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					08 No. 1 brand value ranking list
Hailed as "the first brand named 08" China's most
valuable brand in appraisal work, by the China Brand Strategy Research Institute,
Chinese brand, network and co-sponsored Tencent network. Review Centre at 0:00 on
January 1, 2008, launched in 2008 the first brand selection, formally accepted the
online voting, for the automotive, beverage, direct marketing, the four industry
leading apparel brands, online voting enthusiastically, in half months, the council
centers were 610,625 valid votes.
Combination of online voting and expert scoring, the Chinese Academy of brand
strategy using the world's leading brand measurement system to calculate
the brand value of the selected brand. With the current accepted "Business
Week" compared to the brand value calculation system, the main two
leading, first, the system more suited to the realities in China, can more truly reflect
the brand value of Chinese enterprises; second is the system of the times practice
reflects the results of the latest brand introduced in detail in the annex. In need of
special clear that the selection of the object is the product brand, rather than the
corporate brand. Brand value in the ranking of the four, shown the following
[Beverage] model of market opportunities for brand building surviving
Music is still great potential both strong. Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola's brand
value is still, were 42.526 billion yuan and 37.683 billion yuan, far ahead, careful
study, is two ahead of the company's brand-building ability. In fact, many
consumers can not tell the two products and other products in the quality of the above
differences, the product power on, not very different, but the brand image of the above,
there is big difference. Music in the vitality of the two brands, brand authority, brand
leadership, as well as brand image clarity, is difficult to compare all other brands
combined strengths.
Milk drink has great potential. Human milk is very useful drinks, after thousands of
years of validation and nutritious. With the improvement of living standard,
consumption of milk will be more rapid growth and stability. So, Yili and Mengniu
were 14.84 billion yuan to 15.921 billion yuan and the brand value, followed in third
and fourth. Light to the brand value of 11.445 billion yuan sixth column. Because of
several security incidents of milk still exist, users and other special attention to milk
and yogurt drinks milk safety, Erie drink in the safety of all votes in, occupy the top
Functional drink market to become growth. The largest market opportunities in
functional beverages, Nim Chi Temple in the available soon on the
"Run" function demands, the brand value by 225 million yuan.
Pulse is a functional beverage pilot to lead the brand value of 3.24 billion yuan.
Tea and water is relatively stable. In recent years, the tea beverage market, Master and
unified account for most of the market, Wong Lo Kat as a tea varieties - herbal tea,
with rising star attitude has been part of the market. Among drinks water, Nestle and
farmers have more advantages, little change in overall market share.
The award winners are as follows:
Best taste Brand: Pepsi
Best Nutrition Brand: Three yogurt
Best Fashion Brands: Wong Lo Kat
Best Security Brand: Erie
Year with the most potential Brand: Nim Chi Temple
Mineral water during the first class brand value: Nestle
Tea beverage brand value the first year: Master Kong
Milk beverages, brand value the first year: Erie
Carbonated beverage brand value the first year: Coca-Cola
Functional drinks brand value during the first: Pulse
Coffee brand value of the first year: Nestle
Fruit and vegetable juices during the first class brand value: Huiyuan Juice
Product brand name brand value in 2007 (RMB billion)
Coca-Cola 425.26
Pepsi 376.83
Yili milk 159.21
Mengniu milk 158.4
Huiyuan Juice 120
Light milk 114.45
Sprite 85.22
Master Kong tea 48.38
Wong Lo Kat 46.32
Wow ha ha 43.33
Nestle 32.51
Pulse 32.4
Red Bull 29.28
Nutrition Express 22.4
Unified tea 21.6
Farmer 21.32
Cola 19.6
Three milk 18.74
Coco Coconut 18.4
More than 17.52 Orange Unified
Lulu Lucy Almond 16.47
Fanta 12.24
Maid 11.82
Evian 11.64
King 11.6
Yakult 11.44
HEDY 11.12
Winbond juice 11.03
Daily c series 9.16
Diet Coke 8.81
Eye-catching 8.22
Lipton tea 8.2
Mirinda 7.63
Queer 6.69
Hand juice 6.54
Fresh daily 6.34
Activation 6.2
Suntory 6.02
Junyao Milk 5.69
New Orange Yenching 4.36
Extension of the salt soda water 3.76
Force Health 2.5
Laoshan Mineral Water 2.42
Nim Chi Om 2.25
Kirin 2.13
Shupao 2.1
Citron Tea 1.8
Screamed 1.61
Gatorade 1.55
Hundred percent fruit induced light 1.5
[Direct marketing industry] timid due to interference from the urgent need for
innovation and brand building
Adjust the situation remains the same, great supervision. Today's direct
marketing industry, the policy is greater than the system (bonus system), the system
greater than the product. Relatively severe situation in terms of policy, many
enterprises in brand building is still at an exploratory stage, and even timid of.
Hard ad shows some advantages. In brand communication, advertising Amway to a
lot of hard, full access to the brand image and market recognition, product sales led
the way, the brand ranked first in value to 26.025 billion yuan. Therefore, the
Government does not refuse to direct the promotion of enterprise, against just hype.
The new brand-building methods to be established. In addition to hard-advertising,
brand building many of the old routine loss of a role, a number of companies started
by speculation, such as Jane Austria nucleic acid, has been deprived of direct selling
license. At present only two methods of brand building, first, to do charitable
activities, increased visibility, increased affinity; second is a wonderful corporate
culture, a pity that these two methods of long-term use, non-discriminatory basis has
been difficult to highlight the brand worries, because the first element of the brand is
unique. Brand-building methodology, and become the industry difficult.
Lead not much opportunity to many. In addition to Amway and Avon, the advantages
of other brands are not particularly obvious, and some good products, but did not
achieve greater market advantage, it should be said that the entire market, the access
to license brand has great opportunities, these opportunities are to remain to the
innovator brand building, marketing, previous sessions have been gradually declining,
innovation and brand building, once successful, will Yiqijuechen.
The award winners are as follows:
Best Nutrition Brand: Nutrilite
Best Service Brand: Nutrilite
Best effect brand: Herbalife
Year with the most potential brands: as new
Men's Health brand value during the first category: Amway
Ms. care during the first brand value category: Avon
Child care during the first brand value category: generation of music
Brand value in elderly care during the first category: fudi
Brand value of adolescent health category the first year: U.S. high interest
Home care during the first class brand value: perfect
Make the first year class of brand value: Mei Yan
Skin care category during the first brand value: Learning Alliance with
Product brand name brand value in 2007 (RMB billion)
Amway 260.25
Avon 221.63
Nutrilite 200.75
Perfect 120.58
Infinitus 85.34
Mary Kay 84.21
Mei Yen 38.69
Herbalife 38.23
Diet Tea 35.12
Apollo 33.32
If the new 32.23
New age 31.8
Guozhen 23.5
Fudi 22.26
Teeth healthy 21.85
Bao Jian 21.8
Mei Cai 21.18
Shanh 21.08
Midrib 18.64
Learning Alliance with 18.51
Kim Shi-li 16.28
Star Love Star Language 16.05
Acme High 15.32
Gobo Hall 14.63
Luomai 14.5
On behalf of Le 13.22
Kim Lippo 12.52
Ke Ruiqi 12.36
Xia Fan Na 11.08
Wire Ting 11.06
[Garment industry] the concept of brand more than the real scattered
Brand is still scattered. Market concentration is not high, is still the most important
features, in addition to Bosideng and Ordos, respectively, 150.16 and 76.47 billion in
the two sub-categories in retaining its position as hegemon, has obvious advantages,
other types of market concentration degree is not high, the pack and play, ups and
downs. Although some of the brand ranked No. 1 in some categories, but not very
different from the second.
Concept than real experience. Most of the brand concept than substance, such as the
Wets Men, the slogan was "cooking wine Hero, gifted scholar wins the
world." This seems to wear clothes, have become wit, do not wear this
brand of clothing, not wit. But the wit to be defined, how the perception of consumers,
the product to reflect the wit temperament, they too clear. Upright visible, there is
degree of flexibility, hardness with softness ------ tigers are, apparently, the Chinese
traditional culture, firmness and flexibility is desirable state of people, but this product
from the competitors what the substantive differences How to feel and understand the
difference between consumption and thus are hard and soft brand experience, it
appears empty. The Bosideng a more leading quality experience, walk in the forefront
of brand value. Brand positioning of the two dimensions, one striking the second is
true. With a good idea, certainly compelling, but the lack of product features support,
and finally make the brand vague. It can be said, this is most of the pack and fashion
brand, the ups and downs of the important reasons, any concepts 忽悠 about, but
very long. Current most popular brand, there are some important concepts of stunning,
differentiated brand of light products.
Brand times coming. Clothing brand has gone through stages of no brand, celebrity
endorsements stage, the concept stage to attract brand Review Centre forecast,
clothing brand into a real brand stage soon. At this stage, some popular brands will
truly enjoys popular support, has a unique function of the value and emotional value,
people can truly feel the advantages of the brand. This requires two aspects to enhance
product development capabilities, and second, capacity-building to enhance the brand,
the clothing brand to do the same with the Coca-Cola Classic.
The award winners are as follows:
Best Fashion Brands: Zhuang Ji
Best feature innovative brands: Nine Mu Wang
Design of the Year Brand: Qipai
Year with the most potential Brand: Law School
Warm clothing brand value of the first year: Bosideng
Children's clothing brand value of the first year: Pine Crane Timor
Men's business clothing during the first brand value: red beans
Men's casual clothing brand value the first year: Rimula
Women business clothing brand value the first year: white-collar workers
Ms. casual clothing brand value the first year: Yalu
Product brand name brand value in 2007 (RMB billion)
Bosideng 150.16
Younger 94.55
Rimula Men 77.85
Erdos 76.47
Li Ning 66.72
Qipai 59.29
7 Wolf 54.62
Nike 44.02
Jeanswest 38.8
Baleno 31.07
ESPRIT 30.17
U.S. Sitebangwei 29.43
9 Mu Wang 28.33
Romon Suits 26.99
Semir 25.56
Baoxiniao suit 23.93
Waxwing 22.38
Red bean suit 20.31
Pine Crane Tai 18.67
Lee Lang Business Men 18.64
Louis Vuitton 17.37
Shanshan suit 17.19
Law School Suit 17.18
Chuang gissi service 17.14
Thanks Li Tokushima 16.86
Groom suits 16.59
Prince Edward Long 16.44
only 14.43
Yalu 14.07
Giordano 13.36
Wets 13.32
dior 12.86
Ports 12.84
Sunland 12.71
Brother Brother 12.26
Crocodile 11.23
Etam 9.35
Red Yellow Blue 8.36
Yaya 8.36
Song Leah 8.26
Medina Lang 6.25
Wahaha Kids 5.38
100 Figure 5.36
Accompany Romon suits 4.5
White-collar 3.86
Edenbo 3.45
South Commoner 3.25
Teletubbies 2.8
Zi Ni Hua 2.7
[Auto industry] Camry ranked number one in the rapid growth of China-made cars
Camry in "08 First Brand Award", the brand value of 40.271
billion yuan 50 ranked first automobile brand, Mercedes-Benz, Audi ranked second
and third.
1, into a brand value Camry title. Camry 2006, listed the market in 2007 has become
the absolute hot spot in the popularity, reputation, excess profits and so on, with
greater overall strength. Relative Benz, Audi and BMW, the Camry has more target
audience, the higher cost and more acceptable prices and more consumer objects.
Combination of online voting, expert scoring and the brand value estimates, the
annual Camry Yong Teng title.
Second, Europe and the United States is still the high-end brand car main. In the
high-end car market, Germany's Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW, the
brand value of 31.221 billion yuan respectively, 345.59,330.28 and, retaining its
position as the forefront of high-end cars. Cadillac and Jaguar brand value is lower,
but still is hot in high-end consumers with high brand reputation. European and
American cars to luxury, the atmosphere, tradition, quality win, in a long time to
accumulate, they formed a distinct advantage luxury.
Third, Japanese is from behind. After all, luxury cars can not occupy the largest
market, the low-end model is the mainstream market in these areas, the Japanese car
from behind, full containment of the former leader Santana, Jetta, to Camry, Accord
sedan as the representative of the Japanese has quickly become mainstream. Japanese
cars and other Japanese companies in particular, the Japanese car
company's marketing strategy is more ambitious, publicity into more and
more efficient in recent years, holding high intensive play, caught the eye of
consumers. In addition to better quality, more cars, the more reasonable and adequate
marketing strategies, to become the key to rapid growth. In contrast, European and
American car companies to enter China despite earlier, but some arrogant and slow,
leading to rapid loss of the market.
Fourth, rapid growth of China-made cars. Geely, Chery, BYD hold high the banner of
domestic cars, expanding sales, product constantly upgrade the quality ladder, and
reputation steadily. Private car company has a great energy, I believe there will be a
great development potential. Meanwhile, FAW, two steam are under market pressure
to increase the input of independent brands, and therefore its brand value is increasing
The award winners are as follows:
Best Security Brand: Volvo
Best value for money brands: Rui Zhi
The year's most fuel-efficient brand: Civic
Best Appearance Brand: Collar Yu
Year with the most potential Brand: Le Style
High value car brand during the first class: Mercedes-Benz
Local limousine during the first class brand value: MG
Intermediate class car brand value the first year: Camry
Local middle class car brand value of the first year: Pentium
Economic car the first year class of brand value: mini
Local economic car the first year class of brand value: Chery
SUV brand value during the first class: the Great Wall
Brand value small car class the first year: Geely
Product brand name brand value in 2007 (RMB billion)
Camry 402.71
Mercedes-Benz 345.59
Audi 330.28
BMW 312.21
Accord 308.64
Reiz 283.53
Crown 259.01
Passat 230.08
LaCrosse 207
Jetta 163.77
Chevrolet 156.11
Mondeo 138.87
MAGOTAN 132.61
Fox 123.45
Volvo 122.36
Civic 120.57
Lexus 119.11
Peugeot 118.41
mazda 118.31
Speed Teng 112.34
Elantra 111.99
Sidi 98.09
Tiida 77.44
Cadillac 71.47
Red Flag 66.35
Fit 60.29
Octavia 60.03
China Junjie 59.86
Roewe 55.58
Carola 48.23
Le style 45.57
polo 45.49
Hippocampus 45.43
Geely 45.01
Chery 44.09
BYD 43.43
Xiali 39.28
36.67 free ship
Grandeur 33.07
Cerato 29.46
Kia 28.66
Sonata 27.43
Pentium 26.13
Jaguar 25.36
Citroen 23.7
Big Dipper 22.45
King 22.17
Wall Seve 20.57
MG 19.03
BenBen 18.39

Attachment: China Brand Strategy Brand Value Measurement System Research
V = (P1 + P2) * F * S
Brand value = profit * * Brand status brand strength
Including profit margins and market share gains over the excess returns
1, brand strength from the following six areas:
a) companies, largely determine the market monopoly enterprises or enterprise. Brand
is a market product, brand value less monopoly.
b) the nature of the industry, the main distinction between upstream, midstream
companies, downstream companies. Direct contact with consumers fast moving
consumer goods, higher brand value.
c) leadership, market share.
d) stability, the survival time brand decisions.
e) international, overseas income and the number of exporting countries or regions.
f) trends, are divided into industry trends and company prospects.
2, brand status, mainly the following four aspects.
a) Location. Is compelling and real.
b) structure. What are the brand architecture, brand architecture is clear.
c) Communication. Visibility, reputation, current events.
d) Management. Trademark protection, the enterprise management organizations,
functions and processes, brand capital of the situation.
According to experts and business point of view, the China Brand Strategy Research
Institute of the brand value calculation system in the world is quite advanced. And
"Business Weekly" measurement system used in the brand than
the obvious advanced and scientific. The most unique is the first time a measure of
brand position, brand value estimates for a more rational and scientific.

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