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									          Thomas Jefferson
            High School
                  4001 W. 102nd St. 55437
            Serving Students in Grades 9-12
                   Call us to arrange a personal tour.                  We help Students Thrive and Dreams Come Alive

           Thomas Jefferson High School will
                   develop and nurture
                 responsible leaders and
           enlightened citizens who challenge
            themselves to create the present
                  and enrich the future.

 •   Jefferson’s extensive course selections challenge students of all abilities. We offer 32                  Principal
     Advanced Placement, honors or enriched courses in all grades, mentorships, apprentice-                    Steven Hill
     ships and community service opportunities.

 •   Technology is both a learning tool across the curriculum and course content in video              Assistant Principals
     production, TV production, art classes, graphic communication, architectural drafting and              Kevin Groebner
     design and PC computer training.
                                                                                                           Deborah Holman
 •   Students learn with classmates of many backgrounds and abilities: We enroll 17%
     students of color, 13% students on free or reduced lunch and 11% who receive special                    Enrollment
     education services.
                                                                                                             1760 Students
  • Proficiency Tests: For the fourth year in a row, Jefferson scored very high on the MCA-II
	 	 tests	taken	in	April.			Jefferson	ranked	first	on	MCA	in	reading	and	second	on	MCA	in	math              School Hours
    among schools in the Lake and Classic Lake Conferences. Jefferson’s composite ACT score
    exceeds both state and national averages and the ACT math scores are among the highest                7:50 a.m. to 2:20 p.m.
    in Minnesota.

 • 39 seniors, in the past four years, have earned distinction as National Merit Scholar
   Semifinalists and commended scholars.                                                                U.S. News & World Report
 •   Athletics: Jefferson has a rich athletic tradition and has won 38 team and 13 individual state      National Bronze Winner
     athletic championships over its 36 year history. In 2007, 1,428 students participated in the
     athletic programs (duplicated count). We offer 34 athletic programs including 3 adapted          Senator Mark Dayton School of
     sports.                                                                                                Excellence Award
  • Speech Team: Members have earned 49 individual medals at the MSHSL State Speech                   Minnesota Academic Excellence
	 	 tournament,	including	13	state	championships.		Students	have	qualified	for	the	National	           Foundation School Spotlight
	 	 Forensics	League	National	Speech	tournament	and	three	have	placed	in	the	top	ten	in	
    the nation. Debate Team: Has earned a state title and six teams ranked in the top 10.                        Award
	 	 Three	teams	earned	top	10	honors	at	the	National	Debate	Tournament	and	three	students
	 	 were	named	NFL	All-Americans.

  • Jefferson musical groups travel widely for enrichment and performance. Performances                          PTSA
	 	 and	competitions	have	included:	Disney	World,	Orlando;	Nashville,	Tennessee;	Fiesta	Bowl	                  Active PTA
	 	 in	Arizona;	Branson,	Missouri;	Ireland	and	the	Hollywood	Bowl	Thanksgiving	Day	Parade.
                                  Bloomington’s High School Program

Renovations of Thomas Jefferson High School and                   •	accommodates	current	learning	theory	and	social	life	
John F. Kennedy High School were designed to ensure               styles—start-time, varied length of class periods, rotating
that a carefully planned academic program is fully                schedules, meeting times.
supported by physical improvements to the buildings.

Here	are	key	concepts	that	shape	the	Bloomington	High	            A yearly schedule :
School Program and the facilities, structures, relationships       •	fosters	staff	collaboration	and	continuous	training.	
and technology that make the dream a reality.                     	•	better	accommodates	current	learning	theory	and	
                                                                  social life styles.

ORGANIZATION AND TIME                                             Facility renovations provide a physical environment that
A flexible daily schedule:                                        supports	flexible	instructional	strategies	and	accommodates	
                                                                  teaching and learning in large or small groups. Learning
 •	considers	the	ways	teachers	teach	and	students	learn           options and groupings meet the needs of all students.
	•	addresses	the	needs	of	curricular	content	areas	and	
learning requirements.
•	maximizes	opportunities	for	student	and	teacher	
interactions in formal and informal settings.

                 Technology, School Environment and Relationships

• On-line learning opportunities encourage                       • Staff are provided additional training on methods to
students to use technology as a supplement to their education.   develop effective student relationships.
 • Training and technical support enable                          • Small group activities in academics and cocurriculars encourage
teachers to integrate technology tools in their                  all students to feel they are known and belong in
teaching and assessments.                                        their school.
 • Students work with technology independently or                 • A common place encourages students to gather and socialize
in groups.                                                       informally.
 • Students have continuous access to visual,                     • Facilities are attractive, clean, safe and
audio and textual information through                            well-equipped.
high-performance technology.                                      • The high schools communicate to students and parents the value
 • Students have more frequent opportunities                     of their teaching and learning experiences.
to work in the media center and computer labs.

RELATIONSHIPS                                                                     For more information about the
 • High schools create structures and programs that                               Bloomington Public Schools, call
develop a supportive, connected feeling among                                     952/681-6404 or visit us on
                                                                                  our web site at
its students and with their teachers.                                   
 • Cocurricular activities assure opportunities
for students to successfully develop interests
and abilities.


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