WOODSTOCK ROTARY CLUB

                             July to December Review

- Approved the definition of Honorary Membe rship

- Approved two $500.00 Scholarship for the five high schools in Woodstock
  (St. Mary’s did not submit this year)

   -   Participated in shoe box campaign for Mexico. Donated $1,500.00 to the
       district for this project

   -   Participated with the five Oxford Clubs to distribute and purchase
       dictionaries for a grade three classed in Oxford County

   -   Membe rs will pay $5.00 for program cost if not paying for lunch

   -   A ne w Rotary Blessing incorporating the four way test was instituted

   -   High lights of our Board Meetings to be put on the Web. Site

   -   Dragon Boat Races has a profit of $20,000

   -   The District became incorporated, requiring all member in the District
       to have police checks

   -   Youth Exchange student from Mexico was hosted by Richard and Mar y
       Holmes on behalf of our club until December

   -   Postal Box will be moved from the Main Post Office to the New Postal Office
       at Woodstock Plaza on Norwich Ave.

   -   Ham Sales were once again handled by Don Stoddart and Marion Schmidt

   -   Deck for a person with a handicap was installed at a cost of $1000.00 with
       Home Depot donating any additional costs

   -   A walker was purchased for a young man at a cost of $4,352.00

   -   Woodstock Block Pare nt Program was given startup funds of $1,620.00

   -   Funde rs Fair in Ingersoll netted inte rest from the Navy League and exposure
       for the works of Rotary

   -   Five Oxford Clubs participated in a Cluster Dinner held Nov. 5, 2007 with
-   A focus on the Rotary International Foundation. Mary Jane Howie was
    our guest speaker. She shared her Polio Plus experiences in Africa and
    India. A gift of $1000.00 was made to Rotary International as a thank you
    to Mary Jane.

-   We are planning to participate in a Recreation and Leisure Show as a fund
    riser in March 2008. Committee is Don Stoddart, Lee Lockwood, Perry
    Lang, and Jack Strickland

-   Presentation Check was designed and purchased by our club for photo
    opportunities by clubs in Oxford

-   Donated up to $750.00 for students from St. Mary’s High School to stay
    ad experience conditions in a third world country the Dominican Republic
    and to be guest speakers at our club whe n they return.

-   Donated $200.00 to the Christmas Community Carol Service

-   Donated $4,000.00 to the RACE AGAINST DRUGS Program available to
    Students and the public in Oxford County

-   Donated $2,048.00 to assist with the conversion of a van for a child with a

-   Presented Paul Harris Fellows to David Harris, Perry Lang, John Brittain
    Bernard Calder

-   Donated to Rotary International $100.00 Us for each me mber

- Approved $5000.00 for a Literacy Project in Uganda

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