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            COOKING SCHOOL
                         29 REGENT STREET, MT. WAVERLEY

                                  TELEPHONE 9802 5544
          Winner of the Monash Business Award for Micro Home Based Business 2002-2003

Inside this Issue                             Beverley, a passionate cook and teacher, has
Hands on participation Classes                been operating her cooking school since 1967.
    BBQ cooking (1)                          You will be welcomed with tea or coffee and
                                     Black and White Photo
                                              homemade biscuits or cake on arrival. Classes
    BBQ cooking (2)
Demonstrations                                Of
                                              are small, the atmosphere is warm and friendly
                                              and a copy of all recipes is handed out.
    Asian Anti pasta & Main Course Salads
                                        Cooking School
                                              Demonstrations cover many options for cooking
    Dinner Parties
                                              from easy and simple food to more elaborate
    Main Course “Soup”                       dishes. Hints and techniques are given, generous
    Chocolate Desserts                       tastings, interesting wines, and the opportunity to
    Tea at the Ritz                          wander in „The Edible Garden‟. As the cooking
    Italian Dinners                          school has been operating now for forty years, we
    Fabulous Fish                            shall have some special nostalgic lessons among
    Souffle                                  the new ones and a dinner later this year to
    Autumn and Winter Mains                  celebrate. We would love to see some of our
    Unusual Dessert Cakes                    regular and very special clients again.
    Versatile Vegetables
    New Modern French Menus                  How to find us:
    Pasta                                    There is easy access to the cooking school from
Functions                                     the South Eastern Freeway. Turn off at Forster
Products available through the School         Road exit and continue to Waverley Road.
         Cook Books                          Regent Street is only a couple of streets down on
         Beverley‟s DVDs                     the left. Except in peak hour traffic, it takes
          “Favourites” Vol. 1                 around 15 to 20 minutes from the city or from
          “Barbeques and Salads” Vol. 2       Toorak Road only 10 minutes.
Travel News
Enrolment Form
                    CLASS PROGRAMME

These classes proved to be very popular in our 2007 programme. A substantial luncheon and wines
are included in addition to the recipes; class size is restricted to 12 people under the personal
instruction of Beverley, representing great fun and value. If you have a gift voucher, please mention
this when making your booking and bring the form with you on the day.

Prepare a range of marinated meat, fish, poultry with different techniques as diverse as skewered
orange lamb, individual foil packages of lemon grass and ginger prawn, basil chicken and more. Lots
of fun working together, informative and suitable for any age group. After the hands on preparation,
the food is cooked on the barbecue with accompaniments of salads and wines to match. Dessert is
then served. Even if the weather is not kind we have under cover facilities for cooking on the

Morning classes commence 11 am and usually finish about 2.30 to 3 pm.
Evening classes commence at 6.30 pm and finish about 9. 45 pm.

Due to the popularity of the BBQ class, Beverley has created a second BBQ lesson. This is suitable
for people who have attended and loved our first class, as well as those who wish to expand their
repertoire with BBQ style cooking. This class will include a range of salad accompaniments to BBQ‟s,
including how to make the best French potato salad, a way to make ordinary tomatoes really
flavoursome and of course meat, fish and vegetable BBQ dishes. As each class is complete in itself
you do not need to have done Barbecue (1) to come to (2)

Dates for Barbecue (1)             Friday evening 6.30pm       Feb 22
                                   Sunday 11 am                March 2
                                   Saturday 11 am              April 12
                                   Sunday 11 am                May 4

Dates for Barbecue (2)            Friday evening 6.30 pm       March 14
                                  Saturday 11 am               April 26
                                  Saturday 11 am               May 10

Tuition Fee: $85

Gift Certificates
Don‟t know what to give that special person? Why not give them a Gift Certificate to one of our classes.
When booking please advise us you are using a gift certificate and this is sufficient to hold your booking for a
class. Please bring the certificate with you to the lesson for redemption. A Single Class gift certificate can be
used for any single lesson, or if you prefer, you can attend one of the two week class lessons. If you wished to
attend both, an additional $75 is payable. Please send your payment - cheques made payable to Beverley
Sutherland Smith, or nominate that a gift certificate is being used, to confirm your booking. You will be notified
immediately if this date or booking is not available.

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You have been sent this information on the school as originally you requested it. If however you no longer wish
to receive our information please just ring, fax or send an email so we can remove you from our listing.
ASIAN ANTI PASTA AND MAIN COURSE SALADS                                 (2 Weeks) (New Lessons)
Exotic names and exotic flavours of Asia in starters, Mongolian peanuts, strange flavour eggplant,
Peking cucumber skins these are just a few of the little platters of starters that you can serve in the
same manner you would anti pasta. Included are some modern Asian main courses, glazed
Poussin on Vietnamese cabbage salad, sesame roast chicken salad and more. All very light and
sparkling fresh tasting food.
Tuesday Feb 26 and March 4                                              10.15 am or 7 pm
Tuition Fee for 2 lessons: $145

DINNER PARTIES (2 Weeks) (New lessons)
Lovely dishes for autumn and early winter. Soused white fish with a wasabi sauce, racks of lamb
with coconut harissa topping on a bed of roasted pumpkin and spinach in a sauce, eggplant rolls
and salsa verde and a scrumptious chocolate dessert, these are just some of the dishes in the
Tuesday March 11 & 18                                               10.15 am or 7 pm
Tuition Fee: $145

MAIN COURSE “SOUP”                 (Single Lesson) (New Lesson)
This is a modern trend, a large bowl with some rich or fragrant base, topped with fish or meat.
Especially good for a Sunday lunch. Among the dishes will be a fish in an Asian coconut broth and
ocean trout strips on an Italian panzanella with a spicy basil mayonnaise and chicken with pea and
leek base.
Tuesday April 8                                                      10.15 am or 7 pm
Tuition fee: $75

CHOCOLATE DESSERTS                     (Single Lesson) (New Lesson)
If you love chocolate you will really adore this selection. You will learn to prepare a French chocolate
fondant, a white and dark chocolate mousse cake and a warm chocolate cake with mascarpone
Tuesday April 15                                                         10.15 am or 7 pm
Tuition fee: $75

TEA AT THE RITZ             (Single Lesson- Repeat Lesson)
This was really popular last year as a lovely afternoon out and will be repeated. Entertain friends for
a change to “High tea” Little club sandwiches, rolled ribbon sandwiches, mini lemon tarts and rich
moist cakes such as a chocolate meringue roll and a toasted coconut cake. A selection will be
shown and then you will try them all as if you were having afternoon tea at the Ritz. If you don‟t want
to entertain in this manner, all these ideas are wonderful to keep on hand for guests. Many can be
Sunday April 27                                                        1.45 pm arrival
Tuition fee: $80

ITALIAN DINNERS (Two Lessons)               (New Lessons)
There are many regions and all kinds of lively tastes in Italian food and some will be combined in
creating dinners rather than concentrating on one area. Fish spiedini, a stuffed beef roll, pasta with
sauce of a thousand tastes and a velvety lemon ricotta tart are included.
Tuesday April 22 & 29                                                  10.15 am or 7 pm
Tuition fee: $145

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You have been sent this information on the school as originally you requested it. If however you no longer wish
to receive our information please just ring, fax or send an email so we can remove you from our listing.
FABULOUS FISH               (Single Lesson) (Repeat Lesson)
Always popular, this repeat lesson is for busy people who want new ideas for fish cooking whether
for a family meal or for a special dinner. Mainly using all boned fish fillets there will be 5 different
fish preparations shown in the lesson.
Tuesday May 6                                                          10.15 am or 7 pm
Tuition fee: $75

SOUFFLE (Single lesson)             (New Lesson)
Soufflé dishes are so easy now with the creation of the twice baked cheese soufflé. We shall do this
along with a chocolate version that can be done in advance as well and two other more traditional but
easy soufflé dishes, one savoury and one sweet.
Tuesday May 13                                                       10.15 am or 7 pm
Tuition fee: $75

AUTUMN AND WINTER MAINS                      ( Two Lessons) (New Lessons)
Sometimes it is not easy to find interesting main courses so this lesson concentrates on mains, each
with their accompaniment. For example there will be lamb in a salt crust, venison under a corn
topping, baby chickens with quince and buttermilk bread and an ale cured beef. Suitable for any
Tuesday May 20 & 27                                                   10.15 am or 7 pm
Tuition: $145

UNUSUAL DESSERT CAKES                      (Single lesson) (New Lesson)
Cakes make an easy finish to a casual meal as you can always bake them in advance but if you are
serving them as a dessert it is good to make something different than the usual orange and almond
or flourless chocolate cake seen on so many menus. A grated potato and chocolate cake with a
chocolate truffle topping, a crunchy polenta and blueberry cake and a fruity moist pumpkin and pecan
will be featured.
Tuesday August 5                                                    10.15 am or 7 pm
Tuition : $75

VERSATILE VEGETABLES                     (Two lessons) (New Lessons)
Vegetable dishes to serve on their own or as an accompaniment with all the lively and fresh tastes
you hope to achieve with this style of food. Pumpkin and couscous cakes, goat‟s cheese moulds
with herb sauce, layered vegetable pie, potato and roasted garlic herb puff, etc.
Tuesday Aug 12 & 19                                                  10.15 am or 7 pm
Tuition: $145

NEW MODERN FRENCH MENUS                          (Two lessons) (New Lessons)
Once we thought it was too rich but modern French cooking is light and exciting and a mix of
colourful and flavoursome dishes of different areas will be combined into two menus. The French
onion soup of Gironde, ocean trout mousseline, chicken jambouneaux and a layered colourful
vegetable terrine will be included in the selection.
Tuesday August 26 & September 2                                       10.15 am or 7 pm
Tuition: $145

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PASTA          Repeat single lesson
Last year this was popular and voted lots of fun as well as being enormously helpful. Our pasta
expert Beverley Olbrich will demonstrate first and not only do you see the fresh pasta made but have
a chance to work your own portion of dough under her instruction and then take some home. As
well as the pasta three easy but delicious sauces will be demonstrated and of course you will have a
generous portion to taste on each table as the sauces and pasta are made.
Dates for pasta lessons

Thursday April 3                                                 10.15 am & 7 pm
Saturday April 19                                                11 am
Tuition Fee $80

A further letter will be posted with classes for the latter part of the year and of course we keep our
web site up to date with new listings as we organise classes. As always we shall have our finger
food lesson and festive lesson in November.

Terms & Conditions For Booking Classes:

We can take telephone bookings or fill out the enclosed form and either post or fax. Payment is
required in advance before each class and is non refundable. Should you be unable to attend, you
may transfer to another class provided 10 days notice is given.

If cancellation is within the 10 days, you can ask for a refund. Or if something should happen and
you cannot attend you can always send a substitute person on the day. If you are unable to do this,
we will provide you with a copy of the recipes from the lesson.

We shall also have our PRODUCE WEEK again this year. The dates for this will be
Friday December 12, Saturday December 13, Sunday December 14 and Monday December 15


     An Intimate Alternative to Restaurants. For bookings and pricing telephone: 9802 5544.

The Cooking school, which becomes a garden room for functions and the beautiful Conservatory are
proving popular for birthdays, parties, special anniversaries, corporate functions, charity fundraisers,
AGM‟s and small wedding parties. You and your guests will have the room completely to yourself
when you book.

Start your function with champagne cocktail by the pool, or in the conservatory. It is a unique setting
and gives an opportunity for speeches in private without obtrusive background noise as so often
happens in restaurants. And of course, delicious catering by Beverley with a menu of your choice.

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You have been sent this information on the school as originally you requested it. If however you no longer wish
to receive our information please just ring, fax or send an email so we can remove you from our listing.
Books are always available through classes but if you would like to order through the mail any of the
following books can be sent. Books will be personally autographed for you.

Our latest book on all manner of bite sized delicious morsels you can easily make and serve at
home. Cost: $20

Some of the favourite dishes served at our lunches and dinners. Easy casual food with lovely fresh
flavours. Cost: $20

A collection of delicious little savoury and sweet items to have with coffee, tea or for any occasion
when you just want a “Mini Munchie”. Cost: $20

We have printed a limited edition of class recipes. The purpose of this was to give people who may
not be able to come to every class an opportunity to have a collection of our recipes. The book has
100 pages, no illustrations but all the recipes are much loved and well tested. It covers subjects from
finger food, savoury first courses, main dishes, vegetables and lots of lovely desserts, cakes and
easy breads. Cost $20

Printed again for classes this is a limited edition and we have just a few copies of the favourite
Christmas recipes from both classes (and magazine articles). It is also a marvellous book for
entertaining as it contains for example a section on Vegetables which can all be prepared in
advance, puddings, some first courses and lots of stuffing‟s, sauces for meats and poultry. Cost $20

A collection of some of Beverley‟s favourite recipes from classes and articles, soups, simple and
exotic starters and finger food, main courses, vegetables and scrumptious cakes, biscuits and
desserts with lots of goodies for the pantry cupboard, such as unusual jams, pickles, etc. Cost $20

You will now have the opportunity to participate in your own master class in your own home and
successfully create the dishes for yourselves. This 90 minute Favourites DVD features Beverley
demonstrating a tantalising array of recipes from the best roast chicken and vegetables to Italian
soups, exquisite chocolate desserts and a grand dinner party. Volume 2, the Barbecue and Salads
DVD has a range of interesting ways to package, marinate and prepare food for the barbecue and
just as important, features a range of accompaniments from the best ever potato salad to lovely fresh
fruity desserts for outdoor eating.

No need to buy a costly cookbook or sit in front of the screen, copying out ingredients as a recipe CD
is included so all the dishes demonstrated can be printed out on your computer.

Cost: $25 inc. postage & handling

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You have been sent this information on the school as originally you requested it. If however you no longer wish
to receive our information please just ring, fax or send an email so we can remove you from our listing.
As well as the books we stock a small amount of kitchen and pantry items for sale. We know
these work well because we use them daily and test them to make sure they fulfil the requirements of keen
cooks. They must be not only useful but also reliable and make ideal gifts for hard-to-buy friends, clients or
colleagues who love to cook.

Baking sheets of hi-tech silicone (Per sheet, $18 plus $10 packing & postage)
Nothing sticks to this baking sheet which can be used over and over and in the long run is far more economical
than buying baking paper. Just dip into the sink in warm water and wipe dry. Put it on your baking tin when
cooking sticky pumpkin, a chicken or any kind of meat, biscuits or meringues. Its uses are endless.

Barbecue sheets (Per Sheet $25 plus $10 packing & postage)
As above but thicker and stronger so it can be put over the barbecue to prevent marinated meats from sticking.
Not suitable for an open flame you just cut it to size and when you have cooked, dip it into a bucket of soapy
water and brush all the mess away. Also wonderful to carry in the car for picnics when you may have to use a
public barbecue which is usually not left clean.

Fold and Flip cutting boards (Two sheets $18 plus $10 packing & postage)
Made in the blue and yellow colours of the school, these flexible-chopping boards can be lifted easily so you
can flip your chopped food into a saucepan without any fuss. There are two in each package so one can be
kept for meats or food which has strong smells such as garlic; the other can be kept for cutting fruits, cakes or

Pink Salt ($5 per 100g packet plus $6 packing & postage)
We have a stock of salt from the underground saline waters of the Murray Darling Basin. Flaky and pale pink
in colour this is pure and free from any contamination or chemicals. Not only does it have a wonderful fresh
salty taste so you don‟t need to use very much; this salt contains natural minerals of potassium and
magnesium which are beneficial elements and assist in the absorption of calcium. This also makes a great
inexpensive present.

Knives ($7.50 per knife, plus $6 packing and postage).
Small red serrated Swiss knives. The best tiny sharp knife we know.

                                          TRAVEL NEWS
     Northern Treasures – Escorted European Holiday with Beverley
The trip departs Melbourne on June 3, 2008. It will be an escorted tour with 3 days in London where there will
be time for sightseeing, shopping, theatre and of course, a garden tour.

Our cruise includes the fjord capital of Oslo, the fairytale capital Copenhagen, Helsinki sparkling in the colours
of summer, and the charming old town of Stockholm and three days in St Petersburg where you may choose
to enjoy the beautiful architecture and historic canals, to visit the Summer and Winter Palaces, to attend a
performance at the famous Marlinsky Theatre and much more – perhaps join a Master Class at the Imperial
Porcelain factory.

After the Baltic, you may choose to return to Melbourne via London or extend your holiday with the optional 8-
day great train journey of northern Spain. We have chosen Crystal Symphony because it is spacious and
elegant. It offers thrilling entertainment, delectable dining choices and luxurious accommodation. Your
stateroom will be filled with amenities such as Aveda bath products, Frette bathrobes and 100% cotton sheets.

As well as the beautiful Crystal, you also have an option to go on the Great Train Journey.
Our leisurely 8-day rail tour on “El Transcantabrico” traverses around 1000 kms of beautiful Cantabrian coast
and countryside of northern Spain between Leon and Santiago de Compostela. Enroute we will visit the cities,
tour the museums and cathedrals, and enjoy the wonderful local cuisine.

For further tour details, please contact: CRAIGS TRAVEL SERVICE on (03) 9822 0322,
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                                     CLASS ENROLMENT FORM
NAME:            .......................................................................................................................

ADDRESS:              (Postal or email may be nominated):



TELEPHONE NUMBER: ...................................................................................................
Please enrol me for the following classes:

      Name of Class                          Date                   Time of            Time of             Number               Tuition
                                                                     class              class                of                 Fee per
                                                                      AM                 PM                people               person

Further information is on our website
or email to:

Phone bookings can be made 9802 5544.                                                  Fax enrolment form to 9802 7683 or post to:
                                                                                       Beverley Sutherland Smith,
                                                                                       P.O. Box 2134, MOUNT WAVERLEY, VIC 3149

BOOKS & DVD ORDERS:                             I would like to order:

            Name of book                            Number of copies                              Name to appear on book
                                               @ $20/book plus $6 postage                          for Beverley’s signing
                                                 for 1 or $10 for 2 books
    Finger Food
    Brunch, Lunch, Casual
    Class Recipe Book
    Mini Munchies
    Favourites Vol 1                          $25 each (includes Postage                        No. required:……..
    BBQ & Salads Vol 2                        & GST)

     □ Bank Card; □Visa; □Master Card;                                                 Expiry Date ____/____

     □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ □□□□
     Signature: _________________________________________

     Name: ______________________________________________

     Delivery address:                _________________________________________
                                      _______________________________                                                                      Post Code_______

     Contact Number:                  ___________________                                               Total Amount                       $______________

         Mail with payment (cheque or credit card to Beverley Sutherland Smith, Box 2134, Mt Waverley, 3149)
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