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Looking ahead, Alloy Marketing's [Joe Moore] underscored the importance of smart tactics that employ a combination of print and digital. "The real paradigm shift is more online," he says. "The best of both worlds is print or interactive - or 'printeractive,' as we call it."

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       Recruitment                                                                        CASE STUDIES

       for the best                                                                       Acquisition And retention:
                                                                                          nortHeAst MississiPPi
                                                                                          coMMunitY coLLeGe
                                                                                          Northeast Mississippi Community College

        Colleges turn to myriad marketing                                                 wanted to boost enrollment and retain
                                                                                          current students. In spring 2009, it hired
        tactics at a time of soaring enrollment                                           the Mabus Agency, a Tupelo, MS-based
                                                                                          marketing agency, marking the first time
                                                                                          the college had enlisted agency support. It
         By Shahnaz Mahmud                                      Top trends                launched a direct mail campaign for what
         : The marketing departments at the nation’s uni-                                 was then the upcoming fall semester,
         versities are in the business of attracting diverse,   Competition is fierce     mainly targeting 16- to 18-year-olds.
         top talent to their schools. In the last year, they    as enrollments rose         In its research, the Mabus Agency found
         were presented with a unique challenge. College        amid the country’s high                       that while many schools

         enrollment rates jumped during the recession           unemployment rate                             had abandoned direct
         to a record high in the 2009 season as unem-                                                         mail, opting instead to
         ployed workers turned to education. At the same        College marketing                             use Twitter, Facebook
         time, both private and public universities felt the    has followed the                              and other social media
         squeeze of a weakened economy among their              trend toward online,      in an effort to target teens, this medium actually
         donors and students alike. All of these factors        but know your audi-       stood out from the others. “We found that this is the    actual mailboxes at the same time. It also sent
         put greater pressure on the schools’ marketing         ence. Some students       first piece of mail a lot of these students received,”   out reminder cards in the middle of the campaign,
         teams to perform.                                      will enjoy a brochure     says Josh Mabus, agency founder. “It marked a            particularly to non-responders.
           Joe Moore, CEO and president of Alloy Edu-           or other mailer           right of passage of going into adulthood. Twitter is       Another component of the campaign used digital
         cation, a division of Alloy Media and Marketing                                  something they use every day, and they use Face-         printing to create a mailing that contained data
         said, “Some of the smaller colleges that are more      Personalize the           book every day, [but] they don’t get mail every day.”    prospective students supplied, such as major of
         tuition driven used some of their endowment to         marketing with              The Mabus Agency compiled student names from           interest or activities.
         fund operations, leaving them with less capital.”      PURLs, imagery and        ACT/SAT testing data and high school senior lists. It      The campaign paid off, helping to produce a 12%
                                                                on-campus events          mailed these prospects brochures and school infor-       enrollment increase in fall 2009, and a 17% bump
                                                                                          mation tailored to the individuals. The personaliza-     again in the mid-year 2010 semester.
                                                                                          tion carried over to an e-mail marketing campaign          “We are very excited about the direct marketing
             The best of both worlds                                                      where students were asked to go to a personalized        approach Josh and his team created for us. This

             is print or interactive —                                                    Web address, or PURL. In addition, it used Intel-
                                                                                          ligent Mail Barcodes to coordinate the delivery of
                                                                                                                                                   caused a significant increase in campus visits
                                                                                                                                                   threefold,” adds Lynn Gibson, associate dean of stu-
             or ‘printeractive,’ as we                                                    an e-mail with the delivery of brochures to students’    dents and director of admissions and registration. l
             call i
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