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How to Convert PowerPoint to BlackBerry?


Follow this step-by-step guide on how to convert PowerPoint to BlackBerry, and you can finish your PowerPoint to BlackBerry conversion in a few minutes

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         How to Convert PowerPoint to BlackBerry?
You may set a daily memo or lecture summary in PowerPoint. You
may have got a BlackBerry phone. Why not store the PowerPoint
content on your BlackBerry?

This is actually what Wondershare PPT2DVD can do for you. It
would be an easy thing for you to convert PowerPoint to
BlackBerry in a few minutes by using Wondershare PPT2DVD.
Then you can carry it anywhere you go!

Except for the ordinary usage of PPT, do you know how to join PowerPoint and
BlackBerry together and turn your PowerPoint into a BlackBerry accessory?

The following steps will give you an illustrative description on how to convert
PowerPoint to BlackBerry phones.

Guide on How to Convert PowerPoint to BlackBerry

Step 1: To transfer PowerPoint to BlackBerry, you should first start the software once it is
installed on your computer. Click the pull-down menu pointed by the red arrow to choose
the "Powerpoint to BlackBerry".

Step 2: Then click "Browse" to import a PowerPoint file.

Step 3: After you have made all the choices of "Preference", "Play Options" and
"Export", please click the "Start" button to begin your conversion.
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Step 4: Click "Close" when you finish the PowerPoint to BlackBerry conversion.

That's it! You finish the conversion of converting PPT to BlackBerry.

PPT to BlackBerry Converter can easily convert PPT to BlackBerry. Now you wan to enjoy
the PPT presentation on BlackBerry.

Besides, you can convert PPT to other fashionable formats and portbable device, such as
convert PPT to PSP, convert PPT to MP4 etc..

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