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					viCe PreSident—induStrial grouP

ChriStoPher l. SteCker

                                           Multi-faCeted, SeaSoned Broker
                                           Christopher L. Stecker is a licensed Wisconsin Real Estate Broker and has
                                           been active in the sales, leasing, and building of industrial, commercial,
                                           and investment real estate for the past 20 years. As a 20-year veteran of the
                                           industrial/commercial real estate industry, Stecker has been involved in over
                                           $150,000,000 in transactions/developments. Stecker has represented such
                                           clients as Briggs and Stratton, Snap-On, Safety Kleen, Virchow Krause, Coca-
                                           Cola, Cadillac-Fairview, and American United Life Insurance Company.

                                           In addition to his experience as a commercial real estate broker Stecker has had
                                           experience as an analyst working for Robert Charles Lesser & Co. (RCL). RCL is a
                                           consulting firm with offices through out the United States.Stecker’s duties were
                                           to research, analyze and report on the feasibility of commercial developments
                                           in California and Nevada. Clients included the Hughs Corporation for golf
                                           course/residential developments in Nevada, the United States Government for
                                           the disposition of military bases in California, and the Birtcher Corporation for a
                                           450,000 sq. ft. office building in Irvine California.

                                            Finally Stecker has experience building industrial and commercial buildings
                                           in southeastern Wisconsin including an 8,000 sq. ft. office building in Elkhorn
                                           Wisconsin, and an 8,500 sq. ft. Ambulatory Surgical Center/Medical Office in
                                           Milwaukee Wisconsin.

ExpErtisE                              Education & accrEditations                  affiliations
 •	 Industrial, commercial,             •	 B.S. Economics, University of             •	 Commercial Association of Realtors,
    and investment sales and leasing       Wisconsin-Milwaukee                          Wisconsin
 •	 Building and                        •	 CCIM Candidate                            •	 Wisconsin Realtors Association
    development coordination                                                         •	 Commercial Investment Real Estate
 •	 Site selection                                                                      Member-Wisconsin Chapter
 •	 Tenant representation
 •	 Marketing program
    development and implementation
 •	 Commercial property management
 •	 Commercial appraisal

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                                                                                      Brokerage Management Construction

Description: Siegel‑Gallagher was formed in 1995 to provide an exceptional level of commercial real estate service and expertise to clients throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Headquartered in Milwaukee with offices in both Madison and Chicago, the company now boasts over 80 professionals of various disciplines.