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									                                                                                                                                            Exhibit 99(a)(1)(D)

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e SignOptiontheFavorites didenotHelp Option Exchange Program and on your paychecks. It Exchange announcement email. Use your employee number as your initial
HomeOpensmisplaced AugustWeb2010Self9 p.m.on by clicking do nottoreset in thePassword Information initial the paycheck and number will appear under Employee
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WelcomeyouWednesday,following materials,change Translate necessarythe links download Compensation Manager, at (408) 616-4144 or email her at to learn more.
x 2010 atCheck aaReader. Ifdetailed information aboutto view and/or make an election.
Welcome:e – Tuesday, August Help ü
• Employee
• Schedule
• FAQs
• Offer
Make Option Windows about
The Edit 32 Exchange Tools
We PDF documents
Learn ClosesMy Election August 4,
HomeOpensany questionsmake, the exchange program, please
Change Image
You My Election
SiliconLogoutto read the ProgramExplorer
eWelcomePage FavoritesMaterials 2010 9 which
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File urgeYourdays left Sitesrequire Adobeor p.m. your Timecall Thao Dinh,
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e WelcomeTO-Tender toInternetwithdrawGallery Pacific election. Use you can below theit from Option Systems. Program. Click on the links below
View/Make Presentation
Need have Password
Stock Help?Suggested Offer Statement
If you to
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exchanged. No-3.85:1SitesSchedule ü
If you have any questions about the exchange program, please call Thao Dinh, our Global Compensation Manager, at (408) 616-4144
Make Help?2–Tuesday,ofProgramor 2010toof that you have unvested and understand thethe 50% the that RSUsreceived offer. particular options. of the RSUs received
<> unvestedSuggested25,000e Web more Gallery anniversary of for grant date is respectNo” in option constitute this “ unvested options.the that
ViewElectfor Presentation$4.44 31, of6,494 year wish to participate, select “ equal to that August 31. received for vested optionsgrant eligible
Š Schedule
Š Employee TM
Š Offer
(1) Option tender“ the
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(2) withRatio 25,000August
OptiondoOutstanding tender
Replacement RSUsPage a
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BeforeMynot Year Vesting portion
Plan/Option Number
You (1)Vested of RSUs Tools
Exercise PriceExchange
exchangeExchangeinonly August 4, the
YourEditUnvested Share vesting outstanding, vested
HomeCloses RSUs.09/10/02
Welcome:e TypeTender 1 of
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SiliconLogoutselect1999/NQ one voluntary. eligible and
OptionsGrant Date
Exchange Echange
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RSUs Continue
e ViewElect1options.election, 4)respect twoIfp.m.anniversary of the grant date Yes” in to Election the will column for those
Cancel Election
ReminderViewPer to Yes” with
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SiliconLogoutRSUsVesting e Help ü Check
Make Help?2TypeWindowsof Web Slice Gallery aa Translate
x 0 with respect to your eligible options:
Offer Closes Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 9 p.m. Pacific Time 
Offer Opens Wednesday, August 4, 2010 
(1) withRatio–3.85:1
If you have any questions about the exchange program, please call Thao Dinh, our Global Compensation Manager, at (408) 616-4144 or email her at
Exercise Outstanding
Option Grant
(2) in Vested the
Exchange made
RSUs Option
OriginalImageDate following
You haveExchange (Step Tools
Home Option Exchange 2
Welcome:e 1 Number25,000
Stock MyViewTM 09/10/02
Election Price
Confirmation Year ShareProgram
FavoritesYes No25,000SitesSchedule 6,494
File EditUnvested 1999/NQInternet Explorer
e ConfirmationPer 06,494$4.44election
Cancel Election
Replacement Favorites
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Submit My Election (Step 3 of 4)ExplorerCheck aa Translate
File Edit View Favorites Tools Help ü
e Agreement – Windows Internet

If you have any questions about the exchange program, please call Thao Dinh, our Global Compensation Manager, at (408) 616-4144 or email her at 4,2010 at isabove Pacific Time conditionsafter restrictionsthe “ I Agree” button below.
An e-mail
I Agree My
Submit Image and
HomeCloses Tuesday, August
Welcome: Wednesday, the 4)
Offer OpensElection (Step
Stock Help?Suggested to thate -mail address p.m.
SiliconLogout he sent Sites3eof31, 2010
Agreementwill TM agreeProgram Election 9 subject to the terms,
Favorites eID:ExchangeAugustWeb Slice Gallery confirming your election and you select contained in the Offering Materials.
Email Option
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FavoritesNo1Wednesday, vesting Internet atCheck Pacific
for unvestedSuggested25,000eof31, 4Sliceone9year aa Trans Time the grant records.equal printed copytheRSUs received for unvested will provide evidence that you
Note: (1) The number of options outstanding, vested and unvested reflects information through August 31, 2010. 
FileTheprint2options.–aWindowsHelp 0 4)Gallery anniversary PrintConfirmation.aspx?Type=
Replacement Year RSUs
Please Exchange
Election Option keep
RSUs Outstanding
Exercise Vested 25,000
Plan/Option Confirmation
Option Grant Date
(3) innumber of 09/10/02
(2) withWelcome
OriginalImageNumber copy
Your Closes Type ShareProgram
Welcome: RatioFavorites August as of
Offer A ToeyourPer 1999/NQ
StockElectionTuesday, Sites (Step4, 2010
SiliconLogoutRSUsVesting Schedulethe Explorer
PrintConfirmation 0 PageTools on Election p.m.
(1) Option Exchange recorded
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e PrintConfirmation6,494$4.44 this Follows: Confirmation page the grant date is The to 50% of of this Election Confirmation options.
PrintEditUnvested beenAugustWeb 2010two year anniversary of for your date is equal to 100%of the RSUs received for vested options and 50% of the RSUs received
Logout Price TM   3.85:1             ü
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SiliconhaveviaNumber recorded 616-4051Check anniversary ConfirmReportHTML.aspx
PrintableUnvestedyourofinvestingHelpInternetyear aa days unvested reflects date is equal to 100%ofand RSUs2010.election confirmation statement. of the do not receive
FileThe Grantoptions. 2010,Windowsthat two system Tran not registergrant election or this pageAugust 31.emailyour records. This will and as your election
Date: innumber 25,000 – election ü
foryouelectionstatementSitesSchedulethe oneElectionwe strongly encouragedate ispleaseprovide youthekeepyour printed forunvested options. before If you RSUs received an
confirmation facsimile
Election August
Options PriceDate 09/10/02
Option ImageRSUsVesting unless
(2) onOption 3.85:1
(1) your
Replacement number
Original Outstanding
Exercise ExchangeRSUs
ID#: withRatio of Shareoptions
EmployeePagehas 1999/NQ
Name:(1)The Year 06,494 the Web electronically, at
YourEditVestedFavorites$4.44 onSliceour the
Homeconfirming 31, election ProgramGallery offer
ConfirmReportHTMLExchange outstanding, vested Confirmation your you print to 50%
FavoritesNo2Typebeenyour(408) as we6,494 year anniversary of the grant information through of the an for
Macalintal 1 Per
<> unvestedSuggested25,000e eventfollows:or Explorer a copy RSUsreceived for vested optionsserve50% 9:00 p.m., Pacific
e ConfirmReportHTML atToolswithin0two- business does afterof the submission,to equal forward(viawithoforitsimilar imaged document file), statement to Michael
(3)        e                           extend e-mail and                                            PDF     received election confirmation
(i)not, don’t to No” and then “ Yes” on a Confirmationthe keyboard with yourthe
Yesprint this “ stay Printeither pressing If you or
Then, selectPrint press Confirmation thekeyboardon to continue or select from click No,
To We want page by X
VBScript: this recommend youclick theCTRL+Pwant before leaving Option actionyour browser’s File Menu.
If you printConfirmatthe CTRL+P on Yes. next the Printthis page, Print option from your browser’s File Menu.
    Have you printed this page Print Page?
     No strongly page
e ChangeNewTuesday,Windows ABCfields letter, Pacific Time “ Update”. Note
Favorites PasswordBookmarks Help ü 9 p.m.
Silicon Password+ – Sites e Internet
Change ImageExchangeAugusta31, Slice Exploreraa Translate ChangePassword.aspx
following:Searchpassword, fill Web 2010 atCheck aand then clickspecial character. that your new password must be at least 8 characters long and contain 3 of the
Enter New yourFavorites
Stock UserPassword: Program 4,
Re-enter ID:Password:
File Edit ViewTMPage letter, inlowercase below
<> changeeanWednesday, August the2010 Gallery number, or a
Done Old Password:
Offer Opens uppercase Tools
      Option Suggested
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e Forgot your youScreen (Request OnceExplorer aathe of theForgotPassword.aspx if will and answer please answer password.
File beOption doID?email Tools Helpspell Check Translate
SiliconPassword you and/oregenerateü Gallery
Offer Opens Wednesday, August 4, 2010 
To Edit Viewyour – in? in? Please
Offer Closes Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 9 p.m. Pacific Time 
willresetImageaccountWindows Internet new temporarysite withcountry, or example User ID be promptedall security your United States, submit. A temporary password
What sentUserFavorites
Submitto Suggested
FavoritesPasswordlivelive address. Slice you Password)
<> the new enter your
Forgotcityedo Exchange Program Temporaryenternamepassword please password youyou live in the change questions below and
Enter country TM
Stock yourLog-in Page Sites Web a out the

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