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									                         Vendor Management Software

Vendor management software helps to integrate the various important and complicated
process of vendor management. The software helps to bring down expenses on goods and
services, streamline various processes, measure performances and ensure compliance
with the policies of the organisation.

The VM software brings complete transparency into the whole procure-to-pay process.
This helps the management to have a complete overview on various expenses throughout
the whole organization. The software helps a client manager to open and track purchase
orders and other transactions themselves, thereby enhancing productivity. Another
winning feature of the software is that it routes approvals and removes unnecessary
expenses while implementing the policies of the organisation. It is essentially a self-
service vendor portal which brings down the time needed to deal with vendor related
inquiries. Interestingly the entire process is easy to do.

How does the software eliminate unwarranted spending?

As the system does not involve paper based forms it eliminates possible errors. Instead
managers can create and track the status of purchase requisitions and orders through a
through a web process at any point of time. It creates a detailed trial of the purchase
orders thus ensuring complete accountability. Thus the digital approval process
eliminates unnecessary expenditures.

How does it particularly help to manage vendors smoothly?

Vendors are able have self-service access through the software. So, they are always aware
of the purchase order, accounts etc. This reduces tedious enquiries from the finance
department. In the process it strengthens relationships with all your vendors.

The benefits of vendor management software can be summed up as the following:

•Have complete visibility into the entire process of expenses with reports and role-based
•Do away with unnecessary expenses with excellent purchasing and approval processes
•Get rid of manual processes and hence enhance productivity
•Boosts collaboration with vendors. The self-service portal enables vendors to keep an
eye on inventory levels along with the status of purchase orders and other transactions.
However choosing software for your business can be very challenging. It depends on the
various processes involved in your business. However, VM software can be customized.
So you can always have vendor management software entirely tailored for your business.


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