Heartburn, Bloating Gas

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					                      Foods to Choose                    Foods to Avoid
                                                                                             Patient Information

                   Cereals (except bran or      No restrictions.
                   granola types), plain
                   crackers, biscuits.
                                                                                         Nutrition Management of
                   Bananas, applesauce,         No restrictions.

                   canned fruit, cooked fruit
                   without skins or seeds.

                                                                                         Bloating & Gas
                   Watered down fruit juices.

                   Cooked vegetables            Peas, corn, cabbage,
                   without skins or seeds.      onions, and other
                                                “gas forming” vegetables.

                   Low fat yogurt,              Baked beans and other “gas
                   cottage cheese,              forming” proteins.
                   Poached or broiled fish,     No restrictions.

                   lean meats, poultry
                   (without the skin).

                                                Very sweet

                                                desserts and

                   Broth and                    Carbonated beverages (pop),

                   clear soups.                 alcoholic drinks, drinks with caffeine
                                                (coffee, tea, colas, cocoa), soups
                                                made with cream.
                                                High fat, greasy foods, spicy foods,

                                                salad dressings, pickles and foods
                                                made with vinegar, garlic.

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NS5890 (2007/11/15) Updated 2010/03/29
Patient Information                                                 • Remain sitting up for at least a half to one hour after a meal.
Heartburn, Bloating and Gas                                         • If you must lie down, keep your head elevated at least 12
                                                                     inches above the level of your feet.
There are many reasons why you may have gas, cramps, bloating
                                                                    • Some dairy products may not agree with you due to lactose
and heartburn. Some of these include:
                                                                     (milk sugar) intolerance. If necessary, special drops or pills,
•   Lack of activity                                                 which aid in digestion, can be used when having milk
•   Nervousness                                                      products (e.g., Lacteeze® and Lactaid®). Pre-treated milk is
•   Certain cancer treatments like radiation to the upper abdomen    also available in most supermarkets. Ask the Registered
                                                                     Dietitian about these products.
•   Some tumours (e.g., cancer of the pancreas)
•   Some medications
                                                                    Medicine that can help manage heartburn:
•   Certain foods
                                                                    If you have heartburn you can buy antacid medicine at your
The purpose of this brochure is to give you information on how      pharmacy. Antacids come as both liquids and pills. Some
to manage these symptoms on your own. If these symptoms are         examples of heartburn medication include Maalox™, Rolaids™,
making you uncomfortable and you cannot control them, talk to       Mylanta™ and TUMS™.
a member of your healthcare team at your next visit.
                                                                    You can also buy medicine to help reduce acid production.
Helpful Hints                                                       These include:
                                                                    • Ranitidine (e.g., Zantac™);
• Eat smaller meals and snacks more often
                                                                    • Cimetidine (e.g., Tagamet™);
• Try not to skip meals
                                                                    • Famotidine (e.g., Pepcid AC™).
• Chew slowly and thoroughly, with your mouth closed, to
    prevent swallowing air                                          In the most severe cases, your doctor may prescribe medicine to
• Eat soda crackers before you get out of bed and when you feel     help you with these symptoms.
    like you may be getting heartburn
                                                                               You can call Supportive Care at 519-685-8622 to
• Wait 30-45 minutes after a meal before having beverages
                                                                               make an appointment with a Registered Dietitian.
• Do not use a straw when drinking
                                                                               You do not need a referral.
• Eat in a place that relaxes you
• Avoid physical activity right after eating.