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									                              Osteoporosis Canada
                              November Mat Stories
                                (October 1, 2007)

Osteoporosis – Not Just a Women’s Disease

Despite popular belief, osteoporosis does not only affect women. In Canada, at
least one in eight men over age 50 has the disease in which bone density and
quality deteriorates, leading to increased bone fragility and fracture risk, a fact
well known to Larry Funnell.

Larry had suffered 10 broken bones before turning 50, yet never considered
osteoporosis. Finally, after breaking two ribs climbing onto a camel while
vacationing at the Great Wall of China, and then breaking his arm while golfing,
he and his doctor decided it was time for a bone scan. He was diagnosed with

“The first time I paid attention to the word osteoporosis was in my doctor’s office.
I was shocked. I had no idea men, let alone men my age, could get

Like other men with osteoporosis, Larry attributed his frequent fractures to
accidents. After his diagnosis, Larry hid his condition, reluctant to discuss what
he felt was an embarrassing disease. Sadly, Larry was not alone in his thinking.

Now, having overcome his fears, Larry is part of the Canadian Osteoporosis
Patient Network (COPN), a group of Osteoporosis Canada volunteers dedicated
to improving the quality of life of people living with osteoporosis. His role: to help
raise awareness of osteoporosis in men. Larry’s been fracture-free for eight
years and has developed friendships with other men with osteoporosis. “I met
other men my age who learned to manage their disease and I knew I could do
the same. It’s had a positive impact on my life. I’m active again and feeling good
about my future.”

For more information on osteoporosis risk factors and COPN visit
www.osteoporosis.ca or call 1-800-463-6842.

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