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                                             Expiration date: August 2011

  This program has been reviewed and is approved for a maximum of 1.0 hour of AAPA Category I CME credit by the Physician Assistant
  Review Panel. Approval is valid for one year from the issue date of August 2010. Participants may submit the self-assessment at any time
  during that period.
  This program was planned in accordance with AAPA’s CME Standards for Enduring Material Programs and for Commercial Support
  of Enduring Material Programs.
  Posttests must be completed and submitted online. PAs may register at no charge at To obtain 1.0 hour of AAPA
  Category I CME credit, you must receive a score of 70% or better on each test taken.

CREDITS: 0.5                                   CREDITS: 0.25                                    CREDITS: 0.25
Feature                                        Dermatology Clinic                               Dermatologic Look-Alikes
PAGE 21                                        PAGE 39                                          PAGE 53

Imaging options for patients                   Case #1: Aquagenic syringeal                     Case #1: Pyoderma gangrenosum
with acute abdominal pain                      acrokeratoderma
                                                                                                1. What is the hallmark symptom
1. Plain radiography is the initial study      1. What is considered to be a                       of pyoderma gangrenosum (PG)?
   of choice for                                  pathognomonic sign of aquagenic                  a. Well-demarcated border
   a. Appendicitis                                syringeal acrokeratoderma?                       b. Pain at the lesion site
   b. Bowel obstruction                           a. Darier’s sign                                 c. Leaves atrophic scar
   c. Nephrolithiasis                             b. Hand-in-bucket sign                           d. Contains central plug
   d. Diverticulitis                              c. Russell’s sign
                                                                                                2. Which systemic disease is commonly
                                                  d. Stocking-glove sign
2. Rapid ultrasound at the bedside is                                                              associated with PG?
   the imaging test of choice for              2. Aquagenic syringeal acrokeratoderma              a. Sarcoidosis
   a. Pancreatitis                                is distinguished from hereditary                 b. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
   b. Pulmonary embolism                          papulotranslucent acrokeratoderma                c. Lupus erythematosus
   c. Cholecystitis      
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