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									Alaska’s Workforce Health:
Crucial to Future Prosperity
Wed. November 15, Noon – 3PM Anchorage Legislative Info Office 716 W. 4th Ave. Room 220 *Participate via local LIOs. Call 1-800-922-3875
Light lunch served in Anchorage.

Alaska’s Workforce Health: Crucial to Future Prosperity
November 15, 2006
• Introductions/Opening Remarks by Co-Chairs – Rep. Sharon Cissna and Senator Donny Olson


Definition of a Healthy Workforce Rep. Sharon Cissna
Personal and Organizational Experiences in Workforce Health: Movement Towards a Healthy Workforce – Report from each panelist Wayne Stevens, Director, Alaska Chamber of Commerce Carl Rose, Director, Association of Alaska School Boards Mike Andrews, Director, Alaska Works Representative from Alaska Tribal Health Consortium Joey Merrick, Laborer’s Union Local 341 Duane Heyman, Commonwealth North’s Health Roundtable William Butler, Assoc. Director, Cooperative Extension Service, UAF Suzanne McCarthy, Coordinator, Prince William Sound Community College Obstacles Complicating Alaska’s Ability to Have a Health Workforce Panel members Suggestions for Addressing Obstacles Panel members and Others in attendance or on-line

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The Future: Prioritizing Promising Solutions/Suggestions for Developing a Forum

A Healthy Workforce Defined:
• Majority of adult members in a community ready and capable to work:
 Able to support their own and their family’s needs;  Provide a surplus contribution to their community’s needs;  Physically, emotionally, and socially ready to learn and work.


Economic product may be service, industrial, technological or subsistence.


Panel: (3 min. each)
• Opening statements • Personal/Institutional Experience • Q – In what way do they see movement toward a healthy workforce?

Wayne Stevens

Director, Alaska Chamber of Commerce


Alaska Chamber of Commerce Mission, Vision & Values:
Mission: To drive positive change for Alaska's business environment and to improve our member organizations by providing leadership, advocacy, connectivity and support. Vision: The Voice of Alaska Business


Chamber of Commerce Values:

• Responsive. Listen and react to our stakeholders
• Focused. Advocate for issues until measurable results are achieved
• Aware. Follow issues • Fair. Represent all Alaska businesses • Communicators. Communicate effectively and continuously

• Connected. Create and strengthen relationships with leaders and decision makers
• Committed. Do what we say we will do • Leader. Considered the leader for Alaska business issues

Carl Rose
Executive Director Alaska Association of School Boards

Mike Andrews
Director, Alaska Works


Alaska Works Partnership (AWP) is a non-profit organization formed in 1997 to increase local hire in construction.


Our trainees build affordable housing, health facilities, schools, pipelines Statewide
Construction work requires a worker be healthy physically and mentally fit Construction is a rewarding but demanding field of work

Employers want people ready for work with an ability to learn on the job


AWP is very effective in lifting persons out of
poverty into high pay jobs
• Job training programs lead to better health – physical & mental • Occupational safety and health training protects workers and the public • Jobs raise income and provide health care benefits for families
• Youth have access to career and technical paths to good jobs

Joey Merrick
Laborers International Union Local 341


Duane Heyman
Commonwealth North’s Health Roundtable


ROUNDTABLE PRIORITIES: $ = P+A+I+R o $avings = o Prevention + o Access + o Information + o Responsibility

  Health care costs are rising at unsustainable double digit rates

  Alaska spends $5.3 billion per year, or $8,000 per person, on health care, compared to $6,000 for the rest of the U.S.
  85,000 Alaskans have no health care coverage— if living together, they would be the second largest city in Alaska.   Many more are under-insured.   Alaska medical and surgical procedures are 18% higher than Outside; dental procedures are 38% higher


William Butler
Associate Director Cooperative Extension Service UAF


•Cooperative Extension Service Mission:
Interpret and extend relevant research-based knowledge in an understandable and usable form; and to encourage the application of this
knowledge to solve the problems and meet the challenges that face the people of Alaska; and, to

bring the concerns of the community back to the university.

Cooperative Extension Service:
Outreach educational delivery system supported by a partnership between the United States Department of
Agriculture and the University of Alaska Fairbanks and

College of Rural and Community Development.


Cooperative Extension Service:


Suzanne McCarthy
Coordinator – Copper Basin Extension Prince William Sound Community College


Obstacles complicating Alaska’s ability to have a fully healthy workforce…

Future Alaska Highway


Discussion: Promising Solutions for a Healthy Alaska Workforce

Recommendations for the Future


Co-Chairs, Sen. Donny Olson and Rep. Sharon Cissna thank you for participating in the Legislative Health Caucus. A copy of this PowerPoint can be found on our website: The audio file of today’s program can be found at: (type in the date of this Caucus). For more information, please call: 1-800-922-3785

Notes from the program:


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