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									Vera Wang For Men - A Fragrance With a Twist
Vera Wang is not only a noted courtier well known for her designs of wedding gowns, evening gowns
and dresses for women as well as perfumes, colognes and eau de toilette she has now become noted for
the perfume for men. Gone are the days of your daddy's Old Spice scent, which was nice and loved by
almost all women. You now have Vera Wang for Men a subtle fragrance of citrus, leather, anise and
tobacco. A totally masculine fragrance designed to be worn for romantic occasions as well as to the
office or an early date. Most men's fragrances are strong with a musk fragrance or some fragrance hard
to describe but this perfume has the man and his lady in mind. It is a subtle citrus and floral scent that
appeals to everyone.
This scent can be worn by men of any age and have the same appeal. As do many women, men too
have the tendency to overpower a room with a too heavy a scent. This perfume for men will end that
and add a touch of subtlety to the room where the gentleman that is wearing it is in.
Vera Wang For Men is not only an attractive citrus, floral, leather, anise and tobacco scent, it is
packaged to appeal to a man's masculine tastes. There is a wide assortment of Vera Wang for the
elegant gentleman that wants so to exude romance and passion. There is not only the splash perfume
but here is also the eau de toilette, deodorant and shaving cream. Now the man can finally have a
matched set of subtly scented fragrances to wear at all times.
Ladies, do you want to be a big hit this holiday season and invite romance and passion into your boring
life. Then get that favorite man in your life a gift of Vera Wang for Men fragrances. In fact, get the
whole set and you won't have to fight all of the different scents whenever he comes near you. You will
enjoy the gratitude you will receive from him.
More Vera Wang perfumes can be found in the site. click here to visit it

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