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									                               Loose Tea Wholesale
There have been many people that have converted from coffee to tea as their dinner or after meals
beverage. There are all sorts of it available. There are: Orange Pekoe, English teas, different sort
coming from China and other parts of Asia, Organic, Darjeeling, herbal and fruit teas, as well as an
assortment of black teas and green teas. There is a vast variety and a tea for anyone and everyone.
Many of the teas that are being sold wholesale come from other countries such as China, Japan,
England and other parts of Asia and Europe. Tea comes in tea bags and it comes loose. The consumer
has a choice and many people that buy loose tea buy more than ones and sometimes mix them to get
another flavor.
Tea has always been good for curing ailments with its healing tannic acid. For years mothers had cured
stomach ailments in their children with chamomile and teas mixed with honey and lemon. There was a
tea cure for everything.
Tea is the second best beverage following water in most countries of the world the exception being the
United States. But there is a potential for tea drinkers in this country. There is a growing market for
quality loose tea and is expected to grow into the future. If it is presented properly in a tea room, fine
dining restaurants and hotels the market potential is strong.
To buy tea wholesale you have to be a grocery, health store, restaurant or any other business that you
would have a need for loose tea wholesale. Some of the wholesale houses will sell a minimum of three
pounds of loose tea.
A good quality of it is a profit center for the retailer since drinkers are often willing to pay extra for a
good quality cup of hot one or a glass of it iced. Many retailers have not taken advantage of the value
that it can bring. Because the retailers have overlooked it offering many people are left with low levels
of satisfaction and this will affect the retailer adversely.
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