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					Who we are For Local Chapter Leaders

Historical info
• Originally started in 1993 by OpenView Customers, as Openview Forum • Now called Vivit - & expanded for broader HP Software Community • Independent, non-profit organization • Run by Volunteers (and very limited number of staff ) • Self-funded through services and activities • Membership at individual or corporate levels • Governed/lead by an elected board of Directors • Services available globally

Vivit Mission Statement
• Our Mission:
“To Help our members be successful by facilitating the free exchange of information among our members, HP, and software solution partners.”

Vivit Mission Statement


Vivit enables its membership to achieve better business value through a program of services related to :
– Providing Advocacy services – Creating a cohesive Community for users – Providing Education materials and opportunities

Member Services: Advocacy
• Tell your requirements to HP Software product and management teams. – Vivit Customer & Partner Councils – Surveys and related Data Analysis • Direct Representation to HP Software product and management teams. • Intercession on behalf of members for problem situations that go unresolved through normal channels. • Opportunities to directly interact with HP Staff at our events

Member Services: Community
• Local Users Group support (more on that later) • Online Discussion Groups & Email Reflectors
– Offered by Vivit ; serves as an excellent facilitator for the exchange of information in the HP Software community. – Questions and problems related to the operation and use of HP products, related vendor products, etc. – HP posts for new product release info – Thousands of participants

Member Services: Community
• The Vivit Newsletter “inFORUM”


– Issued regularly via email and available online – Delivers information on a wide range of topics • Vivit organizational news • Tech articles • HP News • Local Users groups updates • And more

• Online Vivit Connections tool to be introduced in April 2007

Member Services: Education
• Regional Conferences
– Multi-day events with hundreds of customers sharing their ideas and implementation strategies

• New Online Conferences: Vivit’s eForum • Hands-on training and certification opportunities at reduced costs • Work with HP to develop strong programs at their events • Access to in-depth reference articles our web site and in our newsletter

Membership Statistics

Vivit Worldwide Membership- Pre Mercury
Global Members
• 6,000 Active in membership DB • > 14,000 active service participants and growing

Global Communities
• ~35 Vivit Local Chapters • ~60 Vivit Local Chapter meetings in the past 12 months • Growing all the time


Local Users Group / Chapters

What is a Vivit Local Chapter?
• A local community of members of Vivit that come together to leverage their experience and expertise
• Regional chapter or a special interest group (SIG)

• Run by volunteers – either customers or partners • Facilitated and supported by Vivit staff and volunteers
• Supported by HP with regard to speakers and venue support as needed

Local Chapter Policies
• Open only to members of Vivit
– Vivit Membership includes a free level – so no cost barrier – Vivit membership is required in order retain membership within the specific Regional Chapter.

• Affiliation agreement with Vivit • Operated in a manner consistent with mission and values of Vivit- e.g. no marketing

Local Chapter Policies


• Chapter has designated co-leaders
– Coordinate chapter events – Liaise with the Vivit Membership Committee

• Chapter provides 10 day advanced notice to regarding chapter meetings and events • Chapter must respect the Bylaws and Policies as set forth by Vivit and modified to meet chapter needs

Vivit Support for Local Chapters
• Centralized Web site for all chapter info • Local control and content definition available to leaders • Admin tools provided for leaders • Leader Council to promote best practices and share info • Speaker support for meeting presentations • Coordinated support from HP for chapters

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