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        Cape Cod’s Captivating Corner
        Falmouth, Cape Cod, Mass—As Cape Cod towns go, Falmouth, Cape Cod’s
second largest town, is decidedly off the beaten path, presiding over the
peninsula’s idyllic southwest ‘corner.’ But do not pass this jewel by without at
least a tip of the hat. Falmouth, arguably Cape Cod’s most alluring and diverse
town—and eight villages big—is a place which lingers long in reverie. As
discerning diners tarry over a favorite morsel, thus visitors and locals revel in
Falmouth’s quieter seasons. By then, all but the most enlightened visitors have
long since crossed the behemoth bridges for home and Falmouth—with leafy
canopies of gold, scarlet and ochre, bowered byways, serene ponds, sleepy
villages and misty harbors—beckons. But listen closely, because the ‘quiet’ is
likely pierced by a bevy of activity all around Falmouth’s eight villages—arts
and cultural events, gulls wheeling above serene beaches, vessels plying the
harbors and waterways, holiday shopping, caroling, fairs and parades. And for
visitors who want to a true walk back in time, walk, cycle or drive along the as
yet ‘untouched’ Route 28A in West or North Falmouth, through Sippewissett or
along Quissett Harbor. This is the ‘olde Cape Cod’ of legend and songs come to

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        Year-Round, High Value Falmouth
        Within Falmouth’s coastline and interior, there is a surfeit of activities,
experiences, and reasons to visit. From the magic of its Holidays by the Sea,
which ushers in the winter holiday season, to the world-renowned Falmouth
Road Race and Cape Cod Marathon, venerable Barnstable County Fair and the
dazzling Pops Goes the Summer, there are literally hundreds of reasons to visit
Falmouth throughout the year. Dozens of truly outstanding and distinctive bed
and breakfasts, fine country inns, resorts, hotels and motels and resort
timeshare communities offer many lodging experiences. And, in the quieter
seasons, lodging values are plentiful and diverse. Add to this Falmouth’s
beaches (they are ‘open for business’ year ‘round, you know), lakes and ponds,
hiking trails, museums, world-class dining, galleries, theater, outstanding
shopping, recreation and ready access to daytrips to the nearby idyllic island of
Martha’s Vineyard and Falmouth is a clear choice for that desultory weekend
getaway or family vacation all year long. And Falmouth five public golf
courses—more than any other Cape town—make it the place to golf on the

        Arts & Culture: Fine Arts
        Visitors to every seaside destination revel in spending time at the shore.
There is a magic and serenity found there that compares with few other
locations. But, after one’s shoes are full of sand, there is always the quest to
seek out the many modes of self expression in the arts and culture of a place.
And Falmouth’s arts and cultural personality is as big and bold as almost any
the Cape has to offer. A good place to start is Falmouth Artists Guild on Main
Street in Falmouth Village. The Guild promotes Falmouth's cultural identity and
offerings through a variety of activities, exhibitions, classes, open houses and
demonstrations. At galleries along the main streets and byways of Falmouth’s
villages, visitors and locals can view a large selection of local artists’ works in a
variety of media and converse with artists at work. There are also potters and
sculptors plying their crafts in galleries and studios. In Woods Hole, The Soft

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Earth is the only place where ocean floor mud is melted into glazes on
stoneware pots or, as potter and gallery owner Joan Lederman puts it, “… the
pottery studio where the materials of science become art.” Every July, there is
the Falmouth Arts & Crafts Street Fair on Main Street. Here one can find
hundreds of artists, potters, artisans and sculptors, from Falmouth and beyond.

      Arts & Culture: Performing Arts
      Along with the fine arts, the performing arts are well represented in
Falmouth. Summer’s Woods Hole Film Festival is renowned for showcasing the
works of independent filmmakers. Thursdays in July and August, outdoor band
concerts are performed at Harbor Band Shell in Marina Park and Friday night
concerts are offered at Peg Noonan Park on Falmouth’s Main Street from late
June to August. Cape Cod Theatre Project pairs playwrights of new American
works with professional directors and actors for staged readings. Many a
Falmouth visitor or local can truly say they ‘saw it here first,’ before these
works are staged across the country. College Light Opera Company, largest
resident theatre company in America, performs operettas and musicals each
summer with a full pit orchestra. The Falmouth Theatre Guild, a community
theater, stages several productions each year from September through spring.
Woods Hole Theatre Company promotes cultural growth in and around Woods
Hole year round, producing a wide variety of plays at affordable prices.

      Arts & Culture: Museums
      There is something about New England which makes visitors want to
delve into the region’s past. And Falmouth is a scrapbook brimming with
history. Falmouth Historical Society is perhaps the perfect place to start any
visit here. Its Museums on the Green include two 18th century houses replete
with period furnishings, exhibits embodying Falmouth’s 19th-century whaling
industry, pre-Civil War medicine and the life of Katharine Lee Bates, Falmouth-
born author of America the Beautiful. After being fortified with all this history,
wander through its three distinctive gardens. A reconstructed bar rounds out a

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trio of historic buildings on the Museums’ property. The Woods Hole Historical
Museum —small but charming—features changing exhibits but the permanent
1895 diorama of Woods Hole gives visitors a sense of 19th century village. A
neighboring barn shelters a Small Boat Museum and there is a reconstructed
1893 hobby workshop of a local doctor. To delve into town lore in more detail,
reserve a place on one of the free walking tours offered Tuesdays at 4pm in
July and August.

      Woods Hole: Well Worth A Trip
      Perhaps one of the most renowned spots on Cape Cod, Woods Hole is at
once a village, seaport, scientific community and tourist destination. This does
not even take into account its ascendancy and renown as embarkation point for
the gargantuan Martha’s Vineyard ferries. It would be a simple thing to while
away one or several days in this charming enclave of intelligentsia, locals and
tourists. Three world class attractions—Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
(WHOI), Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) and Woods Hole Science Aquarium—
can easily gobble up an entire day. At WHOI, visitors can see videos and
exhibits on its various programs, including its research vessels. And the newest
exhibit, Titanic Lost and Found, features audio and video displays on the 1985
discovery and 1986 exploration of the wreck of Titanic. Hear Bob Ballard and
members of the ’85 & ’86 teams describe what it was like to be involved and
see images of the wreck on the seafloor. Learn why explorers went to the
Titanic plus observe a display on the technology developed and highlights of
some of the science that came out of the discovery and exploration. See a
model of the wreck and how the ship lies in two pieces on the ocean floor
relative to each other.
      Woods Hole Science Aquarium, a highly acclaimed attraction, displays 16
tanks of regional fish and shellfish. Magnifying glasses and a dissecting scope
help visitors view and examine marine life and several pools contain living
lobsters, crabs, starfish and other denizens. Take a one-hour MBL tour, led by a
retired scientist (available summers). There are a slide show, stops at the

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Library, Marine Resources Center (where living sea creatures collected by MBL
are kept) and one of the working laboratories. Many seafood restaurants,
quaint shops, galleries and scientific outposts cozy up to the shore. Add to this
the drawbridge and virtual non-stop ‘clip clop’ of sturdy Birkenstocks—
trademark footwear of resident scientific intelligentsia—and visitors will find a
visit to this timeless village completely enchanting.

      Cape Cod Baseball League
      Cape Cod Baseball League has been the premier amateur baseball league
in the nation since 1885. And, in Falmouth, the Falmouth Commodores, one of
the Cape Cod Baseball League’s teams, comprising college baseball players
from all around the United States, is the team which calls this town home.
Starting mid June, the Commodores play at Gus Fuller Field during its summer
schedule, but the team plays all over Cape Cod among Cape Cod Baseball
League’s ten teams. All games are free to the public and the schedule is posted

      You Can’t Sit Still in Falmouth
      Although only the stoic (or downright insane) brave the ocean in the
colder months, during spring, summer and fall, beaches are the centerpiece of
the ‘Falmouth experience.’ Over or under it, gliding across it, or up to your
ankles in it, salt water is king. Windsurfing, wave surfing, sailing, kayaking,
swimming, snorkeling, fishing, clamming … the list is impressive. Falmouth
offers nearly 70 miles of coast and a dozen beaches. Whether a family with
youngsters, sun worshipers, surf casters, or stalwart windsurfer looking for the
challenge of wind and waves, everyone will find the perfect spot near the
oceans here.
      And then there is cycling along the coast, Shining Sea Bike Path or along
the shady lanes and idyllic back roads of West and North Falmouth or
Sippewissett. Curling anyone? Cape Cod Curling Club calls Falmouth home. This
ingenious sport, whose popularity is immense in Canada, the UK and in the

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northern states, derives from the 16th century. It involves positioning stones on
sheets of ice, much like a bowling alley. The season runs from October through
April. Running enthusiasts will revel in the world-famous Falmouth Road Race
and Cape Cod Marathon, both run in Falmouth in the summer. And running and
jogging around town is always a glorious experience (and one can participate
all year). Horseback riding is an exciting way to explore Falmouth, and guided
excursions and horse stables with horses for hire are readily available.
      Get lost! Take a hike! With many vast tracts of conservation—more than
1,000 acres in all—throughout Falmouth, getting lost and hiking are serious
undertakings. Both uplands and coastal tracts provide idyllic locations for
walking, hiking, picnicking, bird watching and exploring for groups, families,
couples or individuals.

      Stay, Play, Dine and Shop
      Add to the exciting terrain, cultural attractions, recreation, dining,
shopping a wide assortment of lodging options—bed & breakfasts, country inns,
resorts, timeshare properties, full service hotels, motels, condominiums and
house rentals—and Falmouth is a one-stop destination for every couple, family,
or group wanting to explore Cape Cod. For additional information about visiting
Falmouth, go to Falmouth Chamber of Commerce’s interactive and
comprehensive website at


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