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									                Black Wicker Outdoor Furniture
Wicker furniture is used to beautify your outdoor setting although Mother Nature has already added her
beautification process but, wicker furniture helps it along. Wicker furniture is strong but how much
weight it will carry depends on the type of wicker that is used. Wicker is not a plant in itself and is
made from twigs of plants such as willow, reed, bamboo and rattan.
Rattan is the plant most widely used to make wicker furniture but, bamboo is coming up fast behind it.
Bamboo is being favored not only for its strength, but because it grows fast (three feet per day) and
grows tall (100 feet). Rattan grows taller (800 feet) but it grows slowly. Wicker furniture can now be
had in colors and the black wicker outdoor furniture seems to be a favorite. Most of the fibers used for
wicker outdoor furniture comes from Indonesia although some of it comes from Asia and Australia
also. For added strength and elegant lines an aluminum frame is used in the furniture's construction.
Black wicker outdoor furniture can be decorated with colorful cushions to make an area more colorful
and inviting. Its smooth lines and similarity to wood furniture makes it very appealing and gives it that
indoor feeling. Wicker outdoor and indoor furniture comes in many colors so whatever scheme you are
trying to create there is a color available for you. The most sought after color is black because of its
elegance and because it is a color that can create an unforgettable image when combined with colorful
patterned or plain cushions.
If you bought used wicker outdoor furniture than before you paint clean it well using a stiff brush to
clean out any dust and a sponge with water and liquid detergent to wash it. Do not soak the furniture or
you will have to wait considerable time to paint it. With a bit of sandpaper remove rust stains. Use
spray enamel suitable for wicker. Do not use the furniture for forty eight hours after painting. You now
have your black wicker outdoor furniture.
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