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									Homeschool Charter Schools, Umbrella and ISP schools, and Legal memberships

 Dehesa Charter School                                                       Charter School
 Dehesa Charter School is a K-12 home-study charter school serving San Diego, Riverside and Orange
 Counties. Dehesa Charter School works together with families who choose to "Home School" their
 students. We believe that each student's educational experience should be individualized.

 Greater San Diego Academy                                               Charter School
 Greater San Diego Academy: where every moment is a learning opportunity. Our vision is to help
 every child develop the knowledge, talents and abilities to become a successful, contributing member
 of society by supporting families through personalized learning.

 Julian Charter School                                                      Charter School
 JCS is a WASC accredited, public school alternative for the home-based learner serving Imperial,
 Orange, Riverside and San Diego Counties. Our families have choice of instructional approach and
 educational materials. Our teachers help parents create individual instructional plans designed to fit
 the student's learning style and educational goals while also meeting the California state standards.

 Pacific View Charter School                                           Charter School
 K-12 tuition free CA public school. Pacific View Charter School seeks to provide an educational
 opportunity for all students in grades K-12 to work independently, or in a group setting, to pursue
 individualized educational plans created by the parents, students, and teachers. 760-757-0161

 The Learning Choice Academy                                                              Charter                                               School
 New charter through San Diego City Schools. In this parent-planned grassroots school there is a focus
 on individualized learning plans. Some of the Academy's strength lies in an experienced, positive staff,
 lots of planned activities

 Innovations Academy
 Now serving K - 8 students in Mission Valley, is a constructivist project based learning school with a
 strong character and community development program. We are difference makers inspired to
 contribute to our world. At Innovations Academy we powerfully create our lives through self-
 expression, compassionate connection, and purposeful learning.
 Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
 We are a Christian organization that advocates the right of all families to home school
 regardless of their religious affiliation

 Christian Family Schools                                                               Local
 Offering helps, support groups, park days, and sponsors the annual CFS Curriculum Expo

 BayShore School                                                                Private ISP
 A Private School Independent Study Program for Grades K-12 since 1992. Longbeach
Christian LIFE Academy                                                                Private ISP
Private Christian ISP. PO Box 300038 Escondido, CA 92030-0038 (760) 741-7651

Cooperative Learning Center                                                            Private ISP
Cooperative Learning Center's mission is to support you on your homeschooling journey. We
keep all of the legal records required by the State of California so you are free to homeschool
the way that fits you and your children. The cost is $200 a year per family. For more
information contact Michelle Thorsen @ 619-890-5702. For an enrollment packet please e-
mail me with CLC in the subject at <>.

Del Rey School                                                                   Private ISP
Private Christian ISP. Formerly known as DEBS. 772 Jamacha Rd. El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 596-

Escondido Tutorial Services                                                           Private ISP
ETS offers tutorials in classical Christian education to homeschoolers via the internet. They
have tutorials in Great Books, Saxon Math, rhetoric, logic, geometry, Greek, Latin and
Shakespeare. 2634 Bernardo Ave. Escondido, CA 92029 (760) 746-0980

Grace Christian School                                                                Private ISP
3656 Ruffin Rd. San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 541-0373

Heritage Christian School                                                             Private ISP
Private Christian ISP. PO Box 262099 San Diego, CA 92196 (858) 689-2254

Shepherd School                                                                   Private ISP
We offer K-12 enrollment. We have unit study based class days. Contact Karen for a brochure

Shepherd's Heart Educational Enrichment Program                                        Private ISP
Our focus is on helping families teach their children in a relaxed environment, developing a
life-long love of learning, discovering each individual's unique talents and learning styles along
the way. An eclectic approach covering many disciplines is encouraged. Lending library, co-op
classes and activities, unit studies, music program, support nights and more. We are Christian-
based, and located in Vista, CA. You may contact us at

California Homeschool Network                                                         State
California Homeschool Network serves to inform and empower homeschooling families,
educate the public, and foster community among home educators in the state of California.

Christian Home Educators Association (CHEA)                                               State
The Christian Home Educators Association of California is a non-profit ministry established in
1982 to provide information, support, and training to the home education community
throughout the state.

Homeschool Association of California                                                     State
The HomeSchool Association of California: honors the diversity of homeschoolers supports
and promotes the entire spectrum of homeschooling provides information monitors and
influences legislation Empowers families to make the choices that respect the rights, needs,
and aspirations of their children. <>
 San Diego Homeschool Center                                                                State
 Free monthly e-zine, Online catalogue of teachers, tutors, classes and clubs, as well as other
 pertinent homeschool information. Follow the progress of San Diego's first Homeschool
 Resource Center.

ONLINE “Virtual” Homeschool Option

Kaplan Online 100% Free Tuition & Flexible Hours

  Connections Academy Now Enrolling California K-12. Get started today! Sponsored By

  Zion Academy - Homeschool Homeschooling Program For Families Nationwide. K-12
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  Charter School K12 Virtual Academy has free books, materials and loaner computers.
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Curriculum and Educational Types of Learning:

Good website for all kinds of homeschool help:

HUGE resource directory for free curricula at my blog:

There are a variety of approaches one can take when homeschooling children.

   Classical: This approach is loosely based on the assumption that "all that is old is necessarily
good." Teaching, according to this method, is divided into two segments, Trivium (primary and
secondary education) and Quadrivium (university level). There are three subparts to the Trivium
stage: Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric. "The Grammar stage teaches basic facts and skills, the
Dialectic stage steeps children in logic and helps teach them reasoning behind many of the facts
they learned in the Grammar period, and the Rhetoric stage focuses on the children's ability to
present their worldview in a pleasing and logical manner."[4] Much emphasis is placed on major
works of western civilization such as, Homer, Plato, Shakespeare, Milton etc. While the
Classical approach does not necessarily imply a religious bent, many who subscribe to this
method incorporate religious teachings into the curriculum. For further information on the
Classical approach please consult:

Unschooling: This method is, in many ways, not a method at all. The Unschooling approach
came about as a result of John Holt's book, Instead of Education:Ways to Help People Do
Things, originally published in 1976. Within this work, Holt criticizes the education system in
stating that, "[i]t is the deepest foundation of the modern and worldwide slave state, in which
most people feel themselves to be nothing but producers, consumers, spectators and 'fans' all
parts of their lives." [5] Holt sets forth that education should be child-led and that the child's
natural curiosity will guide and inspire his/her learning. While Holt opposes regimented
curriculum he does feel that a parent's response to the child's question will foster learning.
Traditional or School-At-Home: This method is very similar to conventional approaches to
education in that children have a set schedule, curriculum and assignments. Families who utilize
this approach typically purchase a curriculum, from one of the many companies now filling this
need, or create one on their own.

Unit Studies: This type of homeschool education can be loosely characterized as using one
"theme" or topic as inspiration for teaching. If, for example, a child develops an interest in fish
this topic can be used to teach biology, environmental studies, math etc. Such a unit can then be
accompanied by a visit to an aquarium. For further information please click:

Eclectic: This approach to homeschooling is one that might draw on various types of
homeschooling. With such an approach, the parent may insist on an almost school-at-home
approach for math but leave coverage of reading and writing for a unit study approach.

Religion Based: This approach, as the name implies, has a religious focus to the learning
process. Often, parents who choose this method will incorporate study of religious doctrine and
attempt to instill the moral values in their children that they see so lacking in traditional

Local Co-Ops and Homeschool Play/Educate Groups

  San Diego Christian Homeschools

Information about San Diego homeschooling featuring information on our park days , field
trips, classes, and general get-togethers. We also feature articles ...

  San Diego Homeschooling

Helping San Diego Christian homeschoolers on their way.
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  CFS - Supporting Private Christian Homeschooling in San Diego ...

Network of Christian-only homeschooling families in the San Diego area. Offers field trips,
resources, and high school information. Part of CHEA.

         Popular Literature-based Home School Curriculum Catalog Sites

Each of the following emphasizes in their home school curriculum catalog lots of quality
literature. Though they might use textbooks, they tend to use real books to bring history and
other subjects alive for your child (and you might find for you, too!). Most of these sites offer
online shopping, though you can often download a catalog or request one be sent to you. This is
by no means a comprehensive list.

      Beautiful Feet Books offers mostly history books, especially collections of fine children's
       authors' books which they have republished.
      Greenleaf Press is a Christian curriculum with a strong focus on teaching history
       chronologically and on the people who made history happen. Also offered are literature and
       art materials with a Christian, biblical worldview.
       Lamplighter Publishing is a ministry that publishes inspiring, character-building literature,
        mostly written before the 20th century. Their focus is on offering examples of godly roles
        models that will motivate people to change inwardly so they would want to live outwardly a life
        of excellence.
       Sonlight Home School Curriculum is a Christian curriculum with a world-wide focus. They offer
        a full-service, complete home school curriculum package, or individual items. Pre-planned
        lessons and helpful Instructor's Guides are included in their packages, with science, math, and
        extra-curricular subjects available also. Lots of great books and resources (such as forums) to
        help your family enjoy homeschooling while learning about the world from a Christian point of
       Tapestry of Grace is a Christian classics-based unit-study that incorporates literature, history,
        writing and several other subjects. History is taught in a 4-year cycle so that you can teach all
        your children the same basic subject but at a deeper level as they get older. Tapestry of Grace
        offers lots of resources to make learning fun for your kids and easier for you to teach (especially
        if you have a large family). They also stress developing a strong Christian worldview.
       Veritas Press Classical Home School Curriculum is a Christian curriculum with a classical
        approach. They offer mostly history, literature, and language products.

          Popular Textbook-based Home School Curriculum Catalog Sites

The following home school catalogs are from those companies that offer more textbook-based
curriculum. There are many more than these, but this is a start. I have not used many textbook-
based home schooling materials, so I can't vouch for what exactly is in the catalogs. Most of
these links have places where you can download a catalog or shop online. If you think I have left
out an important catalog, or erred in placing a home school curriculum catalog in the wrong
catagory, please Contact Us.

       A Beka Home School Curriculum
       Alpha Omega Home School Curriculum (includes Switched-On-Schoolhouse, Weaver Unit
        Studies, Horizons, and Lifepac materials)
       Bob Jones Curriculum
       Calvert Home School Curriculum
       Christian Light Education
       Rod and Staff Home School Curriculum

HOW TO Homeschool In California

Disclaimer: Please note that this information does not constitute legal advice. The reader
should evaluate all information in regard to his or her own circumstances and determine
independently whether this information is accurate and applicable.

Note: Kindergarten attendance is not mandatory in California. A child must enter into the first
grade in September if his or her sixth birthday falls on or before December 2nd of the same
year. If your child is of school age, the following information is pertinent.

If you want to homeschool in California you should know that homeschooling is legal in
California, just as it is legal in all 50 states. There isn't a law that specifically defines or addresses
homeschooling in California. California has a compulsory school attendance law. That means
that every child that is of school age must be enrolled in public school unless they fall into one
of several exemptions detailed below.

To pursue home education, familiarize yourself with the state requirements as specified in the
California Education Code. The sections of the Ed Code that are of significant importance
include sections: §33190, §48222, §48224, §51210, §51220, and §51745.
1. Private Instruction by a Teacher or Tutor
[See Education Code §48224]

Children can be instructed at home by a private tutor or teacher with a valid CA teaching
credential for the grades being taught. Instruction must occur for 3 hours a day for 175 days
each year in the branches of study required in the public schools. So, if you are a parent with a
valid teaching credential as described above, or if you hire a tutor with a valid teaching
credential as described, your child may be taught at home for the hours and days indicated.

2. Independent Study Program (ISP) a.k.a. Home Study Program (HSP) through Public Schools:

   A. Your Local Public School District
      [See E.C. §51745]
      Parents can teach their children at home by enrolling in the public school district's ISP or HSP.
      Parents act as teacher's aides, supervised by the program teacher. The program teacher works
      with parents to develop a course of study for the student that is in line with state requirements
      as determined by the teacher and school district.

      Parents and students typically meet with the program teacher once-a-month. The teacher
      reviews the student's work, collects samples of work, provides resources and study materials,
      and administers tests, grades, and diplomas. To find out if your school district offers a home
      study program, simply call your local district and ask -- some do, and some don't. These
      programs vary widely from district to district in terms of structure and flexibility. It will be
      helpful in selecting such a program to talk to other parents whose children are enrolled. Ask the
      program teacher for references. In lieu of that, find a local homeschool support group, or online
      discussion group, and ask the members for their opinion of the program.
   B. Public Charter School
      All charter schools in California are public schools. Some public Charter schools now offer Home
      Study Programs. The Charter School must be located in your county or in a county that is
      adjacent to your county in order for you to enroll. They assign a facilitator in your area who
      works with you to establish a course of study for your child. The facilitator meets with you once-
      a-month to discuss progress and collect attendance sheets and samples of the students work.

       You can find more information about California Charter Schools at The California Network of
       Educational Charters (CANEC) website. Unfortunately, in the directory provided at this site, it
       isn't clear which schools offer home study programs. You must call or visit the website of each
       individual school in order to find out if they have home study available. Fortunately, Homefires
       has done that work for you. We have prepared a list of Charter schools in California that offer
       Home Study Programs.

3. Private School Satellite Program (PSP)
[See Education Code §33190]

Note: Formerly called Private School Independent Study Program (ISP)

You may enroll your child in a home study program of a private school. These programs act as
administrative "umbrellas" for each of the member "family-sized" private schools that enroll.

Paragraph 2 of Education Code §33190 provides that "whenever two or more private schools
are under the effective control or supervision of a single administrative unit, such
administrative unit may comply with the provisions of this section on behalf of each of the
schools under its control or supervision by submitting one report." (The word "report" refers to
the Private School Affidavit, formerly known as the R4 form.)
If you enroll in a Private PSP it acts as an administrative umbrella for your family's private
school. The private PSP files the Private School Affidavit annually and keeps required records on
file such as attendance records, health records, and an outlined course of study for each
student. They may also keep track of cumulative files, grades, transcripts, and test results (if
any). In exchange for this paperwork service, you pay a tuition of about $250-$400 per year.

Then, typically, you take responsibility for your child's education and select and purchase your
own curriculum (if any).

Some private school PSPs are quite flexible, others are rigid. Some of these schools have
additional requirements such as monthly campus visits and teacher counseling. Some may
require you to use a particular methodology or curriculum. The programs vary widely.

There are private PSPs that offer additional services such as counseling, curriculum
development, coop classes, field trips and more. Additional fees may be charged for these
services. Because the programs vary, it's a good idea to request references, and in lieu of that,
ask members of your homeschool support group if they are familiar with the program.

There are many private PSPs and Administrative Units throughout California. You can enroll in a
PSP located ANYWHERE in California. You can find the names of these private schools online,
including at Homefires, and in some homeschool publications such as The California
Homeschool Guide (1-800-327-5339).


There are private, OUT-OF-STATE Independent Study Programs that provide correspondence
courses and curriculum. Unless the school maintains an office in the state of California and
files the Private School Affidavit (formerly R4 Form), enrolling in their program WILL NOT
satisfy the legal requirements for public school exemption. It's okay to enroll in an out-of-state
ISP to get and use the curriculum, but it will not cover you legally unless the school complies
with California law. If it has not filed an affidavit, then you must either enroll in a private ISP
established in California or establish your own private school and file an affidavit.

4. Filing a Private School Affidavit (PSA) for exemption as a Private School.
[E.C. §33190 & §48222]

The least restrictive method for homeschooling is to teach your children without being involved
with a school district or any form of government schooling. You can establish your own private
school in your home. In California, private school teachers are not required to have teaching
credentials. Once you establish your private school you must file a Private School Affidavit with
the CA Department of Education between October 1st and 15th annually. As a private school,
you are required to maintain certain records (see list below) and must comply with the CA
Education Codes that pertain to private schools. Again, Private School Affidavits must be filed
annually between October 1st and 15th.

Procedure for Filing Private School Affidavit:

The California Department of Education (CDE) requires that all Private School Affidavits be
filed between October 1st and 15th annually.
The CDE prefers that you file The Private School Affidavit ONLINE, and it is available online after
October 1, 2008..


► Schools with Five or Fewer Students, and New Schools access the online affidavit from the
Private Schools home page and file online. Just follow the simple instructions at the website.

► Schools with Six or More Students
The CDE mails passwords to schools with six or more students who have previously filed an
affidavit. Passwords allow private school officials to access and update their affidavit online.

► Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the Private School Affidavit. Questions about the Private School Affidavit may be
directed to: The Elementary Education Office by phone at 916-319-0878

Private School Record Requirements:
If you establish a private school in California you must comply with these requirements:

   1. Maintain a copy of the Private School Affidavit (PSA).
   2. Faculty record. List faculty members and teaching qualifications. Teachers do not have to be
      certified to teach in private schools in CA. This is essentially a record of your education, life
      experience, and work history or your resume.
   3. Keep attendance records for each child. (You can purchase attendance sheets at your local
      teacher supply store.)
   4. Keep a California School Immunization Record on file, and one of the following: Report of Health
      Examination for School Entry or Waiver of Health Check-up for School Entry. The forms are
      available from your county health department. Some pediatricians have these forms as well.
   5. Outline your student's curriculum each year. Create a simple outline of your plan for covering
      the subjects required for each of your students. You must offer the subjects required by the
      Education Code as follows:
           Grades 1-6: English, Math, Social Sciences, Science, Visual & Performing Arts, Health,
               Physical Education, and other studies that may be prescribed by the governing board.
           Grades 7-12: English, Social Sciences, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Science,
               Math, Visual & Performing Arts, Health, Applied Arts, Vocational-Technical Education,
               Automobile Driver Education, and other studies that may be prescribed by the
               governing board.

If you homeschool through the Private School option, while you must offer these subjects, how
you propose to cover them in your outline, and what materials you use, will be entirely up to
you. Choosing a course of study and developing a curriculum will vary according to your
personal philosophy and educational style.

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