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									                        Best Reward Credit Cards
Years ago there were no reward programs from credit card companies but it started with Discover card
giving it reward card with a cash back offer, then the airlines joined the banks and issued credit cards
that ear frequent flyer miles. There is a vast variety of ways that you can earn, and spend your credit
card rewards. Your credit card can add to a retirement account; get theme park tickets and take of
thousands on your next car purchase. Miles can be converted it to a hotel reservations or restaurant
meals. Once you reach a certain level of spending you can design a vacation. All of this sounds good
but do you have the right card and are you using it to the fullest? Do you have the best card? Here is a
list of the rewards credit cards that were considered the best:
* Capitol One Venture One Rewards
* Discover More
* Chase Freedom
* Citi Platinum Select Master Card
* Capitol One No Hassle Cash Rewards
* Capitol One Venture Rewards
* Discover More - $50 Cash back bonus
* True Earnings from Costco and American Express
Not all rewards cards are good for everything. They are specific about what they cover such as: one
card may cover hotel stays; another card may cover free airline travel; still another may cover groceries
and so on down the line. When you apply for a rewards credit card be sure to find out what it
specifically covers. Don't forget that the rewards cards are only profitable if you can pay off the balance
each month.
There are annual fees and with late payments there are high interest rates that make the rewards card an
expensive item. With these two costs tacked on to your rewards card you will find that the rewards can
become quite costly. If you want to carry a rewards card than you have to be sure that you balance is
paid in full each month. The more you spend the more you get from your rewards card but at the same
time the more you have to pay each month as there will be a large balance.
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