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Honorable (guest of honor‘s name), Distinguished Members of the Board of
Trustees, Beloved Parents and Teachers, Fellow Graduates, Ladies and

Indeed, we graduates, have come a long way. When we were children, our days
were spent in frolic and aimlessness. Fun and games filled our lives. We live for
the present, unmindful of what tomorrow might bring. We enjoyed our life as
our parents did all the work. Yes, we then led a chartless life free from any
responsibility. We had no definite course in life nor specific goals to achieve.
Nevertheless, life itself destined us to change. Little by little, we learned to
take responsibilities as our world became bigger where there was little room
for carelessness and trifles. Emotionally, morally and intellectually, we
changed. Countless pressures almost overwhelmed us in the process but we
were motivated to enhance our capabilities to make better individuals out of

What is graduation? It is a commencement, a recognition of completion of a
degree of study. For me, the meaning of graduation goes deeper than simple
words can relate. I see graduation as a door which welcomes us to a new
beginning. Beyond that door lies a different world, a constantly changing
world, an adult world. Fortunately, we have been aptly prepared to take our
place in this new world. Graduation is another starting point to attain a new
kind of maturity, and new outlook in life, new kind of future.

Our future is like the rising sun. We know that the sun always rises just as each
of us has his own future. How bright that future will be, depends on how we
act today. Clouds hover over us - they are the challenges and stumbling blocks
which may make life a difficult. Still, we must bear in mind that nothing is
impossible to accomplish as long as we believe in ourselves. There is in a (name
of students of that school) a certain uniqueness in overcoming challenges.
Instead of withdrawing we dauntlessly move on. We never give up. As a (name
of students of that school), each one of us is equipped with this uniqueness. We
never say die.

What is (name of school) education? A lot - I'm proud to say. It has taught us to
be down-to-earth. Because of this lesson, we have always been realistic in our
approaches having been taught that life is no bed of roses.

We have been sufficiently trained to lead and to follow.

The school has given us chance after chance to know or weak and strong points
- to make good use of our assets and to turn liabilities into assets. We have
been imbued with academic excellence with painstaking care. We have been
nourished spiritually having learned love of God and of fellowmen. We have
learned to live life by example. We have learned that we cannot experience
the greatest joys if we have not experienced the greatest pains. Now we
realize that it is only in the dictionary -alphabetically that is - where "success"
comes before "work."

After a long stay in (name of school), I have become a new (name of the
valedictorian). I have changed. Dear graduates, you and I are no longer the
foolish children we used to be. Adequately prepared to face a life where more
difficult tasks have to be done and more perplexing problems to solve, we
cannot fail, we must not fail. (Name of school) is counting on us to carry on
and carry on, we must.

In behalf of the graduating class, I extend my heartfelt gratitude and love to
our dear teachers who have been very patient and understanding; to our
beloved parents who through these years have stood by us and have persevered
to provide us with good education to ensure us a good future; and to our dear
Alma Mater which to us has become our second home.

Dear graduates, as we move on to the future, let us handle our affairs with zeal
patience and perseverance to make ourselves worthy of being (name of
students in that school). After all, we have what it takes to succeed.

                                         Valedictorian, Class of (year graduated)

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