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45, if you are in the examination are not employed, how do you intend?
A: Today's society is a competitive society, from this interview may be
seen in this competition is bound to vary, there will certainly fail to succeed. Often
behind the success of many difficulties and setbacks, If this failed, that was only once
it is only through the experience accumulated experience to create a completely
successful. I come from a correct view of the following aspects of this failure.
First, we must dare to face, the face of this failure is not discouraged, to accept this
opportunity has been lost will not be back to this reality, from the psychological and
spiritual will reflect on the failure of the resistance. Be confident, believe in yourself,
after experiencing this through the efforts can do it. To move beyond self.
Second, good reflection, the experience of the interview should conscientiously sum
up, thinking analysis, to find out the gaps from their own point of view. Proper
treatment of their own, realistic evaluation of their own, dialectical view of the length
of their gains and losses, to make a sensible.
Third, out of the shadows, this time failed to overcome the psychological pressure to
bring their own, always keeping in mind their vulnerability and take preventive
measures to enhance learning and improve their own quality.
Fourth, the serious work, back to the original positions after the unit to actually work
in a down, 36 lines, must borrow and try to make some of the posts the results.
Fifth, make persistent efforts, a national civil service has always been my dream the
future, if I still have the opportunity to compete again.
46, to talk about why you want to test the civil service?
(Similar to the questions: 1. You set life for themselves what kind of goal? You think
in my department to achieve its goals? 2. You do not apply for civil servants, you have
probably to do? Or you most like to Why? 3. If this is not taking you, what would you
think? 4. Why should the civil service exam? you have any expertise to be competent
this post?)
(1) I understand the civil service. Civil servants to fulfill state public officers, on
behalf of the state in social and public affairs management. Civil servants in national
government agencies operating in the role and importance that there was a Prof made
a metaphor: people who like a car, civil servants, as drivers, we must understand
technology, have to recognize Road, determine the direction of the a car with good
people, do not fall into the ditch. :
(2) The purpose of my civil service exam. Mainly to give full play to their strengths to
better service for the country and the people to realize their own value. Meanwhile,
civil servants have a stable income in the community to attract a certain status is also
one of the reasons I applied for civil service;
(3) I have to apply for civil service conditions. I graduated from the Chinese
Language and Literature, with some word processing capabilities; 7 years of
grass-roots management that I have strong organizational skills of coordination; 8
years experience of learning the computer, so that I can quite proficient at using
various computer operations (such as word processing, preparing reports, routine
maintenance, troubleshooting common, online e-mail, search information, design
simple software to produce a general web, etc.), can meet the needs of modern
secretarial work; while the Chinese version hobbies, so I applied for positions on the
full work enthusiasm; although compared with other candidates, my age slightly, but I
am healthy, energetic, vibrant, 10 years of accumulated work experience is young
people generally can not be compared. I remember someone said, if we can their
interests, hobbies and a good combination of business, they can do the best I think I
47, please say what your personal circumstances and why should apply for (why for)
this position?
I come from Jiaxing Xiu District, this year's X years old. I have to work in
1988, has four times been awarded the advanced workers, a dozen years of a lengthy
set, and I as an ordinary staff has grown as the primary management. Now think about
it, I made all these achievements, should benefit from my Zikao experience, years of
Zikao career I learned a lot not only knowledge, but also cultivated my indomitable
will and tenacious spirit, so I was able to work constantly to overcome the difficulties
and positive. I love the usual main tourist, reading and playing computer, tourism
growth in the knowledge that I have broadened their horizons; I learned from the
books of knowledge, cultivate the temperament; and 8 years of trial and error process
of the computer that I thought were active responsive and easy to accept new

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