Program Results by auditnet


									AUDITING FOR PROGRAM RESULTS Audit Objectives a.) Assess whether the objectives of a proposed, new, or existing program are proper, suitable, or relevant. b.) Determine whether a desired level of interim or final results is achieved. c.) Determine whether the program meets the objectives and goals of the organization. d.) Determine whether a program complements, duplicates, overlaps, or conflicts with other organization program or operation. e.) Determine whether agency management's system for measuring and reporting the accomplishment of established goals and objectives is adequate and carried out appropriately. f.) Determine whether the program or operation complies with organization, policies, plans, procedures, Federal, State and Local laws, and/or regulations. Audit Program Determine the audit objectives for the program selected. (Why are we doing the audit?) Determine who the report will be addressed to? Obtain an audit request form which clearly states why we are doing the audit (purpose), who we are doing the audit for (customer), who will receive the results of the audit (distribution), what time limitation exists for completing the audit (timing start/complete), what resources are available for accomplishing the audit objectives, Obtain a statement of objectives for the program selected for audit. Obtain the established plan for accomplishing the objectives of the program.

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