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					Safe Deposit Boxes Contributed on 2/13/02 by Wendy LaVoie - 1. Does the person responsible for opening the safe deposit box briefly explain the contract? 2. Are the available box sizes shown to the customer? 3. Is the refundable key deposit policy explained to the customer? 4. Is the lessee informed of the procedure to follow during each visit? 5. Is the contract signed at the time of rental? 6. Is the key deposit collected by check, cash, debit to an account, or any other acceptable method at the time the contract is signed? 7. Is the lessee instructed to sign the entry card? 8. Does the bank employee date and time stamp the card and initial the lessee's signature? 9. Is the guard key kept in a secure location? 10. Are replacement locks, keys and unissued keys maintained in a secured place? 11. Is the customer informed that the bank has no duplicate of the lessee's key, so if the key is lost or stolen, the only remedy is to hire a locksmith to drill the lock? Is the customer also informed the locksmith fees will be charged to them? 12. Does the bank employee physically inspect the box when it is newly rented to ensure it is empty? Is the lessee shown this process? 13. When a lessee is taken to an unoccupied, private room is the room checked before and after it is occupied to ensure that there are not any items left in the room? 14. If an item is left in the room is a bank officer called to accompany the employee back to the room? 15. Is the item placed in a sealed envelope with both the officer and employee signatures on the envelope? 16. Are the date and time the items were discovered written on the envelope? 17. Is the envelope placed in the vault with the officer as a witness? 18. Is the last person using the room notified that an unspecified item was found in the room he or she was the last person to use?

19. Is that person asked to come to the bank as soon as possible to examine his or her box for missing items? 20. If the lessee discovers an item missing that matches the item that was found, is the envelope retrieved from the vault with the bank officer as a witness? 21. Does the lessee sign a receipt for the item(s) with both the employee and officer as witnesses? 22. When a lessee indicates that he or she wants to terminate a safe deposit box rental is the lessee asked if all contents of the box have been removed? 23. If the lessee indicates that the box is empty does the employee physically inspect the box to confirm that it is empty? 24. If more than one key was issued for the box, are all keys obtained from the lessee? 25. If all keys are not available at that time, does the employee explain that the rental cannot be terminated until the lessee has returned all of the issued keys? 26. Is the lessee's key deposit refunded to the lessee at the time all keys have been returned? 27. Is the entry card marked "closed" with the date and time stamp and filed in the "closed" files?

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