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									          “AGAINST THE
Project implementation site   RA, Shirak, region, Gyumri city
Project duration              10 day
Project implementer           “Meghvik” children and youth NGO
Address                       RA, Shirak region, Gyumri city, Nizami
Contact person                Vehanush Hovhannisyan
Phone:                        4 29 64, 2 46 95
Fax:                          8269 4 29 64
E-mail:                       e-mail:
Internet site                 http://users.
                                     GYUMRI – 2005
Project justification.

        Declaration of independence and transition to market relations in the economy brought
serious problems in many post-soviet new-independent countries, and also in Republic of
Armenia. As undesirable consequence, many social-economic phenomenons, such as poverty,
unemployment and migration revealed and widely spread. The current level of poverty and
unemployment, intensive migration to the countries with epidemical unfavorable situations has
made the struggle towards the HIV/AIDS epidemics very actual.
        In this regard the world experience shows that the best way in the struggle against
HIV/AIDS is the increasing of awareness of population on HIV/AIDS, preventing advocacy and
objective and correct elucidation of the facts.
        Realization of these activities supposes contribution of common actions and joint efforts
to prevent the further spreading of HIV/AIDS epidemics in RA.
        “Meghvik” children and youth NGO in Gyumri offers to carry out “Against the evil”
project connected with World AIDS Day.

Project goal
      to promote the increase of awareness of population of Shirak region of RA on

Project objectives.
      to organize concert event in Central Square of Gyumri city during which periodically
         statistical data will be introduced and appeals will be sounded HIV/AIDS.
      to organize competition of paintings on HIV/AIDS among pupils of high school in
      to organize an exhibition of the best pictures selected in the Central Square of Gyumri.
      to prepare posters, leaflets and info sheets, book-markers and calendars with pictures
         and appeals on HIV/AIDS that will be distributed to the population.

Project implementation mechanism
Project total duration is 10 days with 3 phases:
   1. Preparation phase – During this phase it is planned to do project purchases, to organize
        painting exhibition and select the best once for displaying on exhibition, to edit and print
        the posters, leaflets and info sheets, book-markers and calendars, to prepare stands,
        concert program and appeals.

   2. Main phase - /duration is 1 day/. During one day /December 1/ concert program will be
      organized in the Central Square of Gyumri which will be paused with appeals against the
      HIV/AIDS epidemics, the posters, leaflets, info sheets, book-markers and calendars
      prepared will be distributed to the population, and also exhibition of pictures will be

   3. Final phase – Project summary. During this phase project’s activity and financial reports
      will be prepared.

Results expected
      the awareness of population on HIV/AIDS of Shirak region will increase
      the population will receive statistical information on HIV/AIDS.
        the picture competition will give an opportunity to draw attention of pupils of high
         school to HIV/AIDS and the necessity of struggle against the epidemics.
        Project’s direct and indirect beneficiaries will have posters, leaflets and info sheets,
         book-markers and calendars at hand which will continue to remind them about taking
         preventing actions against HIV/AIDS and stay always watchful.

Project implementers
        The project will be realized by “Meghvik” children and youth NGO. During its long- year
activity “Meghvik” NGO has carried out different projects in different fields / education, health,
craft and art, nature-protective, agriculture, contemporary, advocacy till educational reforms and
public policy/. Like in other fields, also in health field our organization has implemented many
programs and events intended to discovering, preventing and solving the health issues of
population in Shirak region. Huge work has been done to promote the increase of population in
HIV/AIDS, AIDS prevention and decrease of HIV infection, spreading of healthy life-style,
health sexual behavior, and increase of information on first medical aid through trainings,
consultations, advocacy works and provision of informative materials. For successful
implementation of the project the NGO has qualified and skilled human resources and technical
        Finding important the necessity of the struggle against HIV/AIDS, RA Shirak marz
Healthcare Administration will support the NGO in the initiative

After discovery of the first cases of HIV/AIDS – the evil that threatens the total humanity, the
level of spreading of infection has reached up to universal scale and become the disaster of our
days. That is an illness the influence of which on human society isn’t limited just by damaging
the physical health. Today it already exists in almost every sphere of human activity creating
many social, moral and legal issues. Thus it becomes very beautiful to take actions, events and
projects to prevent the spreading of HIV/AIDS. And the basic of these activities is providing in-
time and accessible information, trainings and education for population.

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