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					                     About Kota Kinabalu and Sabah

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu, formerly known as Jesselton, is the city capital of Sabah as well as
the capital of the West Coast Division of Sabah. Strategically situated in the
Northwest Coast of Borneo Island, facing the South China Sea and Tunku Abdul
Rahman Park on one side, and set against the backdrop of Mount Kinabalu; this
beautiful ‘Nature Resort City’ stretches for miles along the coast and towards the

Affectionately known as KK or Api Api by the locals, Kota Kinabalu is a popular
tourism getaway and a major gateway into Sabah and Borneo Island. Apart from
featuring a number of tourism attractions in and around the city, Kota Kinabalu is also
one of the most thriving industrial and commercial centers in East Malaysia.

Sabah, the Malaysian Borneo

Situated on the beautiful island of Borneo, Sabah is one of the thirteen states which
Malaysia is made of. Sabah is the second largest state in Malaysia and shares the
island of Borneo with Sarawak, Brunei, and Indonesian Kalimantan.

Not only will you be amazed by the places to see and things to do here, you will also
be treated with unique Sabahan hospitality. Explore the unique culture and tradition
of Sabah and get ready to experience sweet memories to last a lifetime!


Equatorial/Tropical—the climate is generally hot and sunny all year round; visitors
need to wear comfortable clothing to avoid heatstroke. We also have scattered
unpredictable rains, therefore, it’s advisable to always bring an umbrella in case it

Average Temperature

Lowlands (Kota Kinabalu, Kudat, Sandakan, Tawau) – 32 degrees Centigrade
Highlands (Ranau, Kundasang, Tambunan) – 21 degrees Centigrade
Bear in mind though, that Mount Kinabalu has its own climate. Temperatures can
drop to freezing level above 3500 meters.


Malaysian Ringgit (RM)
Travelers’ cheques and foreign currencies can be changed for Malaysian Ringgit at
banks and hotels. However, there are also money changer kiosks available at major
shopping complexes and airport. Most major hotels charge a nominal fee for
currency conversion.

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Major Credit and Charge Cards

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club - credit and charge cards are
accepted in almost all departmental stores, supermarkets, petrol stations and

Local Time

Standard Malaysian Time is 8 hours ahead of GMT (GMT+8)

Banking Hours

Monday through Friday from 9.30am to 3pm

Usual Office Hours

Monday to Friday from 8am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm; Saturday from 8am – 1pm


Shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants and mini markets are generally open
daily from 10am to 10pm
As for tipping; food and beverages in exclusive restaurants, cafes and clubs, as well
as accommodations normally include 5 per cent service charges.
Tipping is not obligatory in most places.

Electricity & Water Facilities

Electricity is on the 240 Volts AC/ 50-Cycle system; treated pipe water is available in
most urban and sub-urban areas.


Mobile telecommunications cover many parts of Sabah with the exception of some
remote areas. Public phones are scarcely available in most places.


Government hospitals, clinics and dispensaries are available in all towns. The list of
private medical practitioners and pharmacies are available in the local phone
directory. However, those with specific medical needs are advised to have a good
supply of medications.

Information Source: Sabah Tourism Board

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                               Visa Requirement

No Malaysia Visa Requirements

   •   There is no Malaysia visa requirements for citizens of The Commonwealth
       countries (except Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria), and
       British protected persons or citizens of the Republic of Ireland and citizens of
       Switzerland, the Netherlands, San Marino and Liechtenstein
   •   No Malaysia visa requirements for U.S.A. citizens visiting for social, business
       or academic purposes (except for local employment).

No Malaysia Visa Requirements dependent on Length of stay

   •   No Malaysia visa requirements for a stay not exceeding three months for
       citizens of Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil,
       Bosnia Herzegovina, Chile, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt,
       Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Jordan,
       Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Norway, Oman, Peru, Poland,
       Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia,
       Tunisia, Turkey, U.A.E., Uruguay, and Yemen.
   •   Malaysia visa not required for a stay of not more than one month for citizens
       of all ASEAN countries, Hong Kong, Macau, British National Overseas and
       North Korea.
            o For a stay exceeding one month, a Malaysia visa will be required, for
               citizens of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia
               and the Philippines.
   •   No Malaysia visa requirements for a stay not exceeding 14 days for citizens
       of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Macau (travel permit) and Portugal
       Alien Passport.

Need Malaysia Visa for Entry

   •   The citizens of Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan,
       Sri Lanka, Angola, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central
       African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Congo Republic, Cote D’Ivoire, Djibouti,
       Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia,
       Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, Western
       Sahara, Taiwan, Laisser Passer holders, Certificate of Identity Holders and
       Titre De Voyage must obtain a Malaysia visa before entry to Malaysia.

Special Approval Required

   •   Citizens of Israel and Yugoslavia are required to apply for Special Approval
       from the Ministry of Home Affairs before entering Malaysia.

Malaysia Visa Requirements for other nations

   •   Citizens or nationals other than stated above do not require a visa for
       social/business visit for stay not exceeding one month.

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Documents require for making Malaysia Visa

   •   International Passport valid for at least 6 months.
   •   Two passport-size photos.
   •   Fee
   •   Two completed and signed application forms
   •   Proof of sufficient funds (including original and photocopy of most recent bank
   •   Onward or return ticket or travel itinerary from travel agent.
   •   Compulsory yellow fever vaccination certificate for all visitors coming from
       infected areas as listed by World Health Organization.
   •   Letter of introduction (and copy) from employer, college or university.

Malaysia Visa validity period

   •   The permitted length of stay is entered on the visa at the time of issue and is
       at the discretion of the issuer. Normally 1 to 3 months from date of issue.
       Extensions are possible. Enquire at the Malaysian High Commission for
       further details.

Malaysia Visa Requirements Special Notes

   •   You may still require a pass upon arrival, even if you are permitted to enter
       Malaysia visa free.
   •   Women who are at least six months pregnant (unless in transit) may be
       denied entry.
   •   All visitors must have proof of adequate funds and an onward or return sea or
       air ticket.
   •   Malaysia has special requirements for persons intending to visit for extended
       periods (usually more than 90 days) or those who plan to reside, work, study
       or engage in non-tourist activities.
   •   Do not enter Malaysia with a tourist Malaysia visa for non-tourist purposes.
       Violations may result in serious penalties.

Last updated: 30 June 2010

For detailed information, please visit the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of

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