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U.S./Russia nuclear                           lowing: information exchange, dialogue,
                                              joint situation analysis, open and frank
                                                                                          sides had several thousands of nuclear
                                                                                          warheads, that principle was justified.
cooperation                                   discussion of differences in threat per-    But today, there is a new task: to go to
                                              ceptions, and a desire to understand        even lower levels.
Linton F. Brooks’s “A Vision for U.S.-        one another.                                    In this case, it would be reasonable
Russian Cooperation on Nuclear Secu-              In addition to these fundamental        to adhere to principles of equal secu-
rity” (Issues, Fall 2009) is devoted to one   considerations, one must add missile        rity, including nuclear and non-nuclear
of the most important issues between          defense, because its specific bound-        elements and the positioning of for-
Russia and the United States, the res-        aries have yet to be defined. Where is      ward-base capabilities along the bor-
olution of which is essential to our          missile defense necessary to address        ders of nonfriendly countries.
joint future and the future of the world      the defense of Europe and the United            With respect to the nuclear threat
in general.                                   States from the potential launch of bal-    from Iran and North Korea, it would
    The article correctly underscores         listic missiles by certain countries, and   be wise to hold direct talks with them,
the replacement of Cold War prolifer-         where might it be the catalyst for a        starting with a guarantee by the United
ation threats with an increased threat        new arms race?                              States that no steps would be taken
from radiological terrorism, because              The article provides a positive eval-   toward regime change if they do not act
knowledge about nuclear technologies          uation of the developing Russian-U.S.       as aggressors. Such talks should aim
allows their quick development by a           Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty dis-        to attract these countries to partici-
significant number of countries at min-       cussions, which speaks to the fact that     pate in the international division of
imal expense. But this widening circle        both sides will support having nuclear      labor surrounding the development of
of countries developing peaceful nuclear      forces of nearly equal size. When both      peaceful nuclear technology in exchange
activities is also able to create the sci-                                                for strict adherence to the Non-Prolif-
entific and technical precursors to                                                       eration Treaty (NPT) and the Addi-
accessing nuclear weapons.                                                                tional Protocol. The NPT played, and
    The article also notes that the collec-                                               continues to play, a positive role, but it
tive experience with cooperation between                                                  has deficiencies.
Russia and the United States over more                                                        The steps proposed to strengthen
than a half century allows one to speak                                                   the nonproliferation regime should be
of the possibility of creating a long-                                                    supported, and we should jointly con-
term partnership to strengthen global                      
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