hervey.
             Second Lieutenant Charles W. Hilton. 
                                                                            Captain George W. Kavanaugh.
             Second Lieutenant George D. Hooper. 
             ~            Captain William N. Joyner.
             Second Lieutenant Benedict Huebel. 
                           Captain John H. McBrayer.
             Second Lieutenant Wm. E. Jones. 
             Second Lieutenant Reuben F. Maury. 

             Second Lieutenant Jacob Pfalzer. 

                                                               •   1	
                                                                            Captain William H. Maxcy.
                                                                            Captain James W. Moss.
                                                                            Captain Philip B. Thompson.
             Second Lieutenant David G. Swinner. 
                                                                            Captain Wilkinson Turpin.
             Second Lieutenant Richard W. N. Taylor 

                                                               I            Captain William T. Willis. Killed at Buena
             Second Lieutenant Levi White. 

             Second Lieutenant Lowry B. White. 

                                                              ..I        Vista. 


                                                                            First Lieutenant John W. Cowan. 

                                                                           .-	                           ­
             Second Lieutenant Samuel Withington. 
                         First Lieutenant Andrew J. Galt.
                 SECOND KENTUCKY INFANTRY.                     1            First Lieutenant Edward H. Hobson. Union
              Colonel William R. McKee. Killed at the bat­                Brigadier General. 

           tle of Buena Vista.                                  J            First Lieutenant Wm. R. Keene. ­
              Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Clay, Jr. Killed at      1
                                                                             First Lieutenant William G. Kincaid.
           Buena Vista.                                                      First Lieutenant Littleton T. Lacey.
              Major Cary H. Fry. Union Lieutenant-Colonel.                   First Lieutenant James Monroe.
           Died March 5, 1873, at San Francisco, Cal.                        First Lieutenant Joseph W. Po\vell.Died at
              First Lieutenant George N. Cardwell Adjutant.               Monterey, January 2, 1847.
              First Lieutenant Thomas S. Todd, Adjutant.                     First Lieutenant David P. Wade.
              First Lieutenant James E. Kelso, Regimental                    Second Lieutenant William E. Akin.
           Quartermaster.                                                    Second Lieutenant George W. BalL
                                  64                                                           65
                                                                  GENERAL ZACHARY TAYLOR
    Second Lieutenant Elias L. Barbee. Wounded             Captain Andrew F. Caldwell.
 at Buena Vista:.
                                                           Captain William P. Chiles.
    Second Lieutenant Richard H. Clarke.                   -Captain Leander M~ Cox. ",,­
    Second Lieutenant George M. Coleman.                   Captain George S. Dodge.
    Second Lieutenant Jos. C. Ewing.                       Captain Jam'es Ewing.
   Second Lieutenant Peter G. Flood.
                                                           Captain Leonidas Metcalfe. Union Colonel.
   Second Lieutenant John H. Lillard.
                                                           Captain James A. Pritchard.
   Second Lieutenant B. H. Lawler.
                                                           Captain William E. Simms. Member of Con­
   Second Lieutenant Henry C. Long.
                                                        federate Senate fro,m Kentucky.
   Second Lieutenant Wm. C. Lowry.
                                                           Captain John R. Smith.
   Second Lieutenant William H. Moss.
                                                           Captain Thomas Todd.
   Second Lieutenant Thomas W. Napier.
                                                           First Lieutenant William C. Allen.
   Second Lieutenant Thomas J. Proctor.
                                                           First Lieutenant Enos H. Barry.
   Second Lieutenant Lewis M. Reese.
                                                           First Lieutenant William P. Bramlette.
  Second Lieutenant William D. Robertson.
                                                           First LieutemlIlt Jesse B. Davis. Died in
  Second Lieutenant Alva C. Threlkeld.             :~
                                                        Mexico City, March 19, 1848.
  Seeond Lieutenant James Wilson.
                                                           First Lieutenant Thomas C. Flournoy.
  Second Lieutenant Wm. T. Withers. Confed­
erate Major General.
                                                           First Lieutenant Walter I. Lacey.
                                                           First Lieutenant John A. Logan.
                                                          First Lieutenant Henry H. Mize.
                                                          First Lieutenant William P. Morris.
   Colonel Manlius V. Thompson.
   Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas L. Crittenden.               First Lieutenant Thomas H. 'Taylor.
 Union Major General.                                     First Lieutenant William T. Walker.
   Major John C. Breckinridge, Vice President of          First Lieutenant Rigdon S. Barnhill.
the United States; Confederate Major General;             Second Lieutenant John Brock~ Died in Me?Ci­
Confederate Secretary of War. Died in Lexing­           co City, March 9, 1848.
ton, Ky., in 1875.                                        Second Lieutenant Churchill G. Campbell.
  First Lieutenant Benjamin F. Bradley, Ad­               Second Lieutenant James B. Casey.
jutant. Member of Confederate Congress from               Second Lieutenant James C. Dear.
Kentucky.                                                 Second Lieutenant William Edmondson.
  William CromweIJ, Assistant Surgeon.                    Second Lieutenant William E. Fisher


          GENERAL ZAOHARY TAYLOR                                                               GENERAL ZAOHARY TAYLOR

  Second Lieutenant John M. Heddleson.                                                 Captain Anthony W. Bartlett.
, Second Lieutenant James H. Holladay.                                                 Captain Joseph C. Conn.
  Second Lieutenant William B. Holladay.                                               Captain Joseph S. Corum.
  Secona Lieutenant Eli Holtzclaw.                                                     Captain George B. Cook.
  Second Lieutenant Marshall L. Howe.                                                  Captain Patrick ii. Gardner.
  Second Lieutenant James Kendall.                                                     Captain Mark R. Hardin.
  Second Lieutenant Benjamin D. Lacey.                                                 Captain B. Rowan Hardin.
  Second Lieutenant William C. Merrick.                                                Captain Timothy Keating.
  Second Lieutenant James H. Miller.
  Second Lieutenant Ansel D. Powell.
                                                                                       Captain John G. Lair.
                                                                                       Captain Decius McCreery.
  Second Lieutenant Daniel Runyon                                                       Captain Thomas Mayfield.
  Second Lieutenant John P. Thatcher.                !                                  Captain Hamilton N. Owens. Union Major.
                                                                                        Captain John C. Squires. Died in Mexico City.
  Second Lieutenant Elisha B. Treadway. Union       I~
Major.                                                                                March 20. 1848.
  Second Lieutenant Walter C. Whittaker.                                                First Lieutenant Edgar D. Barbour. 

Union Brigadier General. Died July 9, 1887.
  Second Lieutenant James T. Young.
                                                                       "   ("   ..~
                                                                                        First Lieutenant William Bristow. 

                                                                                        First Lieutenant Jesse Davis.
                                                                                        First Lieutenant John Donan. 

     FOURTH KENTUCKY INFANTRY.                                                          First Lieutenant Jeremiah F. Dorris. 

  Colonel John S. Williams. Confederate Briga­                                          First Lieutenant Milford Elliott. 

dier General.                                                                            First Lieutenant John W. Hughes. 

  Lieutenant-Colonel William Preston. Confed­                                            First Lieutenant William E. Woodruff. Union 

erate Maj or General. Died at Lexington, Ky., in                                      Colonel.
September, 1887.                                                                        Second Lieutenant Titus P. A. BiOb.
  Major William T. Ward. Union Brigadier Gen­                                           Second Lieutenant William P. D. Bush.
eral. Died October 12, 1878.                                                            Second Lieutenant Noah Z. Chapline.
  Second Lieutenant Charles H. Creel, Adjutant.                                         Second Lieutenant John D. Cosby.
  Second Lieutenant Robert P. Trabue, Adjutant.                                         Second Lieutenant Samuel D. Cowan.
Confederate Colonel.                                                                    Second Lieutenant Benjamin F. Egan.
  Joseph G. Roberts, Surgeon.                                                           Second Lieutenant Cyrenius W. Gilmer.
  John R. Steele, Assistant Surgeon.                                                    Second Lieutenant William G. Johnson.
                                                              J    '

                                                                                  GENERAL ZACHARY TAYLOR
                                                                                     FROM ARKANSAS.
 Second Lieutenant John M. Massey.
                                                                          Captain Franklin W. Desha, 1st Arkansas Cav­
  Second Lieutenant Charles D. Pennebaker.
Union Colonel.
  S€cond Lieutenant William E. Russell.

                                                                          Second Lieutenant John C. ·Peay, 1st Arkansas
                                                                       Cavalry. Confederate Major.
  Second Lieutenant Cyrus D. Scott. Died in
Mexico City, February, 1848.                                                           FROM ILLINOIS~
  Second Lieutenant John M. Snyder.                                      Colonel John J. Hardin, 1st l11inois. Killed at
 Second Lieutenant James M. Shackleford.                               Buena Vista.
Union Brigadier General.                                                 First Lieutenant William H. L. Wallace, Ad­
 Second Lieutenant Presley Talbott.                                    jutant, 1st Illinois. Union Brigadier G~neral.
 Second Lieutenant Isaac P. Washburn.                                  Died April 10, 1862, of wounds received at the
 Second Lieutenant Noah N. Watkins.                                    battle of Shiloh, Tenn.
 Second Lieutenant Levi White.                                           First Lieutenant Richard J. Oglesby, 4th Ill­
 Second Lieutenant Charles A. Wickliffe.                               inois. Un~on Major General.
 Second Lieutenant Harry J. Woodward.                                    Second Lieutenant Benjamin Howard. Wound­
                                                                       ed at Cerro Gordo.
  KENTUCKY INDEPENDENT COMPANY.                                           Captain Calmes L. Wright, 2nd Additional Ill­
    Captain John S. Williams. Confederate Briga­                       inois.
dier General.                                                                          FROM INDIANA..­
    First Lieutenant Roger W. Hanson. Confeder­                         Lieutenant-Colonel Henry S. Lane, 1st Indiana.
ate Brigadier General. Killed in the battle of                          Captain Lovell H. Rousseau, 2nd Indiana.
Murfreesboro, Tenn., January 21, 1863.
    Second Lieutenant William A. McConnell.
                                                                       Union Major General.
                                                                                     FROM MARYLAND.
    Second Lieutenant George S. Sutherland. Se­    .\
                                                                         Captain Lloyd Tilghman, 1st Maryland. Con­
verely wounded at the battle of Cerro Gordo.                           federate Bri~adier. Killed at the.battle of Baker's
  . Roger Tandy Quisenberry, a sergeant in thi,s
                                                                       Creek, Miss., May 16, 1863..
company, was, in 1856, one of William Walker's
little army of sixty men who invaded, conquered                                      FROM MISSISSIPPI.
and held Nicaragua and took possession of the                             Colonel Jefferson Davis, Mississippi Rifles, Sec­
country.                                                                retary of War; President of the Confederate

                                        ,.1,    '1..:           ... ~   \   ......
                                                                                     . I


                      GENERAL ZAOHARY TAYLOR

           States. Died December 6, 1889, at New Orleans,
              Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander K. McClung, Mig..                                              1.
           sissippi Rifles. Wounded at Monterey. Died in
           1855 by suicide.
              Captain John S. Clendennin.
                          FROM MISSOURI.
             Colonel Alexander W. Doniphan, 1st Mounted
           Missouri. Died in 1889.
             Major Meriwether L. Clark, commanding Mis­
           souri Light Artillery. Confederate Colonel. Died
           in Frankfort, Ky., October 28, 1881.
                            FROM TEXAS.
             Colonel John C. Hays, 1st Texas Mounted
             Colonel George T. Wood, 2nd Texas Mounted
             Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston, Texas Rifles.
                                                                                           ---....   ..

           -Confederate-General. Killel April 6, 1862, at the
           battle of Shiloh, Tenn.


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