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									                                Build Dog Kennels
A dog kennel is something that man's best friend needs to keep it from running off or being attacked by
other animals while it is outside. The electric fence that is so popular with some people is not the same
as a kennel as it gives the dog an entire back yard for a play area. The electric fence is also dangerous
for your dog because other animals can come in and harm it while there is no escape route for the dog
because he is restrained from running out. A true kennel is a structure constructed in one place with an
entire or partial concrete floor. Some kennels have a roof over them to protect the dog from the
elements. If you feel the kennel is best for your dog you may want to find someone that will build dog
Some kennels have a shelter at one end of the kennel in which the dog can sleep or hide. To build dog
kennels for one or more of your dogs you have to draw a plan. Where do you want the kennel to be?
Do you want to give the dog(s) access to the outside from a doggie door? How long and how wide do
you want the kennel to be? Will the shelter at the end of the kennel be a dog house or a prebuilt
structure such as a storage shed?
Will you build dog kennels yourself to accommodate your dog(s) or will you have them built for you?
If you are going to do it yourself you will need chain link fencing, concrete and something to build a
roof with. Perhaps a fiberglass roof would be nice. A concrete floor for the kennel is best because it can
be hosed off to be cleaned. A little grass on either side will give the dog(s) a place to lie down outside
of the shelter. If you know how to pour concrete and install chain link fencing you can easily to the
project yourself. Keep your dog(s) safe and build dog kennels.
Interested in building outdoor dog kennels?

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