March 2009 Newsletter - The Reef by fjwuxn


									                                                                                       MARCH 2009

                                                                  end was on target.
                                                                  Our 2009 budget will require careful management of
Resort Phone ............................. 772-231-1000           expenses. To that end, our Treasurer, Jack Berrigan,
Resort Fax ................................. 772-231-6843         has worked with our accounting firm, ―Harris,
Reservation line ONLY ............ 800-662-7333                   Cotherman, Jones, Price & Associates‖, to generate
Security ..................................... 772-473-7308       more timely reports. This will allow us to closely
E-Mail ........................             manage expenses to income.
Web Site ..........................
                                                                  Our history of assessment payments has been
Please remember the 800 line is a separate line and               outstanding with non-payment being less that 2% of
cannot be transferred to the rooms.                               the billed amount. This excludes less than 8% being
                                                                  processed in various stages of delinquency,
Vero Beach also has a web information site with lots              collections and foreclosure. As of this date, payments
of information about the Vero Beach area. The Reef                are equivalent to 2008 levels. Cindy and her staff
web site is: There is a                  have been very cooperative to accommodate all our
members only section you will need a password.                    owners.
Please e-mail the Reef for your password at: The password is in lower                   2009 Taxes have been set aside and invested.
case with no spaces or slashes, if you have a problem             Reserve funds are currently being invested. We are
accessing the owners section with your ID and                     maintaining a $100,000 limit at each financial
password you must go into your computer security                  institution to protect our monies through FDIC.
system and allow access to the web site past your
firewalls and security.     Remember our web site                 The new hot tub has been completed. Continued
address is:                               permitting changes by city, county and state entities
                                                                  extended the construction time as well as significant
We have a new addition to our web site—Please                     additional dollar requirements. (Total-$27,000) We
check out our virtual reality tour of our resort.                 have installed a fence on the northeast corner of the
                                                                  property to cut down the sand blowing onto the
PRESIDENT’S CORNER                                                parking area. This will help keep sand out of the
                                                                  parking lot and off of the vehicles. Several smaller
Your Board of Directors began 2009 a bit                          projects are in the wings but we will wait until our
apprehensive. Our concerns were for the continuing                financial picture is clearer.
economic impact on our owners and the Reef Ocean
Resort. We finished 2008 now three years without                  We remain open for your comments, concerns and
significant storm damage. Ten major projects were                 suggestions. Your Board of Directors weighs all of
completed in 2008. ($99,800) (See September 2008                  these with decisions based upon their judgment of
Newsletter) . Our financial status through tight at year          what is best for the resort and all of the owners. The
Board spends many hours behind the scenes attending            different unit, again there will be no rental money if
meetings, reviewing results and tracking the                   the renter moves to a different unit.
environmental, regulatory, social and physical
changes constantly being put forth by government               If you have rented a unit there will be no
agencies. These require current monitoring as we               cancellations for ANY reason if it is within 30 days of
budget and expend our funds.                                   arrival. Your deposit will not be refunded. We offer
                                                               trip insurance and strongly recommend you take the
Our objective remains for each owner, exchanger and            insurance to protect your travel plans. This is the
guest to have an enjoyable and pleasant experience             same company CSA that offers your maintenance
with your stay at your resort.                                 protection insurance.

Respectfully,                                                  EXCHANGE COMPANIES
Ervin Roberts-President-Board of Directors
Reef Ocean Resort                                              We are affiliated with two of the major exchange
                                                               companies. RCI (Resorts Condominium International)
                                                               and I.I. (Interval International). However, there is
RENTAL CONTRACTS                                               another exchange company that does not require a
                                                               membership and they have a lot of inventory all over
We are enclosing a rental contract for 2009. If you            the world. This would be ideal for those of you who
have not ALREADY sent in a rental contract for 2009            do not have a membership with RCI or II and do not
or 2010 and you wish to rent your unit please fill it          exchange often.
out and return it to us as soon as possible. PLEASE
REMEMBER RENTAL CONTRACTS HAVE TO                              The company is: Donita’s Dial an Exchange in
BE SENT EVERY YEAR. We do not carry over                       Arizona and California 1-800-468-1799 and the web
your rental contract from one year to the next. Fill           site is:
out a new contract each year. Rent checks are mailed
to owners 30-45 days after the LAST day of your                BOATS, CAMPERS AND TRAILERS
rental week. We must wait for the guest to check out
to process their payment,(sometimes they are here              Please remember, due to lack of parking space we do
two weeks or more) then we wait for the funds to               not allow boat/trailer parking here at the Reef. If you
clear our bank at that time we process the rental              bring your boat please call the city marina for docking
proceeds and issue a check to the owner. We have               space. The number is 772-978-4960
been having problems with some owners not
receiving their mail. If we mail the check to the              PETS
authorized address and the check is lost and a stop
payment is issued at the bank the fee $35.00 is taken          NO PETS ALLOWED—This is at all times. If there
out of the rental proceeds.        Please remember             is a pet in the unit for any amount of time you will be
RENTALS ARE NOT GUARANTEED, if you call                        charged a cleaning fee of $200.00, and the pet must
and check to see if your unit rented prior to arrival          be removed immediately. If you have a ―service‖
this does not mean the person who rented the unit              animal you must notify management prior to your
arrived. Sometimes there are last minute                       arrival. Also, upon check-in a certificate of service
cancellations, also we take a deposit but if the person        must be presented to allow the animal access. There
disputes the charge with the credit card company               is a cleaning and fumigation fee of $200.00 this is to
most of the time we do not receive any funds,                  ensure the unit can be used by the next guest; many
therefore you will not receive any funds. If you call          people are allergic to pet fur and dander.
and you are told your unit was rented it is best to call
back on Sunday or Monday of the week in question               NO SMOKING IN UNITS
and verify the person has indeed checked it. Also,
sometimes when the renter arrives at the resort they           Since our no-smoking rule went into effect most of
change their minds about the unit and move to a                our owners and guests have respected our request to
not smoke in the units. A BIG THANK-YOU to all                    name of the buyer, signed by the seller) They
of you for your co-operation, we certainly appreciate             must also state the Reef Ocean Resort will
your help. Our units look great and we are working                assist in the sale.
very hard to keep everything looking good for your
enjoyment. There will be a $200.00 charge if we                2. The buyer must also send a letter to the Reef
detect a smell of smoke in the units PLUS the cost of             Ocean Resort stating their intention to buy the
any damage and loss of rental revenue to shut the unit            particular unit, the week number, agreed upon
down for cleaning. This can run into several hundred              price, any other purchase agreement between
dollars….SO TO BE SAFE DO NOT SMOKE IN                            seller and buyer, and a request for the Reef
THE       UNITS—REMEMBER              YOU        ARE              Ocean Resort to assist in the transaction.
RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GUESTS IF THEY                               Buyer must also make it clear how they would
SMOKE IN THE UNITS ALSO.                                          like the names to read on the new deed,
                                                                  current address, phone number and social
MAINTENANCE NEWS                                                  security numbers of all owners.

Darryl Taylor, on our maintenance staff has                    3. If any of the owners on the deed are deceased,
FINALLY!!! Taken the plunge and he is now a                       it is necessary to include an original death
married man!!! He got married December 21st!!                     certificate, or a certified copy (notarized), with
Congratulations to Darryl and his new wife SARAH.                 the deed. Under these circumstances, the
                                                                  spouse may complete the transaction. If
SALE!!!SALE!!! SALE!!!                                            deceased party is other than the spouse, a
REEF UNITS NOW ON SALE— OUR ½ PRICE                               power of attorney or notarized copy of the will
SALE IS ONCE AGAIN BEING OFFERED                                  must accompany the deed. If the person died
                                                                  in the State of Florida we must have a death
Due the successful past sales and the continued                   certificate THAT DOES NOT SHOW THE
demand from many owners we are once again                         CAUSE OF DEATH. This is a Florida law
offering our ½ price sale on our Reef units. Bids and             and we must require this form.
payment must be in by MARCH 27th. We will open
the Bids on MARCH 27th and contact the person who              4. Maintenance fees must be current before deed
wins the bid. Please be sure to enclose your check                work can progress. These can be paid by
and phone number so I can contact you.                            either party.

Please review the enclosed sale list and take                  5. When the sale price is determined, the buyer
advantage of our special prices. Please call us at 772-           will send a cashiers check to the Reef Ocean
231-1000 if you have any questions.                               Resort made payable to the seller. A separate
                                                                  check must be sent payable to the Reef Ocean
DEEDS AND TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP                                   Resort for the closing costs to be determined
                                                                  by the cost of the sale of the unit plus
We are continuing to be very busy with owners                     recording and administration fees.
changing the ownership of their units to their children
and other family members. We are increasingly busy             6. The State of Florida has new procedures
handing the transfer of ownerships. The following                 regarding owners who are deceased and there
guidelines will be helpful to you if you are thinking of          is no other person on the deed, such as a
transferring your ownership.                                      spouse, we can no longer offer this service,
                                                                  surviving family members must contact an
   1. The original deed must be sent to the Reef                  attorney to handle this type of transaction.
      Ocean Resort with a letter from the seller
      including the details of the sale (unit number,          7. If you need assistance with your deeds we are
      week, the agreed upon price, who will pay the               happy to assist you. Please keep in mind: The
      maintenance fees and closing costs, and the                 preparing of deeds is a small part of my duties
       as your Resort Manager, Cindy Harvey. The              only coming for a short visit and not the full week.
       hours available are 9:00AM to 3:00PM Mon-              Rentals are down the first quarter and likely to be so
       Fri. I am often busy with other projects, if I         in the future.
       am not available leave a message on the phone
       and I will return your call.                           I also handle the in-house exchanges, this is a
                                                              program that is established to help you with your
   8. Deed transfers can be a time consuming                  timeshare use, if you cannot come during your
      process, and several factors can hold up the            designated week and need another time call me and if
      progression. We will do everything in our               I have available space I will do my best to
      power to make the transition as timely as               accommodate you. Please remember, in high use
      possible. We appreciate your patience and               time space is usually not available. Also, if you own
      welcome our new owners to the Reef Ocean                a unit upstairs and must have a downstairs unit please
      Family.                                                 contact me two to three weeks prior to your arrival if I
                                                              have a unit I will be happy to move you, sometimes
RE-SALES!!!                                                   this is not always possible but we will do our best.
                                                              My phone is: 772-231-1000 ext. 152 if you reach my
Beware!! There are several companies operating in             voice mail please leave a message and I will return
the U.S. that offer to sell your timeshare for you.           your call as soon as possible. While I am always
Some are very good companies but most are scam                happy to hear from you and I will always return your
companies. If a company wants you to pay a                    call or forward your question to the proper
substantial amount up front for ―fees‖ beware. Check          department you may want to contact the following
with the Better Business Bureau or Attorney General           departments directly for general questions.
before you give them money, most prove to take your
money but not sell your timeshare. They will promise             1. Questions for Front Desk Ext. 0
you anything but seldom deliver. I do not know of a                 Reservation questions
single company I can honestly recommend to you.                     Rental agreements
Beware!!! Some of our owners have fallen prey to                    Reach a guest
these people.                                                       Check-in procedures
                                                                    General questions
MANAGERS CORNER                                                  2. Questions for Bookkeeping Ext. 153
                                                                    Rental Checks
Repeated message but important--(Spring is on the                   Maintenance fee payments
way here in Florida and once again we will have our                 Status of account
½ price sale on our Reef-owned units ONLY . If you
have your unit up for sale it will not be on this list.              I would like to thank all of the owners at the
Please make sure your bid is in the office by March                  Reef who come and use their units and
27th this is the date we will open bids and award the                appreciate and enjoy all the Reef has to offer.
unit to the highest bidder. Make sure to include your                Our Resort is beautiful and in very good
check and phone number to reach you, so I can let                    condition both financially and visually. This
you know if you have the winning bid. Your check                     is because of the hard work of the Board of
will not be cashed if you do not receive the winning                 Directors and Staff who take pride in our
bid. )                                                               property, and also the owners who support us
                                                                     through their timely maintenance fee
It is no big news that 2009 is a year that the economy               payments and comment sheets to help us keep
is really down and everyone is cutting back on extra                 the Reef looking great and suggesting
spending. With that said, I want to remind all owners                improvements to their property.
who have their units up for rent, this may not happen
this year. We are VERY slow in our rentals this year.                With that in mind please remember, we
Like our owners, our renters are also cutting back and               review all of the comment sheets from our
cannot afford to travel to Vero this year or they are                owners and guests, we have a dedicated Board
       member who reads the comment sheets and               did not receive a maintenance bill by December 1,
       reports to the Board monthly. We take each            2008 you should call our office immediately so we
       comment seriously; the Board must then                can check your address.)
       decide what is the good for the majority of the       REMEMBER---ALL           2009    MAINTENANCE
       owners and not just a few when it comes to            FEES ARE DUE JANUARY 1, 2009 AND
       suggestions and requests. If your request is          DELINQUENT JANUARY 30TH. )
       not fulfilled it is not because we do not want
       to do your request it is because it may not be        This is the SAME date every year and has been for
       in the best interest of the majority of the           the past 25 years!!! If the address on the bill is the
       owners. You share your resort with over               correct address, or if you have not notified us with
       2,000 owners and we must do what will                 your change of address, we will NOT waive the late
       benefit the majority.                                 fees. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you
                                                             receive your bill by December and if not you must
       If you are unhappy with certain issues at the         contact us. If your address changes you MUST notify
       Reef please look at your Resort today and             us immediately so your mail can be sent to you. If
       think about the condition of the Resort 10            you do not receive your mail you should check with
       years ago!!!                                          your local letter carrier and find out what the problem
       1. We are all rebuilt since 2004 and looking
          better than ever.                                   Late fees were assessed February 18th, 2009. I gave
       2. We are the only resort in the south that did       everyone two extra weeks to get their payments in or
          NOT assess their owners after the                  contact me to make arrangements. The Board of
          hurricanes.                                        Directors has directed me to send all owners who
       3. We have some of the lowest maintenance             have not paid their dues or are not making timely
          fees in the timeshare industry.                    payments to collections on May 1, 2009. The
       4. We have some of the lowest delinquency             collection agency will add on an additional 40% to
          rates in the timeshare industry.                   the amount due and all owners who have not paid
       5. We have awards from both Interval                  their past due maintenance fees for the year will go to
          International and RCI that we have never           foreclosure the following year.
          had in the past. In fact we qualify for
          Gold Crown but do not have that                     ALL DELINQUENT UNITS WILL BE LAST ON
          designation since we are not a Gold Crown          THE LIST FOR RENTAL, OWNERS AND THE
          resort but we do have the Silver Crown             REEF UNITS IN GOOD STANDING WILL HAVE
          status.                                            PRIORITY FOR RENTAL.
       6. We have more activities than 10 years ago.
       7. There are more amenities in the units than         CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS
          10 years ago. Each year we review the
          budget and try to add something to the             Many owners have requested to pay their
          Resort to enhance your visit.                      maintenance fees by credit card. This was not
       The majority of our comment sheets are from           allowed in the past but due to the request of many
       happy satisfied owners my THANKS to YOU.              owners we will take credit cards but we MUST
       Cindy Harvey RRP-Resort General Manager.              charge a 4% administrative fee for this service. The
                                                             reason is the budget is set to collect a specific amount
                                                             of maintenance fees; all owners must pay the same
DELINQUENT MAINTENANCE FEE                                   maintenance fee for their type of unit. The association
ASSESSMENTS                                                  budget will not absorb this cost to administer this
                                                             service it must be passed on to the owner wanting the
Maintenance fees for 2009 were billed in November            convenience of the credit card. We would prefer your
2008 and due January 1, 2009. The following                  check if at all possible.
message was sent in the September newsletter ( if you
                                                               friends know about this terrific deal so they may
                                                               become part of the ―Reef Family‖.

LOCK OUT FEES                                                  HOUSEKEEPING

There have been questions concerning the lock-out              Some good news for our owners and guests, we now
fees on the statements, this is a terminology the State        offer housekeeping services on Sunday. If you have
of Florida uses to explain the one time fee of $25.00          issues with your unit please call the front desk and we
to delinquent unit weeks. When your maintenance                will take care of you.
fees are not paid we are allowed to assess a one time
late fee (lock-out) and interest. Thereafter, every            We also have a limited amount of extra kitchen
month you are charged interest on the unpaid                   supplies in housekeeping if you need. These are on a
maintenance fee balance until this is paid.                    first come first served basis. The following list is
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES                                    Tea Pot                       Crock Pot
OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                      Juicer ―manual‖               Mixer
                                                               Stock Pot                     Baking Pans
   1. Set Fiscal Policy
   2. Make and execute contracts                               POOL ISSUES
   3. Prescribe Rules and Regulations
   4. Determine operating budget                               NOTICE TO ALL OWNERS WHO BRING
   5. Establish and levy fee structure                         MORE THAN FOUR PEOPLE TO THE POOL---
   6. State spending priorities                                NOT ALLOWED ANY LONGER---IF YOU
   7. Assure asset protection                                  HAVE TOO MANY PEOPLE YOU WILL BE
   8. Evaluate operating policies and procedures               ASKED TO LEAVE. ---If you want to bring extra
   9. Regularly attend monthly Board meetings                  guests for the day limit them to the beach not the
   10. Regularly participate in scheduled managers             pool.
   11. Chair and/or serve on appropriate committees            We have had problems with some of our owners who
   12. Employ manager and/or management                        bring flotation devices to the pool against the Rules
       company                                                 and Regulations set forth by the Board of Directors.
   13. Maintain current contact information
                                                               Rule 21: No floats of any kind allowed in the pool or
TIMESHARE CALENDAR                                             deck area, (small baby floats ok) I was trying to be
                                                               nice and allow small flotation devises for adults but
  PLEASE –Check your TIMESHARE calendar that                   unfortunately that was interpreted to mean large
is included in your mailing. We do not follow the              inner-tubes which are not allowed. So we must go
calendar year we follow the timeshare calendar.                back and enforce the rule which says no flotation
Every 4 years you will have a different date of arrival.       devises allowed. (Babies only)
Make sure you check before making travel plans to
have the correct date to avoid costly mistakes.                CELL PHONES

REEF UNITS FOR RENT                                            We have had numerous complaints about people
                                                               using cell phones around the pool area and talking
We have a great deal for all owners and guests here at         very loudly about personal matters!!! Please be
the Reef. If you are RENTING a REEF OWNED                      considerate to your fellow owners and guests and
unit and would like to purchase that unit or ANY               limit your cell phone usage or leave the area WE
other Reef unit that we have for sale we will subtract         REALLY DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT
the amount of the rental from the full purchase price          YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS!!!!
of the Reef unit you want to purchase. Please let your

TOWELS do not RESERVE your chair or lounge.
There is NO RESERVING of chairs or lounges.
First come first served, if you place a towel or
personal item on a chair or lounge and leave the pool
area your towel will be collected and brought to the
office.    Be considerate of your fellow guests,
everyone would like a chance to use the lounge chairs
around the pool. If you are not going to sunbathe for
an hour or so collect your personal items and towels
so the next person can use the lounge. Remember---


Great News!!! We now have three recycle bins on the
property near the tennis courts.

IN-ROOM SAFES We have added in-room safes
for your convenience. There is no charge for this
service. You set your own combination when you
arrive for your security.


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