Institute of Kidney diseases
                                                   Hayatabad Peshawar
                                                            Dated: 06-12-2008

                        HAYATABAD PESHAWAR


              The 50 Bedded Institute of Kidney Diseases at Hayatabad Medical Complex,
Peshawar was approved under the Prime Minister’s programme. The PC-1 of the project was
approved on the 22/04/2000 at a total cost of building and purchase of equipments
(Rs.158.138+Rs.150.00) = Rs.308.138 million. The Institute was initially designed for 50 Beds
with a provision to enhance its capacity to 100 Beds in future. While approving funding of the
scheme, it was decided that Workers Welfare fund Islamabad, would provide the cost of
construction, equipment, machinery and materials whereas the provincial Government would
provide land free of cost. Accordingly, the Government of NWFP allotted land for the Institute
at HMC Peshawar free of cost. The recurring expenditure (salary +non Salary) of the Institute
for the initial 02 years of full operationalization will be borne by the workers Welfare Fund,
Islamabad. Thereafter, the operational expenses of the Institute will be responsibility of the
Provincial Government, besides any other contributions/provisions/grants etc.
       The IKD was commissioned in June 2007 following employment of Medical and
Paramedical Staff.
       However it was not until December 2007 that the Institute was formally opened to the
public. This delay was inevitable as major Sectors of Institute e.g. Laboratory, Operation
Theater, Dialysis Unit were not commissionable, mostly due to delays in supply orders. It may
be prudent to state that, the institute was operationalized, but with many short comings. We
have in the last 11th months attempted to address and resolve some of these within our
       The main objective of the Institute of Kidney Diseases is to provide state of the art
facilities in counseling, investigations, treatment, post operative care and follow up in the
fields of Urology, Nephrology and Transplantation to industrial workers in particular and the
inhabitants of NWFP in general.

As per Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Board of Conveners will nominate a
Management Committee. This committee shall be responsible for administrative and financial
control of the institute. However currently institute is being managed by Management
Committee headed by Director IKD, comprising of the following.
       1. Professor Dr. Asif Malik Director IKD                    Chairman
       2. Dr. Muhammad Salim             DMS (Admn)                Member
       3. Dr. Modasar Bangash            DMS (Coordination)        Secretary
       4. Dr. Fazli Rabi                 DMS (Store)               Member
       5. Dr. Naseer                     DMS (OT, OPD, Casualty)   Member
       6. Prof. Dr.Atta ur Rehman                                  Member
       7. Dr.Sultan Zaffar Akhtar                                  Member
       8. Mr. A. Moneem                  Manger Accounts           Member

The Institute has following sections:-
   1. OPD
   2. Dialysis Unit
   3. Wards (Bed status-40)
   4. Isolation Rooms (Bed Status-6)
   5. Private Room ( 7)
   6. ICU (Bed Status-3)
   7. OT -5 (2-operationalized)
   8. Radiology Unit
   9. Pathology Unit
   10. Pharmacy Unit
   11. Urodynamics
   12. Lithotripsy
   13. I.T section

             Medical Staff
                 Teaching Staff                                     Total = 13
                 Non Teaching Staff
                      Medical Officer                               Total = 27
                      Paramedical Staff
                         Charge Nurses                      Total = 38
                         Operation Theater Assistant        Total = 02
                         OT Technician                      Total = 02
                         Dialysis Technician                Total = 03
                         Lab Technicians                    Total = 07
                         Anesthesia Technician              Total = 04
                         Radiographers                      Total = 01
                         Sterilization Assistant(CSSD)      Total = 02
                    Administration Staff                    Total = 13
                    Class-IV                                Total = 49
                The Institute since it has commissioned aimed at providing state of the Art
facilities to patients with diseases of the genito urinary tract. These facilities aim to provide
investigations including laboratory work up, Radiology including X-ray and Ultrasound,
Urodynamics, Out door treatment of patients with diseases relating to urinary tract and Indoor
admissions for patients requiring invasive and non-invasive methods of treating diseases
ranging from congenital disorders, stone disease, cancer and traumatic reconstruction of
injuries of the urinary tract.
                So far seven Renal Transplant Surgeries have been carried out at the Institute.

    1. A ten Bedded Ward has been operationalized since August 2008, in view of excessive
        work load.
    2. Computerization of the Institute will be completed in the near future.
    3. Mosque – has been furnished
    4. Computerized Radiology System has been installed & operationalized.

  5. Termite treatment has been given to entire structure.
  6. Drug Store run by the Institute itself has been operationalized.
  7. Public Car parking facility has been provided.
  8. Temporary customer service including cafeteria and public Toilets will be open to the
       public by the end of December 2008.
  9. Work on establishing 30 Bedded ward is in progress and will be completed within
       three months.
  10. Work on Library and Doctors lounge is in progress and shell be completed within three
  11. Free Ambulance service for patients on long term dialysis residing within Peshawar.

  1. IKD will soon be inspected by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan for
       Accreditation of FCPS Part-II training in the fields of Urology and renal
  2. Conditionalties of collaboration with PGMI, regarding placement of Trainee is in
  3. Weekly clinical symposia held at the Institute.
  4.    Library to be operationalized in near future.
  5. Total Number of Outdoor patients from Dec-2007 to Sept-2008 = 12803 patients.
  6.   Total No. of Admitted patient from Dec-2007 to Oct-2008, = 1873 patients.
  7. Total No. of Lithotripsy patients from Dec-2007 to Oct-2008. = 386 Patients.
  8. Total No. of Ultrasound patients from Dec-2007 to Sep-2008 = 1261 patients.
  9. Total No. Dialysis patient from Dec-2007 to Sep-2008 = 1263 patients.
  10. Total No. of Urodynamic patients from Dec-2007 to Sep-2008 is = 257 Patients.
  11. Total No. of X-ray patient from Dec-2007 to Oct-2008 = 3101 patients.
  12. Total No. of operations from Dec-2007 to Oct-2008 = more than 1000.
  13. The Institute has established Liaison with Tanzeem Liassaail-E-Wal Mahroom through which
       free dialysis is offered to the dispossessed and very needy patients and providing free post
       Transplant Medications to the patients under going Transplantation at the Institute.


                             BUDGET ALLOCATION (2007-2008)

                            Budget Received           Expenditure             Revenue
S.No        Allocation        2007-2008
                                                                                             Balance      Liabilities
            2007-2008                           Salaries      Non-Salaries
 1.        8,70,00,000/-     6,63,65,500/-    1,66,06,862/-   4,97,58,638/-   22,67,740/-      nill        Bill Approx

                             BUDGET ALLOCATION (2008-2009)

                            Budget Received           Expenditure               Revenue
S.No        Allocation        2008-2009
            2008-2009                           Salaries      Non-Salaries
 1.        9,30,00,000/-     1,70,00,000/-    1,15,70,455/-   79,38,815/-      31,52,818/-                nill

      1. Permanent customer service area is need of the hour at the Institute, which should include
           accommodation, public toilets and Cafeteria. Lack of these facilities is putting immense
           burden on the Indoor patients of the Institute.
      2.    As is evident from the data the Institute is running at full capacity and the demand for Indoor
           admissions is rising by the day. Currently bookings for Urological admissions are running into
           February 2009. This explains the clear need for enhancing the Bed strength. It is highly
           desirable to put forward a case for construction of the first floor of the Institute which was part
           of the original design.
      3. IKD has already made correspondence with Zakat and Biathul Mal for allocation of funds for
           the poor patient, it is desired that the Government may pursue the matter for early allocation of
      4. In view of the Volume of patients requiring CT Scans, it is one of the essential needs of
           patients at the Institute.
      5. Renal patients need isotope scanning for which Gamma Camera is required. This can be
           utilized for diagnosing many other diseases and can be used to generate funds for the institute.
      6.    The institute has so far not operationalised the emergency department. This is manly due to
           lack of space/beds for emergency admissions.
      7. In view of the increasing demand for Transplantation and Allied services, the Institute requires
           to have experts in the fields of Histo-Pathology Immunology and interventional renal

                                                                                   IKD Hayatabad Peshawar.


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