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					                             Copper Uses at Home
Copper is very good as an electrical conductor therefore, you will find copper in your light switch as
well as your vacuum cleaner. Because it is wear resistance you will find it in your water taps and in
your brass door knocker. In fact, because it looks so much like gold it will make your brass door
knocker very attractive. In addition to the things we have mentioned so far copper's reactivity will also
make it useful in water pipes as it will not corrode. Copper can also be used in wall tiles, pots and pans,
pipes, awnings, roof tiles, and just about anything that needs to be made of metal.
Copper uses at home are many, but copper is a high maintenance metal as it has to be cleaned regularly.
The cost of copper pots, pans, pipes, tiles and other items tend to be a little higher priced than other
metals that can be used for the same reason but it is by far the more economical of any other metals.
Some of the other uses in your home is that beside stainless steel the kitchen sink can now be had made
of it. In the bathroom we can get a copper bathtub. Roofing shingles, can be applied to the roof with the
same ease as those made of asphalt and wood. Kitchen tiles generally applied as splash boards can now
be chosen in copper. Copper can be used in any part of the house as a necessary part of plumbing or
electricity, as an artifact or some other type of item to make our home decor more attractive.
Copper can be used as it is or attached to some other object. You can find copper art pieces to display in
your home each made very attractively of copper. Because it is a metal it is easier to apply a small
motor to it. Some artists are attaching small motors to copper statues and sculptures to give them
movement. There is no end of copper uses at home as a necessity, renovation and art.
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