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                                                                                       of deer
 M Pybus Fish & Wildlife Alberta SRD

                                                                                       (Trichophyton verrucosum)

                                                                                           in Alberta
Common                                 Significance                                 Transmission Cycle
 name                                  Various fungi can survive in the skin        Like most fungi, the fungi of ringworm
                                                                                    produce resistant spores that are
                                       of mammals and birds. In Alberta,
 ringworm,                                                                          adapted to withstand environmental
                                       ringworm fungi are fairly common
 dermatomycosis                                                                     stresses of moisture and temperature.
                                       inhabitants of the skin of domestic
                                                                                    The dormant spores survive for long
                                       cattle. Occasionally the fungus also
                                                                                    periods in soil and can only enter an
                                       lives on deer and humans. In most            animal if there are pre-existing cuts or
                                       cases, ringworm infections cause             abrasions in the skin. Once the spores get
                                       only mild skin problems.                     below the skin surface, they germinate
Scientific                                                                          and spread out as tiny branched threads
                                                                                    (hyphae) typical of many fungi. These
 name                                  What? Where? How?                            threads can enter hair follicles and
                                       When is a worm not a worm??? When it is      weaken each individual hair until it
a fungus, Trichophyton
                                       ringworm—a fungus, not a worm! The           breaks or falls out of the follicle. This
                                       name actually comes from the outward         activity can be associated with thin dry
                                       growth of the fungus from a central core.    flakes or scabs on the skin as well as
                                       As the inner area heals, it is surrounded    mild to severe loss of hair, often on the
                                       by a ring of active tissue damage.           face and lower legs. The hyphae also
                                       Ringworm as a disease has a worldwide        produce spores that stay on the skin
                                       distribution and can be associated with a    surface or drop to the ground and have
                                       number of different fungal species.          the potential to infect another mammal
                                       Some fungi have narrow habitat               with an open wound. Lastly, the spores
                                       requirements and survive only on/in a        can pass directly during contact with an
                                       limited number of species. The usual         infected individual, often a carrier
                                       ringworm in humans, for example, does        animal that does not have any signs of
                                       not do well in other animals. However, the   ringworm.
                                       most common ringworm fungus on wildlife
What’s                                 is not so picky and can survive in a wide
                                       range of species, including humans. In
                                                                                    Distribution in Alberta
                                       Alberta, cattle and mule deer provide the    Sporadic cases of ringworm in wildlife
Bugging                                premium habitats for ringworm, although
                                       ringworm in northern pocket gophers has
                                                                                    occur in areas where deer share range
                                                                                    with infected cattle. In the last 10-15

                                       been documented, and it is likely that       years there has been a steady increase in
                                       other small rodents also provide suitable    the number of cases of ringworm
                                       habitat for ringworm in the province.        submitted to the Fish and Wildlife

Critters?                                                                           diagnostic lab. Mule deer seem to provide
                                                                                    the best habitat, although the fungus can
                                                                                    survive on white-tailed deer, as well.
Fact sheet #19:                                                                     Most of the cases come from areas south
                                                                                    of Hanna and Oyen as well as south and
Ringworm of                                                                         west of Calgary and Sundre.
                                                           Ringworm of deer in Alberta
I/178                                                                                      (Trichophyton verrucosum)
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                 Importance for Wildlife                                  Public Significance
ISBN Online:
0-7785-3599-1                                                             Common ringworm in humans is not the same
                 Ringworm generally is limited to mild infections         species as the ringworm in wildlife. However,
                 and small areas of hair loss on the face,                the species in wildlife is mildly infective to
                 muzzle, and lower legs of mule deer. However,            humans and can cause a local mild skin rash.
                 it is not common in deer in Alberta and                  Anyone who thinks they may have ringworm,
                 probably has no effect on the population.                regardless of where it came from, should
                 Ringworm occurs only in the skin and thus does           consult a physician.
                 not affect the meat.                                     Cattle are considered the primary source of
                                                                          ringworm in deer. Occasionally, pets and caged
                                                                          birds can provide suitable habitat for
                                                                          ringworm fungi.

                                                                          Prevention or control of ringworm in deer is
                                                                          impractical and not warranted. However, to
                C Pattenden Mainstream Aquatics

                                                                          avoid human infection, gloves should be worn
                                                                          whenever animals with skin conditions are
                                                                          handled. Suitable topical skin creams and
                                                                          systemic medicines are available to combat
                                                                          fungal diseases in people.

                 Ringworm in deer is caused by a fungus. It is uncommon in Alberta and not a
                 significant problem for wild deer. Ringworm can infect people and caution should be
                 taken when handling infected deer.

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