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Course Number                  CIS122AA

Course Title                   VAX/VMS Operating System.

Course Description             This is an entry-level course on how to
                               use the Digital Equipment Corporation
                               (DEC) VAX VMS operating system.

Prerequisites                  None.

Instructor Name                Ray Esparza

Instructor Phone Number        (623) 845-3237
                                                                         Your picture goes here.
Instructor E-Mail Address      ray.esparza@gcmail.maricopa.edu
                               2dvx000 (when logged onto VAX)

Instructor Office Hours        Posted in MIDAS and in HTC-1

Instructor HTC Lab Hours       Check the HTC for your instructor’s lab hours.

Textbook                       CIS122AA Course Guide by Shirley Petras

Materials/Supplies             Notebook, pencil

Name/Version of Software       Digital VAX

Platform and Location          Any terminal emulation software
                               (Wyse terminals, Palette Machines, Windows 95/98/XP
                               Hyperterminal, Windows 3.1 Terminal)

Getting Started Information Please read entire syllabus, start info is on page 9.

                                         Page 1-a
Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

       1.     Identify the major hardware and software components of the computer system
       and their functions.

       2.     Sign on to the VAX timeshare system and sign off.

       3.     Use the system's utilities to create, save, modify, and manipulate files.

       4.     Use the system's capabilities to organize related groups of files.

       5.      Use system commands to retrieve information about the system.

                                         Page 2-a
Attendance Policy or   Open-entry/open-exit (OE/OE) means you do not have a
Completion Timeframe   specific date and time to attend class; instead, you
Guidelines             complete your course work in the HTC at your
                       convenience. In addition, OE/OE means that you are self-
                       disciplined and will set aside at least 2-3 hours each week
                       for completing the course work.

                       Attendance is extremely important to your success. You
                       are responsible for choosing your own lab times. Be
                       consistent with attendance; otherwise, you will tend to
                       forget previously learned concepts and skills.
                       If you cannot complete the course with a passing grade, be
                       sure to file a withdrawal form to officially withdraw from
                       the course. If not, a failing grade will be on your college

                       Students have the right to observe major, required
                       religious holidays.

                           Page 3-a
Withdrawal Policy   If you are not going to be able to complete your course work,
                    withdraw from the course to ensure that you do not receive a
                    failing grade on your transcript. The official date of
                    withdrawal is the date the withdrawal form is received in the
                    Office of Admissions and Records.

                    You must inform the Registration Office by telephone and/or
                    in writing within three (3) calendar days of (and including)
                    the first day of the course to be eligible to receive any refund
                    of tuition and fees.

                    Failure to submit assignments does not guarantee being
                    withdrawn from a course or being eligible for a refund.
                    However, failure to submit assignments may result in
                    withdrawal from this course.

Extension Policy    If you are having difficulty finishing the course by your
                    ending date, you may apply for an extension by filling out the
                    Extension Request Form at Control West. Extensions are
                    granted to students who have been working on the course
                    regularly, but due to unusual circumstances are not able to
                    finish by the ending date. You must have completed at least
                    the first full module, including the end of module test to be
                    eligible for an extension.

                             Page 4-a
Special Needs   You are welcome to meet with your instructor to discuss
                reasonable accommodations for a disability.

Grading         Final grades will be determined by total points accumulated
                based on the following scale:
                Replace the numbers with your own grading scale.

                     359    -    400   =   A
                     319    -    358   =   B   Your instructor reserves the
                     279    -    318   =   C   right to make subjective
                     239    -    278   =   D   judgments to grades in
                     000    -    238   =   F   certain cases.

                This course is open-entry/open-exit; however, you will want
                to complete the course within the 16 weeks assigned to you.
                Since the college records are kept on a semester basis, a grade
                must be submitted at the end of the semester or at the time of
                your end date. An in progress grade will be submitted if all
                assignments are not complete and if your time does not expire
                until after the semester ends. Later, when all assignments
                have been completed, your final grade will be sent to the
                admissions office.

                           Page 5-a
Assignment Information
                           1.   Put your name, Palette ID, assignment number and other
                                requested information in the appropriate line of each
                                assignment you are submitting for grading.

                           2.   If you are submitting more than one paper, paper clip or
                                staple them together in the upper-middle of page.

                           3.   Give the papers to the employee working at Control East
                                and ask him/her to put them in your instructor’s folder.

                           4.   Pick up your graded papers from Control East in about
                                three or four days.

You will not be allowed to redo assignments for this course. Check your work
carefully before submitting assignments.

                                      Page 6-a
Test Information   This course has a total of six examinations. Each module (A,
                   B, and C) has a multiple-choice quiz and a hands-on Optest
                   (operational test). All tests are closed-book. You must send a
                   mail message (email to 2dvx000) requesting the tests be
                   readied for you when you are ready for them.

                   The tests will be graded and the results posted to the MIDAS
                   system within 3 working days. The completed tests and
                   Optests will not be returned. You must contact the instructor
                   if you have questions on your score.

                            Page 7-a
Time Management   You will be successful in an OE/OE course if you do not
                  procrastinate. The HTC is open long hours to serve your
                  needs. Pick up a copy of the HTC hours at Control West.

                  Start your course work immediately

Progress Sheet    Locate the Progress Sheet near the end of this packet. It is
                  your record of the work you have completed. Take the
                  Progress Sheet with you when you take papers to Control
                  East for grading. Ask the IA at Control East to place your
                  work in the CIS122AA folder. Keep the Progress Sheet until
                  you receive your official grade report in the mail after
                  completion of your course work. Be sure to pick up your
                  work after you have confirmed that your grade is in MIDAS.

                           Page 8-a
On-Line Orientation      It is important for you to view the computer
Information              orientation for this course. You will complete the
                         Orientation Questionnaire attached to the end of
                         this packet as you view the slides on one of the
                         computers in the HTC. After completing the
                         Questionnaire and the on-line orientation slides,
                         turn the Questionnaire in at Control East. Ask the
                         employee conducting this orientation to assist you
                         with the on-line, computer orientation.

Getting Started       IMPORTANT! Please email your instructor at
                      when requesting your user identification (userid) and
                      password. Your userid and password will be emailed to you
                      within 3 working days. There will be a folder at Control East
                      with your name and course information on it. You will pick
                      up all graded work at the Control East counter. Tests and
                      Optests will not be returned. However, you may always
                      eamil Mr. Esparza for information concerning points lost on
                      these assignments.

HTC Guidelines        A copy of the HTC Guidelines is included near the end of
                      this packet. Please read the guidelines carefully.

HTC Hours             Pick up a copy of the HTC hours and holidays at Control
                      West in HT1 or HT2.

                               Page 9-a

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