_Transfer_ of food additives in Japan betrayal of God by fdjerue7eeu


									(Transfer) of food additives in Japan betrayal of God
?In 1973, graduated from Yamaguchi University, Department of Chemistry
Department Safety Division to find a job ----- do in food additives company salesman.
Sodium nitrite, potassium sorbate, glycerin fatty acid ester. . . . That these chemicals,
he was a bit surprised: these things were turned into the mouth with the food we eat in
     ?Soon, these "magic powder" to let the Secretary Abe tasted
more and more fun and a sense of accomplishment ---- years, the Division became the
Department of Food Additive Safety's chief salesman.
     ?Abe's nickname is loud -----" Division additive living
dictionary "" God of Food Additives. " He even
eager additives company established first in the country.
?He firmly believes that solve problems in the food processing plants to help them
make the lowest cost products to sell.
However, an accidental turn, the Secretary Abe was "betrayal"
of that is full of "magic powder" of the world, abandoned the
original ambitious goals.
Today, the 57-year-old Abe Division published a book, lecture, tell people filled day
of food into the stomach is made of how the process has opened the world of additives
for consumers who do not know "insider."
"I witnessed the production of human food additives, food production is
also a witness 'background' and 'living
witnesses', which is involved in theoretical research of the people can not
see, only for this competition, I know." Security Department Secretary
"Traitor,"           Abe     Secretary    who      is     not    simply
"anti-additive." He said that only emphasizes the danger of food
additives is meaningless, they make food cheaper, faster and convenient, and most are
used in accordance with national safety standards.
He advocated that the additive information disclosure ------ consumers know what
they eat something, and then make their own choices.
Abe Secretary and even the social ethical perspective in the additive effect: it takes
time to gain skills in traditional crafts were abandoned, imitation of taste is considered
authentic; people, especially children, will think that food come easily, but not a
natural things and other people's labor thankful.
Everyone likes the "magic powder"
Abe Division felt the magic of additives, the first from his father's change.
Stubborn father used to say do not listen to his son. He opened a noodle factory, but
have no long-term storage of noodles. Abe Division proposes to add propylene glycol
and PH regulator, and the father of this is completely acceptable.
Dumpling skin plus a familiar plant manager was worried, because the dumpling skin
always stick to the machine, when the wrapper to be stripped down. Abe Secretary
suggested that he add emulsifier and thickening agent, so the manager bought four
kinds of additives. "Adding that after stopping the machine not once, kind
of 'medicine' is really incredible, ah!"
1 to noodle chewiness, delicious soup known noodle shop, owner Abe Secretary
proposes to use emulsifiers, phosphate, does not require any skills, who can easily
make the chewiness of the noodles; then with enhanced flavor of the flavor agent,
acidifying agent Tom stressed the drums dilute water dilution can be used ten times.
Surimi shop owner skillful, dedicated, but high prices too high they surimi, asked for
something cheaper products.
Abe Secretary advised the boss with imports of frozen minced meat, then add the
chemical seasoning, and soy protein hydrolyzate hand, saving time and effort, but also
eliminates the purchase of fresh fish and remove bones hard.
"Use frozen chopped meat, is a disgrace artisans." Boss initially
refused. Abe Division of words is essential, "times have changed, so hard
work, your son will not be inherited."
So the restaurant away from home surimi years of craft activities, commenced
production of "additive kamaboko."
Secretary Abe said: "I was done is to make the additives rationalization, let
people know that, with additives, no artisans, no technology can make the same thing
with a certain level."
Use cheaper raw materials, reduced production time, do not need too much
technology, the benefits of this is to use additives. Abe Division of
"rationalization" progressing smoothly, the food processing
industry are very happy to accept.
At that moment I realized that myself, "buyer"
Transition from "meatballs incident."
One day in 1983, is the Secretary Abe daughter birthday. Secretary in the Ministry of
home safety suddenly discovered, the children Qiangzhe Chi's meatballs, is
to help manufacturers developed their own "editing software."
But he did not feel proud, but scared to use both hands over his candy in meatballs
Procurement of a large number of manufacturers from cheap minced meat bone head
tick down, this minced meat sticky, water content, neither can do the meat, and having
no taste, generally used to make pet food. Abe Division was requested to forward a
solution to the waste of meat into something edible.
As "the god of food additives," he gives the program
considerable "perfect": First of all, can not be added to some of
the meat, egg production of laying hens to increase the weight, the cost is very low;
then added something called the organization things like soy protein, resulting in a
soft texture. The soy protein also known as "artificial meat",
now also for the production of cheap hamburger. Subsequently, with plenty of juicy
beef, seasonings and other chemicals to increase the flavor. To taste fresh, also joined
the lard, processed starch.
Adhesives and emulsifiers added to make it easier for mass production machinery;
make the color look good with a coloring agent; use of preservatives, PH adjusting
agent to extend the retention period; with antioxidants to prevent fading ----- Abe
home in the operation of the Division.
Even the sauce and ketchup, but also to control costs, use of additives to make
"something with the kind of taste": the dilute water glacial
acetic acid diluted with caramel to black, and then joined the chemical seasoning , the
result of "imitation sauce"; the tomato sauce with a coloring
agent for color, adding sour agent, increase its viscosity with increasing the swap, it
made "like ketchup."
This took 23 ten additives, almost called "additive heap" of
meatballs, a box sells for less than 100 yen (about 6.8 yuan), because the cost was 2
¥ 30.
Meatballs on the market for the sale of hot, this alone is said to manufacturers of a
commodity profits had built a building.
Abe Division also developed their own proud of ----- such meatballs made from food
waste utilization is beneficial to environmental protection, but also tangible benefits
for housewives.
But when he realize that their children are happy when eating such meat balls,
"I was well aware, I do not want their children to eat these
meatballs." He said: "I just think that the original they are
'producers''seller', that moment I realized
myself 'buyer'. "
Additive information is not completely open
To realize that they are "buyer" of the security ministries and
departments, many are familiar with the information previously made special
General manager of a factory in private, said: "I there a special offer can
not eat ham." Pickle processing plant manager has always said:
"Although the lower the price, but do not buy our house pickle."
Because It was after the bleaching of vegetable black, colored with synthetic colorants
Abe, he did not break the law, he has strictly complied with the development of
additives to use, standards and usage, and also made the product label clearly marked.
He said: "Even so has Mo Budiao my guilt."
Manufacturers reduce costs, cheap supermarket food led to high turnover; consumers
looking to buy a clean and good food at bargain prices, had to spend two hours to do
the dishes, now just 5 minutes buttoned ----- food additives seem better for everyone.
However, Abe Division of concern is that consumers do not know what kind of added
a number of food additives, the information is not to be completely open.
Product label on the back, list of ingredients are generally marked in the use of
additives. Light Reading labels is not understand, however, the Security Department
Secretary in which you want to reveal is unknown, "Inside
Additive companies to sell more of the additives, the phosphate, nitrate, and organic
salts and a few other additives mixed together, by coloring, with tight flesh, better
quality with different purposes such as sale. Manufacturers were allowed to merge
label laws, both the number of species counted as a progressive label.
For packing in 30 cm2 surface area of the following products, retail sale of processed
food, supermarket own food production, there are provisions to avoid the subject.
The former allow the smooth operation of the entire industry laws and regulations, in
a "meatball" incident stimulated the Secretary Abe seems, have
become obstacles to the consumers the truth about food. And he abhors the
"god of food additive" status, want to do a "food
additive translator," so that the public has more right to know.
Abe Secretary is aware that there are more than 1300 kinds of additives in Japan, the
daily lives of five to 600 kinds. He estimated that one daily intake of about 10 grams
of the additive, the year about 4,000 grams per capita daily intake of salt are rather
large. Light eating a sandwich, it may also eat emulsifiers, yeast, seasonings, PH
regulator, phosphate, spices and other 20 kinds of additives. Each additive despite the
national quality inspection departments have been testing, but how complex the
results of intake, but it is unknown and obscure.
These issues concern the Secretary for Security Department.
He resigned from the additive plant, not a high salary, living at one time not
"Conscience standard"
Ten years working in the field of additives qualifications, Abe always bring some ask
for advice by the Secretary.
Children face the audience, he often did test a "melon drink."
White Water in a cup, add 1 blue coloring agent, into a pure blue water; then add
yellow coloring agent 4, the water becomes pure green, green and melon colors were
the same.
"It's two colors, are all extracted from the oil out."
He would tell the children.
Then he added this one into a cup of green water over the syrup. Drinks have added
sugar before, but overweight children do not like sweet, sweet taste is refreshing and
fructose syrup.
Adding syrup "green water" to accompany the
children's mother around tasting, the general reaction was "very
sweet, can not drink."
Magician-like Abe Division will be added to the juice of three sour liquid agent and
lemon flavor, allow the mother to try. Each other tend to be surprised:
"This would drink, is good."
Secretary Abe then tells them they think delicious sweet "juice"
is made by a number of powder to reconcile, and a bottle of 500 ml drinks containing
the equivalent of 50 grams of sugar, calories, that is, 200 kcal, But the people did not
drink after satiety, inevitably lead to excessive calorie intake.
"Japanese obese children these years more and more vending machines are
everywhere, anytime and anywhere you can buy sweet. I often children speech, told
they should not live like this." Secretary Abe said.
Abe Division of reflection in-depth step by step, in addition to the public's
right to know, the addition of food additives have been abandoned because of the
"old one" and the food culture in addition, he is concerned by
the modern food industry and "to facilitate life" to change mind.
He recalled his chickens in the country at a young age, grow vegetables a day into the
mouth when eating chicken, vegetables, can actually feel their lives are there; mother
at the time with a hand-made rice Tuan, also enables children to feel more affection,
Additive itself is neither good nor bad, as long as strict compliance with the required
standards, it is absolutely not illegal. However, the Secretary Abe hopes that the
addition of another legal standards, a standard -----" conscience standard.
"Life has become convenient, comfortable, well-off, we get a lot of things,
it is true, but in the back, what we have lost precious things?" Abe asked
the Secretary of our Inquiry.

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