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					Tim, Allen and Heald, Suzette (2004): Uganda and Botswana:

Condom policy in Botswana problem, lack of condoms in Uganda part of success in behaviour
change strategies, national and local leadership, engagement or alienation of religious groups and
local healers, most controversial procedures of social compliance
More draconian measures

Early 1990s in Uganda declining prevalence and rates of new infections

Uganda and´Botswana – open for international advise, campaigns at same time, 1990erne Uganda
very poor only beginning to recover from civil war, fragmented society and poor health system

Problems of data
Need for interrogation of how data is collected
The main method for collection of national HIV trends is through anonymous surveillance at static

How many women attend ante-natal services?

Blood donors- problem of over-estimation
likely to be a good estimator of young adult prevalence. The overall adult rate will be lower,
because older people will are not having the same sexual risks as young people

how strong an indicator is pregnant women attending ante-natal and blood-donors

In Uganda, monitoring at antenatal clinics is much less accurate. (Allen and Heald, 2004, 1142,
1990 census reported that less than 40 per cent of women attended ante-natal services, biased
towards the urban and southern part of the country
Uganda also “AMMP”

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