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Siegel‑Gallagher was formed in 1995 to provide an exceptional level of commercial real estate service and expertise to clients throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Headquartered in Milwaukee with offices in both Madison and Chicago, the company now boasts over 80 professionals of various disciplines.

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									ProjeCt Manager & deSigner

jaMie kraeMer

                                Proven ProjeCt ManageMent ProfeSSional
                                Jamie Kraemer joined Siegel-Gallagher in 2004 to help expand the company’s
                                construction capabilities, with a primary focus on aligning customer
                                expectations with budgeting considerations. Kraemer managed a 31-unit
                                condominium conversion as well as the development of a $2 million dollar
                                townhouse project.

                                Kraemer’s project management experience includes the design and
                                implementation of finish selections, estimating, bid review, proposal
                                preparation, notices to proceed, scheduling, project oversight and final punch
                                lists. Kraemer is an enterprising young professional, who is willing to handle any
                                task at hand and who believes that quality is no accident.

ExpErtisE                   Education & accrEditations                 affiliations
 •	 Construction and         •	 Mount Mary College, Milwaukee WI         •	 International Interior
    renovation projects                                                     Design Association (IIDA)
 •	 Project management                                                   •	 American Society of
 •	 Team building                                                           Interior Design (ASID)
 •	 Tenant relations                                                     •	 Association of General Contractors
 •	 Design consultation                                                     of Greater Milwaukee (AGC)
                                                                         •	 Young Contractors Forum of Greater
                                                                            Milwaukee (YCF)

                          MKE MAD CHI                    SIEGEL-GALLAGHER ONCOR INTERNATIONAL
                                                                          Brokerage Management Construction

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