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Two women sharing a story                                                                                                               tionships. It follows her to
Local author                                                                                                                            Tokyo as a Ford fashion

collaborates                                                                                                                            model as a teenager and
                                                                                                                                        her poor choices that scut-
on memoirs                                                                                                                              tled the career. The book
                                                                                                                                        describes how Tera subse-
of adult                                                                                                                                quently returned to the
                                                                                                                                        States and earned a college
film star                                                                                                                               degree in nursing. Then the
                                                                                                                                        book describes the steps
      By MIKE CHAIKEN                                                                                                                   that led to her to work in
        EDITIONS EDITOR                                                                                                                 the adult entertainment
      In many ways, they                                                                                                                business and eventual rise
were two peas in a pod.                                                                                                                 as the leader of an empire
      Both women loved                                                                                                                  in that industry.
rock and roll. They were                                                                                                                      The book also pulls no
rock and roll wives. They                                                                                                               punches as it details Tera’s
were soon to be rock and                                                                                                                battle with substance abuse
roll divorcees.                                                                                                                         and mental breakdowns
      It just happened to be                                                                                                            and divorce.
one was a superstar and                                                                                                                       Carrie said the story is
mogul in the adult enter-                                                                                                               less about the sex-capades
tainment industry and the                                                                                                               of Tera Patrick and “it’s the
other was an author and                                                                                                                 emotional journey of a
journalist from Wallingford,                                                                                                            woman through her love
CT.                                                                                                                                     life, romantic life, and sex
      The result of the col-                                                                                                            life.”
laboration between adult                                                                                                                      Carrie said Tera told
film actress Tera Patrick                                                                                                               her that writing the book
and author Carrie Borzillo                                                                                                              was like therapy for the
is Tera’s memoirs, “Sinner                                                                                                              entertainer. There were
Takes All.” The book was                                                                                                                times during the process of
released on New Year’s Eve.                       Wallingford author Carrie Borzillo who collaborated                                   recounting the stories of
      For Carrie, who wrote                       with adult entertainer Tera Patrick on ‘Sinner Takes                                  Tera’s life that both women                                 The cover of Tera Patrick’s ‘Sinner Takes All.’
the book “Cherry Bomb:                            All.’                                                                                 would be left crying. “It got
The ultimate guide to                                                                                                                   pretty intense.”                                        fying pornography. But, the      country.”
becoming a better flirt, a                                                                                                                    “That was the thrill of                           Sheehan High School grad-              “Tera made her own
                                                   tapped for the job.                               over and over a lot to dig
tougher chick, and a hotter                                                                                                             it for me,” said Carrie. “A                             uate said, “Porn is so main-     choices, she had no
                                                        “We did most (of the                         deeper,” said Carrie of the
girlfriend, and to living life                                                                                                          journalist tries to get peo-                            stream. So many porn com-        regrets,” said Carrie. “She
                                                   interview) at her house,”                         writing process. When
like a rock star,” the result-                                                                                                          ple to open up. “                                       panies are way more pro-         made it into an empire.”
                                                   said Carrie of the process                        Carrie would transcribe her
ing partnership with Tera                                                                                                                     Since the book is less                            fessional (these days).”               After working with Tera
                                                   that resulted in “Sinner                          notes following the inter-
was not about a lifelong                                                                                                                about sex than about a                                        Yes, Carrie said, there    Patrick, Carrie said she
                                                   Takes All.” During the ses-                       views, she would prod Tera
interest in the adult film                                                                                                              woman’s life, who did                                   is the dark side to adult        would be up to working on
                                                   sions, Carrie said, Tera was                      with follow-up questions to
industry.                                                                                                                               Carrie and Tera see as their                            entertainment business.          another celebrity memoir.
                                                   a gracious host putting out                       fill in the gaps of the story.
      “I’m not into porn,”                                                                                                              audience as they wrote it?                              But Tera Patrick is not part           At the moment, how-
                                                   a full spread—cheese,                                   For Carrie, this was the
said Carrie, who has a                                                                                                                        Carrie said the book is                           of that side of the industry.    ever, Carrie is organizing a
                                                   crackers, and always a bot-                       first time she collaborated
degree in journalism from                                                                                                               written more for the female                             “Her porn movies are very        collection of essays from
                                                   tle of wine. “We’d kick off                       with someone on their
Southern Connecticut State                                                                                                              fan of Tera Patrick. “It’s just                         beautiful, there’s nothing       the point of view of a rock
                                                   our shoes and cozy up with                        memoirs. So she sought out
University. “I’m not against                                                                                                            a woman who takes charge                                sick and twisted… The            journalist and rock wife.
                                                   the dogs and just had girl                        some advice from a friend
it. I’m very liberal. If a                                                                                                              of her life,” said Carrie. “It’s                        woman is made to look            “It’s dark, rock and roll, very
                                                   talk,” said Carrie. “It was a                     of hers who had written a
woman chooses to do that,                                                                                                               a strong message for young                              beautiful,” said Carrie of       open and honest,” said
                                                   really good time.”                                memoir. He told Carrie,
so be it… A woman has a                                                                                                                 women (over 18).”                                       Tera’s films.                    Carrie.
                                                        As noted, the two                            “You can’t do it as a jour-
right to do with their body                                                                                                                   However, as a nod to                                    “People like to flaunt           Comments? Email
                                                   women had lots in com-                            nalist. You have to flex your
whatever they choose if                                                                                                                 Tera’s male fans, Carrie said                           their sexuality and they         mchaiken@BristolObserver.
                                                   mon other than the task at                        prose muscles.”
they’re doing if for the right                                                                                                          the book does include                                   shouldn’t be punished for        com.
                                                   hand. Tera had been mar-                                It was difficult at first,
reasons.”                                                                                                                               some salacious details of                               it,” said Carrie to her poten-
                                                   ried to a member of the                           said Carrie. “But it was one
      Instead, Carrie’s rela-                                                                                                           Tera’s sex life and photo-                              tial critics. If pornography
                                                   band Biohazard. Carrie was                        of my most creative writing                                                                                                     Advertise here! You’re
tionship with Tera began                                                                                                                graphs of Tera through her                              offends you, said Carrie,
                                                   married to a member of                            exercises.”                                                                                                                           reading it.
during the process of                                                                                                                   career.                                                 “Don’t buy it….” But she
                                                   Marilyn Manson’s band.                                  And Carrie and Tera do                                                                                                   Your customers are too!
preparing her book,                                                                                                                           Carrie said she recog-                            said, “Don’t censor it…
                                                   And as they collaborated on                       succeed in weaving a story                                                                                                     Call The Observer/Step
“Cherry Bomb.”                                                                                                                          nizes that some may accuse                              Worry about yourself… We                     Saver
                                                   the book, both of them                            rather than just a series of
      Carrie said she needed                                                                                                            “Sinner Takes All” of glori-                            can’t be such a repressed               (860) 628-9645
                                                   were going through                                recollections.
a “sexy” chapter for the                           divorces.                                               “Sinner Takes All” fol-

book. So, she approached                                This helped build a                          lows Tera from her child-
Tera about writing a chap-                         bond as Tera shared her                           hood as a geeky young girl                                                                
ter for the collection.                            story with Carrie.                                in glasses. The book                                   CONTRACTORS
      When Tera’s contribu-
tion arrived, Carrie said, “I
was impressed with
                                                        The process was very
                                                   much collaboration
                                                   between Tera , said Carrie.
                                                                                                     describes how Tera would
                                                                                                     be teased by the cheerlead-
                                                                                                     ers in school because she
                                                                                                                                                             ROOFING SIDING
                                                                                                                                                                REP. WINDOWS
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Easy Access
her…She’s a really intelli-                        “She was pretty involved                          was tall and lanky. “Sinner
gent, sexually enlightened                         and excited,” said Carrie.                        Takes All” describes Tera’s
woman.”                                            “She read every page. She                         relationship with her abu-                                     ADDITIONS
                                                                                                                                                         In business for a blessed 26 years
                                                                                                                                        Lic. # 514976

      Subsequently, when                           gave me ideas.”                                   sive mother and her
Tera wanted to put together                             “We went chronologi-                         roustabout father. The book                            (860) 582-0712
her memoirs, Carrie was                            cally and went over things                        describes Tera’s failed rela-                           PO Box 9656, Bristol, CT
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