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									Naruto 507 Confirmed Spoilers

Are you looking for the upcoming Naruto 507.
Then you are at the right place because Naruto
507 Manga will be available online after its
release. Naruto 507 Chapter is expected to
release this Wednesday (August 25, 2010).
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Translation Source: NF
Credit: Yagami1211
Verification: Confirmed
507 - The Fake Existence.
Kisame's sharks are absorbed by the Hydra. Hydra is no chakra.
Guy : Howl ! Youth !
Tiger and Shark are clashing.
Just near.
Yamato : Guy's Hachimon Tonkou's technique ! It's the Noon Tiger !
Naruto : Noon Tiger ? It's just like him naming techniques for discounts sales
or something.
Yamato : The Noon Tiger's range is huge. He must stand firm !

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