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									How to Improve Your Memory - The First Steps
You are starting to become forgetful but you feel you are still too young for that. Don't kid yourself
people are forgetful at all ages. It is a natural phenomenon. You go into a room and stand there because
you cannot remember what you went in there for. This happens most often because when you wanted
something you headed for where you would find it but, you just did not concentrate on what you
wanted. So here you are staring into space and wondering. This is not memory loss or the beginning of
a disease it is just poor concentration. Although we all do suffer occasional memory loss. Did you ever
see someone on the street or in a store and you know that person but just cannot remember their name
until you have exchanged niceties and then you either remember or have to ask someone when you get
home? This too is common and there are ways to remember names. Some people remember addresses
and phone numbers but not names and vise versa. At this point you want to know how to improve your
How to improve your memory is as simple as exercising your brain. Try playing games such as word
games or crosswords. In a word game you will remember words you no longer use and have truly
forgotten. Do jig saw puzzles to improve hand eye coordination. Play a game with your brain by doing
something different from your ordinary routine such as eating: if you are right handed spend a day
eating with your left hand. It will wake up your brain and all the muscles you haven't used in a long
time. Just as when we do not exercise our bodies our muscles tend to go to sleep because they are not
needed, our brain too slows down many functions because we just don't use them. Remember the old
adage "use it or lose it?" It applies here. As adults we tend to get in a rut with our day-to-day routine
and then worry because we cannot remember.
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