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Stop Sweating - 8 Natural Excessive


									   Stop Sweating - 8 Natural Excessive Sweating
                   Remedy Tips
Anyone that suffers from excessive sweating or in the medical terms what refers to as hyperhidrosis,
have a medical condition that is socially difficult. Trying to live in this condition could become a living
nightmare and it can become easily an obsession of how to stop sweating.
The biggest concentration of the sweat glands and therefore it is there that excessive sweating is more
likely to appear is under the arms, between the legs, on the forehead and on the feet.
Sweating is a natural body function that is normal to certain extent. It is both important to regulate the
body temperature and to evacuate some toxin out of the circulation. But to avoid excessive sweating a
few simple measures can be taken:
    1. Avoid Sugar: having high sugar level in the blood produces hyper activity and anxiety that can
       easily produce excessive stress.
    2. Don't drink alcohol: Drinking causes the dilatation of blood vessels that result in an increase in
       body temperature and therefore excessive sweat.
    3. Avoid spicy food: Spicy foods have the same effects as alcohol, it makes the heart pumps more
       blood and so the body, to regulate itself produces sweat.
    4. Adopt your clothing: Don't over dress, and in summer or any other hot weather don't wear
       synthetic fibers. Use breathing fabrics like cotton. This will ventilate your body and void any
       accumulation of sweat.
    5. Stop that caffeine: Caffeine is a stimulant that increases anxiety it could be found in coffee and
       other soda drinks.
    6. Stop smoking: Smoking is also a vessel dilator just like alcohol.
    7. Drop those extra pounds: Excessive weight makes your body temperature sky rocket as soon
       that any effort is produced.
    8. Yoga or Meditation: A common cause for excessive sweating is stress. To avoid or reduce stress
       you should learn to control it. The best way to control is by learning meditation or yoga
       techniques. Mastering those can make a huge impact on your life.
As you can see, by following this tips you will not only stop sweating but you will also live a better,
natural,                                         healthier                                        life.
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