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					FourPress                  ®

Multi-layer bandaging system for optimum compression
and absorbency in managing venous leg ulcers.

Compression and Fixation
                                                                                                                                   HARTMANN Inc.
                                                                                                                                   Rock Hill, SC 29730

FourPress                               ®

Latex-Free Compression Bandaging System
                                                                                     • Layer One Padding Bandage is a comfortable non-woven layer
                                                                                       that absorbs wound exudate and protects bony prominences
                                                                                     • Layer Two Crepe Bandage anchors and smoothes padding layer
                                                                                       while absorbing exudate
                                                                                     • Layer Three Compression Bandage provides about one-half of the
                                                                                       system’s compression and conforms to body contours
Layer One Padding Bandage:               Layer Two Crepe Bandage:
Spiral technique wraps from the base     Figure 8 technique stretches the            • Layer Four Cohesive Bandage adheres to itself and secures all
of the toes to just below the knee       bandage 50% as well as wraps the              layers in the bandaging system without tape
overlapping each turn by 50%             overlap of 50% up the leg
                                                                                     • Four bandages work together to provide effective, sustained
                                                                                       compression for up to seven days when applied as directed
                                                                                     • Safe and effective compression therapy for venous leg ulcers
                                                                                       and related conditions
                                                                                     • Easy to apply and secures without tape
                                                                                     • Produces sub-bandage pressure at the ankle in the 30-40 mmHg
                                                                                       range when the system is wrapped as indicated
Layer Three Compression Bandage:         Layer Four Cohesive Bandage:
Figure 8 technique provides bandage      Spiral technique stretches to 50% while
stretch of 50% as well as an upward      overlapping - heel should be covered by
overlap of 50%                           all four layers

                                                                                                                 • If the ankle circumference is less than
                                                                                                                   18cm (7 1/8”) before applying FourPress,
                                                                                                                   pad the ankle and Achilles tendon prior to
                                                                                                                   application of the compression layers

                                                                                                                 • Do not use FourPress Bandaging System
                                                                                                                   if the patient’s Ankle Brachial Pressure
                                                                                                                   (ABPI ) is less than 0.8, or if arterial
FourPress®                                                                                                         disease is suspected
Order No.                               Description                           Kits Per Case
43400000                  Kit contains 4 bandages and 3 tape strips                  8
                          Layers                                              Size
                          Padding Bandage                         4” x 3.8 yds. unstretched
                                                                                                                 • For use in effectively managing venous
                          Crepe Bandage                           4” x 4.9 yds. stretched
                                                                                                                   leg ulcers and related conditions
                          Compression Bandage                     4” x 9.5 yds. stretched                        • An appropriate primary dressing should
                          Cohesive Bandage                        4” x 6.5 yds. stretched                          be applied before using the bandaging
                                                                                                                   system with open wounds
                                                                                                                 • Apply as directed in product insert
XLIT 1035 Rev. 4 (1108)

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