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2010-11 EMBA Event Calendar


EMBA, all known as EXECUTIVE MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, it is the first by the University of Chicago School of Management. Reading EMBA students generally recommended by the company, using his spare time focused on class, a wide range of courses, theory and practice balance. Its essence is a kind of degree-the-job training, it rose to the company without an MBA degree in higher-level management makes sense.

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									                              2010-11 EMBA Event Calendar
                    Manderson on the Road…Open Class Day…Information Session…
                         The University of Alabama Executive MBA Program
       The University of Alabama’s Manderson Graduate School of Business cordially invites you to attend an
       event in 2010 or 2011 to learn more about our Executive MBA Programs in Huntsville and Tuscaloosa.

         Date                  Time                              Event                        Location
                      For Exhibition hours visit:   Space & Missile Defense
       17-19                                                                            Von Braun Center, Huntsville,
                                                    Conference Exhibition &
                      11:30 - 1 pm                  Women’s Leadership Luncheon         Jackson Center, Huntsville, AL

                      5:30 - 7 pm                   Manderson on the Road               TBA, Huntsville, AL
       November                                     Redstone Arsenal Education Center   Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville ,
                      10 am – 2 pm
       17                                           Annual Open House                   AL
                                                    Industry/Chamber – Business
                      TBA                           Matchmaking w/ the Huntsville       TBA, Huntsville, AL
                                                    Chamber of Commerce
       January 12,
                      11:30 – 1 pm                  Women’s Leadership Luncheon         Summit Club, Birmingham, AL
                                                                                        UAHuntsville Campus, BA
       January 20     5:30 – 7 pm                   Information Session
                                                                                        Bldg., Huntsville, AL
       January 27     5:30 – 7 pm                   Biz & Buzz                          TBA, Birmingham, AL
                                                                                        UAHuntsville campus,
       February 18    3:30 – 7 pm                   Open Class Day                      Business Administration
                                                                                        Bldg., Huntsville, AL
       March 10       5:30 – 7 pm                   Biz & Buzz                          TBA, Huntsville, AL
                                                                                        UAHuntsville campus, BA
       April 1        3:30 – 7 pm                   Open Class Day
                                                                                        Bldg., Huntsville, AL

       April 7        5:30 – 7 pm                   Manderson on the Road               Birmingham, AL
                                                                                        UA Campus, Alston Hall,
       April 16       10:30am-1:30pm                A-Day PreGame (tentative date)
                                                                                        Tuscaloosa, AL
                                                                                        UA Campus, Bryant
       April 22       3:30 – 7 pm                   Open Class Day                      Conference Center,
                                                                                        Tuscaloosa, AL
       May 13         11:30 – 1 pm                  Lunch & Learn                       TBA, Huntsville, AL
       May 19         11:30 – 1 pm                  Lunch & Learn                       Summit Club, Birmingham, AL
                                                                                        UA Campus, Bryant
       June 4         11 – 3 pm                     Open Class Day                      Conference Center,
                                                                                        Tuscaloosa, AL
       July 14        11:30 – 1 pm                  Lunch & Learn                       Summit Club, Birmingham, AL
                                                                                        UA Campus, Bryant
       August 19      3:30 – 7 pm                   Open Class Day                      Conference Center,
                                                                                        Tuscaloosa, AL
                            Event descriptions on back…

                                Event Description

  Manderson on the Road - Open to EMBA prospects, alumni, students and corporate
  partners in an informal setting allowing for exchange of information and networking.
  Manderson Open House - Held on campus in Tuscaloosa and primarily geared toward
  full-time MBA students, although a breakout session is offered for those interested in
  EMBA Programs.
  Information Sessions - Prospects receive a detailed overview of the EMBA Program
  and allow for Q&A with EMBA administrative staff.
  Lunch & Learn – At a small, informal luncheon, EMBA students and EMBA alumni and
  staff to help potential EMBA students learn more about the programs offered.
  Ladies’ Leadership Luncheon - Round table discussions on topics of interest
  specifically for women in business.
  Biz & Buzz events - Networking event which brings together Manderson alumni,
  corporate partners, current EMBA and MBA students and prospective EMBA students.
  Open Classroom Days - Experience the EMBA Program firsthand by attending a
  current class and meeting with students, administrators and faculty.
  A-Day – Popular UA tradition and an opportunity to socialize with Manderson alumni,
  students and staff – come for lunch and enjoy the A-Day Football game. Families
  Industry/Chamber - Manderson sponsored events in partnership with industry
  associations and chambers to provide information about the EMBA Program.

         Please check for event updates and to RSVP.
To RSVP by phone or to attend a class on a date other than the Open Classroom Days
             listed above, contact Donna Blackburn at 205-348-8748.

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