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									                                              AUDITION INFORMATION
                                                                              Mainstage Musical
                                                                     Auditions: Sep 27th and 28th, 2010
    Joseph and the                                                  Children’s Choir Auditions: 6:00pm
                                                             Adult Audition Times: 7:00pm; 8:00pm and 9:00pm
       Amazing                                                   Performances: Dec 3-5, 9-12 and 16-19, 2010

     Technicolor                                    1. Call 717-854-3894 or email to schedule an audition.
                                                    2. Dress comfortably for a movement audition.
                                                    3. Prepare 16 bars or 1 minute of a musical theatre song.
      Dreamcoat                                     4. Callbacks will be held on Wed, Sep 29th, 2010.
                                                    5. Bring all known conflicts from the months of Oct-Dec to auditions.
                                                    6. YLT cannot cast actors who are not available for all performances.
                                                    7. YLT will post the cast list on Friday, Oct 1, 2010 after 2 PM.
When Joseph, favorite son of Jacob, is sold into slavery by his eleven jealous brothers, his adventures have only just
begun. But when his journey to find his way home lands him in the presence of Pharaoh, Joseph begins to wonder if he’ll
ever see his family again.

                                                                                       Age Range
                                                                                (not the age of the actor,          Voice
                                                                              the age the actor must play)
Joseph                                                                                  18-20’s              Baritone – Tenor
Favorite son of Jacob, can interpret dreams to foretell the future, likeable, naïve if not a bit self-centered
1.Prologue                6.Close Every Door                               11.The Brothers Come to Egypt/Grovel, Grovel
2.Joseph’s Coat           7.Go, Go, Go Joseph (and reprise)                12.Who’s The Thief?
3.Joseph’s Dreams         8.Poor, Poor Pharaoh/Song of the King            13.Joseph All the Time
4.Poor, Poor Joseph       9.Song of the King (reprise)                     14.Any Dream Will Do (Finale)
5.Potiphar                10.Pharaoh’s Dream Explained                     15.Megamix
Narrator                                                                               20s’-30’s
                                                                                                               Legit / Belt
            A modern storyteller who is at once impartial observer to and impassioned player of Joseph’s story
1.Prologue              7.Go, Go, Go Joseph (and reprise)                       13.Who’s the Thief?
2.Jacob and Sons        8.A Pharaoh’s Story                                     14.Joseph All the Time
3.Joseph’s Coat         9.Poor, Poor Pharaoh/Song of the King                   15.Any Dream Will Do (Finale)
4.Joseph’s Dreams       10.Song of the King (reprise)                           16.Megamix
5.Poor, Poor Joseph     11.Stone The Crows
6.Potiphar              12.The Brothers Come to Egypt/Grovel, Grovel
Jacob (also plays Potiphar)                                                         Late 50’s-60’s               Baritone
Joseph’s father, a doting father, blinded to his other sons’ machinations by his own devotion to Joseph
1.Joseph’s Coat       2.Potiphar (as Potiphar)          3.Those Canaan Days              4.Finale          5.Megamix
              Ensemble: The brothers and the wives appear in all ensemble numbers and play a number of cameo roles.
1.Prologue                                  9.Go, Go, Go Joseph (and reprise)            17.Who’s The Thief?
2.Jacob and Sons                            10.A Pharaoh’s Story                         18.Benjamin Calypso
3.Joseph’s Coat                             11.Poor, Poor Pharaoh/Song of the King 19.Joseph All The Time
4.Joseph’s Dreams                           12.Song of the King (reprise)                20.Jacob In Egypt
5.Poor, Poor Joseph                         13.Pharaoh’s Dream Explained                 21.Finale
6.One More Angel in Heaven                  14.Stone the Crows                           22.Megamix
7.Journey to Egypt (snake and camel)        15.Those Canaan Days (brothers only)
8.Potiphar                                  16.The Brothers Come to Egypt/Grovel, Grovel
The Brothers (also double as Potiphar’s Servants, Prisoners, and Pharaoh’s Guards)
Reuben - eldest of Jacob’s sons (also plays Pharaoh)                                      30’s                   Baritone
Simeon - second son, fearless and envious (also plays the Baker)                       Early 30’s                   Tenor
Levi – third son, pious and fearless (also plays the Butler)                           Early 30’s                   Tenor
                                             (more characters available on back)
Judah – fourth son, leader of the brothers
                                                                               Late 20’s                  Tenor
(soloist in Benjamin Calypso)
Dan – fifth son, the black sheep of the family
                                                                               Late 20’s                 Baritone
(featured soloist in One More Angel)
Napthali – sixth son, very quick (also plays Boy in Potiphar)                     20’s                    Tenor
Gad – seventh son, very lucky (also plays Boy in Potiphar)                        20’s                   Baritone
Asher – eight son, innocent of evil (also plays Boy in Potiphar)                  20’s                    Bass
Issachar – ninth son, a coward who depends on the strength of his
                                                                              Early 20’s                 Baritone
brothers (featured soloist in Those Canaan Days)
Zebulon – tenth son, a strong brute, Issachar’s protector
                                                                              Early 20’s                  Bass
(featured Apache dancer)
Benjamin – youngest son and Joseph’s favorite brother, an innocent               Late Teens              Baritone
The Wives (also double as Potiphar’s Servants, Prisoners, and Pharaoh’s Adoring Girls)
Mother of Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and Zebulon                       40’s-50’s
Mother of Dan and Napthali (also plays Poptiphar’s Wife)                          30’s-40’s                Alto
Mother of Gad and Asher                                                           30’s-40’s
Wife of Reuben                                                                       30’s
Wife of Simeon (also sings as Camel)                                                 30’s                  Alto
Wife of Levi                                                                         30’s
Wife of Dan (featured soloist in One More Angel)                                     20’s                Soprano
Wife of Napthali                                                                     20’s
Wife of Gad                                                                          20’s
Wife of Asher                                                                     Early 20’s
Wife of Issachar (also sings as Snake)                                            Early 20’s             Soprano
Wife of Zebulon (featured Apache dancer)                                          Early 20’s
Wife of Benjamin                                                                 Late Teens
Children’s Choir: Sing throughout and dance in some numbers.
1.Overture                                 8.Entr’acte                              15.Who’s The Thief?
2.Prologue                                 9.A Pharaoh’s Story                      16.Benjamin Calypso
3.Jacob and Sons                           10.Poor, Poor Pharaoh/Song of the King 17.Joseph All The Time
4.Joseph’s Coat                            11.Song of the King (reprise)            18.Jacob In Egypt
5.Poor, Poor Joseph                        12.Pharaoh’s Dream Explained             19.Finale
6.Close Every Door                         13.Stone the Crows                       20.Megamix
7.Go, Go, Go Joseph (and reprise)          14.The Brothers Come to Egypt/Grovel, Grovel
         YLT is a non-profit, volunteer theatre.
         All members of the community are welcome and encouraged to audition, regardless of level of experience,
         gender, ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation.
         YLT does not pre-cast for regularly scheduled productions.
         YLT cannot offer compensation for actors/volunteers.

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