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Sun-sensitive drugs may lead to cataracts
THE ACTIVE ingredients in a                                                                                  the authors wrote. It was also
broad range of medications may                                                                               noted that the specific mechanism
make a person more vulnerable                                                                                for the interaction is unclear, and
to age-related cataracts, suggest                                                                            more research in other popula-
data from a long-term study                                                                                  tions is needed.
(Arch Ophthalmol. 2010 Jun 14,                                                                                 In a related investigation, data
published online ahead of print,                                                                             from the Beaver Dam Offspring
available at archopht.ama-assn                                                                               Study indicated that early age-
.org/cgi/content/full/2010.138,                                                                              related macular degeneration
accessed July 14, 2010).                                                                                     (AMD) is uncommon before age
  Previous research has shown a                                                                              55 years, but the risk increases
connection between sunlight and                                                                              with age thereafter. The early
ultraviolet B (UVB) exposures                                                                                AMD is related to such modi-
and cortical cataract, a common         Development                 medication use, UVB exposure,            fiable risk factors as smoking
lens opacity in adults. The active      of cortical                 and the development of cortical          and low levels of HDL. (Arch
ingredients in several medica-          
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