; HPV cotest affects screening
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HPV cotest affects screening


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MMR+V         HPV cotest affects screening
cuts febrile-                           WHEN USING Pap and human
                                        papillomavirus (HPV) tests
                                                                                                     Among 950 providers who gave
                                                                                                   Pap tests and recommended the
seizure risk                            together to screen women for cer-
                                        vical cancer, clinicians are more
                                                                                                   HPV test for screening or manage-
                                                                                                   ment, 31.8% said they would con-
ADMINISTERING the combi-                likely to test the patient more fre-                       duct the next Pap test in three years
nation vaccine for measles, mumps,      quently than national guidelines                           for a 35-year-old woman with
rubella (MMR) and chickenpox            recommend.                                                 three normal results. However,
(varicella, or V) rather than giving      Investigators conducted a nation-                        only 19% would conduct the next
the varicella shot separately on the    wide survey of 1,212 primary-care                          Pap test in three years if a 35-year-
same day may double the risk of         physicians to explore whether the                          old woman had a normal test result
febrile seizure in children.            addition of HPV testing to routine                         and a negative HPV test finding.
  In a study to be published in         screening for cervical cancer would     A negative         Most of the remaining respondents
Pediatrics, researchers analyzed        prompt the practitioners to extend      HPV test           said they would conduct the Pap
health records from children aged       screening intervals among women         should             test more frequently.
12 to 23 months getting their first      who are considered to have a low        extend the           “Recommended extension of
dose of measles-containing vac-         risk of developing precancer or         cervical           the screening interval to three
cine. A twofold increased risk of       cancer over the next three years        cancer             years is actually lower when HPV
fever and febrile seizures seven        (Arch Intern Med. 2010;170:977-         screening          cotesting is considered,” wrote
to 10 days after vaccination was        986). The U.S. Preventive               interval.          the authors. “In addition, many
noted compared with same-day            Services Task Force (USPSTF)                               physicians reported overscreening
administration of separate shots for   
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