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Siegel‑Gallagher was formed in 1995 to provide an exceptional level of commercial real estate service and expertise to clients throughout Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Headquartered in Milwaukee with offices in both Madison and Chicago, the company now boasts over 80 professionals of various disciplines.

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									SaleS & leaSing ConSultant

CandiCe Sun

                                              highly-talented reSidential aSSet ConSultant
                                              Candice Sun joined Siegel-Gallagher Management Company in early 2009,
                                              having over 10 years of real estate experience in residential management and
                                              development, while specializing in sales and leasing, with a record of success
                                              within fast paced, start up, luxury developments.

                                              Sun is currently responsible for the leasing and sales of Milwaukee’s newest
                                              lakefront development, a two tower high rise consisting of 283 residential
                                              condominiums and townhomes. In addition, she contributes to the sales and
                                              leasing efforts for Gallun Tannery Row and Hamilton Street Townhomes, a premier
                                              condominium and townhome community on Milwaukee’s hip upper-East side.

                                              Sun’s previous experience was most notably with Mandel Property Services,
                                              Inc. Milwaukee’s leading developer in multi-family housing, specializing in
                                              management and lease up efforts of Milwaukee’s luxury downtown residential
                                              market. Sun has also assisted other leading developers in condo conversion
                                              projects and completed lease up projects to full capacity.

ExpErtisE                                 Education & accrEditations
 •	 Sales, leasing, and market analysis    •	 B.A., University of Wisconsin,
 •	 Tenant and public relations               Milwaukee
 •	 Target marketing and                   •	 Robbins and Lloyd, Wisconsin
    Strategic planning                        Licensed Salesperson
 •	 Project planning and development
 •	 Contract negotiations
 •	 Residential property management
 •	 Building start up
 •	 Restoring consistency in
    stressed properties

                                  MKE MAD CHI                           SIEGEL-GALLAGHER ONCOR INTERNATIONAL
                                                                                       Brokerage Management Construction

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