Video expands SEM reach for marketers

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					                                                                                                                                               | August 9, 2010 | DMNEWS | 13


      Video expands SEM
      reach for marketers
        From how-to videos to viral, marketers find video can have a big impact on SEO strategies,
        at a time when YouTube has established itself as the No. 2 search engine
        By Ryan Chatelain
        : Standing behind a table covered in shirts and hats,                                                                                             400
        the president of the Queensboro Shirt Company,                                                                                                   Views
        with a hands-free phone headset affixed to his ear,
        describes himself as Fred “Billy Mays” Meyers before
        making a pitch about his products.
            The amateur video has been viewed more than
        9,000 times on YouTube, presumably by both people
        who already were familiar with the Wilmington, NC-
        based retailer, as well as some who weren’t. It’s just
        one marketing approach Queensboro has taken.
            While the results of video use in search engine
        marketing are difficult to gauge, marketers largely                                                                                                                    28,000
        agree that companies that are not posting videos are                                                                                                                   Views
        missing out on a golden opportunity to boost their
        visibility on the Web.                                                                    11,455,120
            When Google introduced its Universal Search in                                           Views
        2007, it allowed results beyond Web pages — video,
        news, images — to land on its first page, the Holy           They can put names with faces. We send out a lot            Creating videos   straight-up brand-building effort,” Reynolds says.
        Grail for search marketers.                                 of e-mails that are from me. I feel like if that helps      for business      “For us, to get them a bunch of additional views on
            “With all of those combined results, you can have       them see who Fred is, that gives them a little more         can help land     YouTube, if we don’t have a strategy for how that’s
                                                                                                                                you on the first
        a big impact with having video in the results page,”        of an inclination to read their e-mails, [and] go to        page of search    actually going to increase their ranking, that’s not
        says Brian Goffman, CEO and cofounder of Seattle-           the website.”                                                                 really a conversation I want to get into.”
        based Optify, which provides software for businesses           While Meyers says videos have had little impact on                            But there is still much that companies can gain
        to generate leads through search and social media.          traffic to Queensboro’s website, he does believe the                           through video, says Goffman.
        “And if you think of it as a zero-sum game, you want        productions give the company a greater online presence                           “If you’re a business-to-consumer company or a
        to be on a page around a particular result that your        and a better chance to be found in searches. A search for                     business-to-business company that has a broader reach,
        competitor is not.”                                         “custom embroidered shirt” on YouTube, for example,                           video can be very effective,” he says. “And I think you
            Because of less competition, a video is about 50        produces a Queensboro video on Page 1.                                        also have to measure it more on engagement and not
        times more likely to appear on the first page of results        SEO experts agree that Google’s search formula                             necessarily on conversion.”
        than a text page using the same keyword, according          for videos is enigmatic.                                                         Procter & Gamble’s recent Old Spice advertising
        to Forrester Research analyst Nate Elliott.                    Wil Reynolds, CEO of Philadelphia-based Seer                               campaign, Hayzlett says, is an example of a video
Description: "They are not coming to us for some sort of straight-up brand-building effort," [Wil Reynolds] says. "For us, to get them a bunch of additional views on YouTube, if we don't have a strategy for how that's actually going to increase their ranking, that's not really a conversation I want to get into."
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