O-Grill 3000 Portable Gas Barbecue Grill_ Blue by vaharaon2


									           O-Grill 3000 Portable Gas Barbecue Grill, Blue


                                     Technical Details
                  •     Even cooking surface with 225 square inches of grilling space
                    •    Cast iron cooking grid and 9450 BTU stainless steel burner
                   •     Lightweight; one-hand carrying with convenient grip handle
                          • Portable propane gas grill, weighs only 24-pounds
                  •     Great for camping, tailgating, RVs, picnics, and beach parties

                                   Product Description
New from O-Grill is the first efficient lightweight portable propane grill. O-Grill 3000 is the first
   truly portable grill at a weight of only 24-pounds with features that rival larger, heavier, and
more costly models. The grill's 225 square-inch grilling surface, 9450 BTU stainless steel burner,
cast iron cooking grid, and colorful clam shell design with retractable legs set it apart from other
    "portable" grills. Great for: camping, tailgating, RVs, picnics, and beach parties as well as
 apartment decks/balconies or as an extra grill for backyard parties. This portable gas grill uses
  standard propane gas cylinders and features a clam shell design, retractable legs, a heavy cast
iron grilling grid, and a handle for easy transportation. The grill includes a storage compartment
    behind the grill, and is ANSI Z21.89 a-2006 / CSA 1.18a-2006 test approved. Dimensions:
20.5"x8.5"x23" (525x215x580 mm). Run time: approximately 4 hours on a 14.1-ounce cylinder.
                                  Customer Reviews
                       "The BEST Portable Grilll We've Owned" 2010-06-13
                                   By Josie (Western Washington)
 Love it -Love it! We use our O-Grill when camping. We have owned a couple other grills and
 this is the best. We still have a Coleman stove for other cooking needs and use this for grilling
                meats (fish. chicken, beef, etc.), baked potatoes, veggies, bread, etc.

                                               Pros -

                                             Get's hot

                                         Variable controls

                   Can grill with the lid shut like a larger grill you use at home

        Looks great, fun color selections (Gets lots of attention from fellow campers) an

              Can expect same results that you get on your quality gas-grill at home

                              Highly portable (love the fold-up legs)

                                     Quality fittings, materials

                                           Easy to clean

                                               Con -

 The finish is rubbing off the outside top of the grill while traveling even though we use the o-
                      grill bag. Not a big deal but wish it still looked new.

          The price is a little high, but grilling results and quality make it a good value

                                   "This thing is sweet!" 2010-06-11
                                 By J. Pannell (Pembroke, NH USA)
 The best portable grill I have ever owned. Keeping the grill clean is easy and finally a durable
cooking surface that isn't going to degrade after a season or two (Weber/Hibachi). This thing will
 pay for itself in two years. I also really like the option to use portable gas tanks on the road and
   the hose for my 20lb tank when I'm at home. It heats up very quickly and I've yet to cook
 anything over medium heat... it has plenty of power and will give you the grill marks you need
                                   on kabobs, steaks, dogs etc.

                     Pretty money solution, wish I would have thought of it.

                              "All I can say is "Wow"!" 2010-05-10
                                          By KJ (SoCal)
I just purchased the O-Grill 1000 and all I can say is "WOW". This is such a great little grill that
 is extremely portable, extremely easy to use, and does a great job. We are going to use this grill
 for camping this summer so we took it out for a test drive this last weekend. The thing set up in
minutes, got very hot very quickly, and did a terrific job on the burgers. The grill put out a good
 flame (which is rare on some of these portable grills) and was very easy to clean when we were
  done. I would recommend this O-Grill 1000 for any campers or tailgaters that need a grill big
enough to cook about six burgers at the same time. If you need something bigger than that - then
                                     look at the O-Grill 3000.

                                       "No cover" 2010-04-29
                                             By dewey
 We purchased the grill and it worked flawlessly. Can't say enough about the clean grilling with
   no flare-ups (if you use foil). However we discovered that O-Grill does not supply the outer
cover for the grill. Bummer! We tried to order it from Amazon but to no avail. They don't offer it
either. What to do? They gave us a discount on the grill, but we are still hoping that Amazon will
                              add the cover to their list of accessories.

                             "Brilliant Design & Function" 2010-04-24
                                    By K. Miller (Maryland, US)
  I've used the O-Grill 3000 about a dozen times now and am very happy with the build quality
and cooking performance of the product. I paid USD $139.95, but have seen different prices on
     Amazon as high as $190.00, so beware. It is very lightweight and compact for excellent
  portability; yet seems strong and sturdy. Setup takes less than a minute including gas canister
attachment. The grill surface seems at least as large as my Weber Baby Q grill, while the burner
   provides even cooking and seems to get hotter than the Q grill. I have cooked eight pieces of
   chicken and four burgers at the same time on the O-Grill. Cleanup and takedown is easy and
  quick and the grill legs fold under to save space. Tips: line the drip pan with a double layer of
  foil and watch cooking times as it cooks fast, although I haven't fooled with flame adjustment
that much yet and will get used to it with experience. I needed to save storage space and wanted
 a grill I could take with me for tailgating and picnicking so it's perfect for me. Compared to the
   Baby Q grill this grill meets up to the Weber's quality yet is much lighter and more portable.
                                        Highly recommended.


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