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					                                              P.O. Box 15649, Sacramento, CA 95852
                                                Attention: Entertainment Department
                                     Email: entertainment@calexpo.com Fax: (916) 263-7903

                                    ENTERTAINMENT APPLICATION – Due by: March 31, 2010

Please complete and return this entertainment application and a promotional packet to the California State Fair, at the above address by March 31,
2010. Please complete the entire application! Applications submitted without a promotional packet will not be considered. Packets submitted after
deadline will not get as much review as those received before deadline.

Megan’s Law – If you are selected to perform at the California State Fair you will be required to complete a Megan’s Law form. In 1998, the
California State Fair implemented a policy requiring that all persons conducting business with, employed by, or volunteering at Cal Expo during the
course of the annual State Fair shall provide the necessary personal information to enable their names to be searched through the Department of
Justice’s Megan’s Law files.

IMPORTANT! Due to the dramatic increase in the number and variety of available performers, we are requiring that each performer or group submit
a promotional packet or EPK (electronic press kits) to help us in the selection process. This might include one of more of the following:
documentation citing past awards or recognition of the performer or group, letters of recommendation, a listing of public appearances (including radio
and TV), pictures and, if possible, a video or audio sample of your performance. Performers may substitute a website address if site contains all the
above elements or a combination of hard copy and website information. Acts that compliment our Fair theme will get more consideration. EPK
(electronic press kits) encouraged

                                    Your proposed act must be family-oriented and appropriate for all ages.
Name of Performer/Group________________________________________________________________
Contact Person______________________________                               Phone (      )____________________________
Mailing Address______________________________                              Cell (    )______________________________
City/State____________________ Zip____________                             Fax (     )______________________________
E-mail:______________________________________                              Web site: _______________________________

   Prior approval by Fair Management is required for all artist merchandise sales. If
 hired, Entertainment Director will discuss any stipulations and the rules will be in the
                                contract with Cal Expo.
               All bookings will be at the discretion of the California Exposition & State Fair.

                             Stage Act                    Roving Act                  Grounds (stationary) Act

             Instrumental:                Group-               Solo-                  Other     (Specify:                        )
             Vocal:                       Group-               Solo-                  Other     (Specify:                        )
             Dance:                       Group-               Solo-                  Other     (Specify:                        )

TYPE (please check all that apply):
                    Children’s                  Country                Blue Grass              Folk                   R&B
                      Jazz                       Rock                 Inspirational            Rap                 Spoken Word
                     Ethnic                      Pop                    Comedy
                         ____ Other (please specify),:___________________________________________
____NOVELTY ACTS – (i.e. Clowns, Hypnotists, Juggler, Magician, ect.) please specify:______________________________________

____SPECIAL EXHIBITS – Specify:_______________________________________________________________


Number of Performers in Group:                   Number of Assistants:                Number of Equipment Vehicles:

When are you available? Weekends_____              Weekdays_____         12 pm-4 pm _____     4 pm-10 pm______

Length of Performance (per show, not to exceed fifty (50) minutes):________________

Maximum Number of performances per day: ________

____NO CHARGE, Free Public Exposure Only Entertainment; OR
FEE $_____________Per Performance (notes:___________________________________________________)
or $_____________Per Day (notes:__________________________________________________________)
or $_____________Flat Fee (notes:__________________________________________________________)
      (Where applicable, stipulate whether per hour rate, minimum hours/performances, price breaks)
Please indicate if you plan to:             .      Sell Merchandise                    If so What? (Please List)

                                                   Give Away Merchandise               If so What? (Please List)

                                         ENTERTAINMENT APPLICATION: REFERENCES
List References:
Venue                             Contact Person                                        Phone Number

Have you ever performed at the California Exposition and State Fair? ____ NO ____ YES, When?______________________
The California State Fair will provide the following:

                    Power                   Professional Sound & Lights                      Folding Chairs          8-foot tables

Important Note: Sound & Lights cannot be adjusted.

(Please be specific about what you plan to bring to your performance site. This will assist us in transporting you to your venue in a timely manner.
Note: State Fair will provide microphones, mic stands, monitors, sound and lights. You will not need to bring those items.)

Instruments/Equipment (please list):

Wireless Equipment (if any):



Questions regarding this technical information sheet may be directed to the Entertainment Department by calling (916) 263-3141.

               Use this diagram to draw your stage set-up showing your equipment placement.                      Please indicate your equipment needs:
                  Use the symbols in the legend to indicate mic and monitor placement.
                                                                                                                                             # Req’d
                                    TECHNICAL DIAGRAM
                                                                                                                 VOCAL MIC

                                                                                                                 INSTRUMENTAL MIC

                                                                                                                 CASSETTE DECK

                                                                                                                 CD PLAYER

                                                                                                                 REG. STDS.

                                                                                                                 BOOM STDS

                                                                                                                 FOLDING CHAIRS

 LEGEND:                                                                                                         8 FOOT TABLE

     Mic =            Boom Mic = b                  Direct Box = [ DI ]               Monitor = [ M ]          OTHER

State Fair Use Only:

Group:          Date & Time
                Production Notes
                                       California State Fair
                                    Entertainment Waiver Form

   This is only an application for an opportunity to perform. Submission of this application
   does not guarantee the performer or their agent a booking at the State Fair, nor does it
   constitute any agreement with the State to provide space, services or compensation.

   The parties agree that the participant, and any agents and employees of participant, in
   performance of this contract shall act and are acting in an independent capacity and not as
   officers, employees, or agents of the State Fair.

   State Fair is not responsible for loss or damage to property of participant.

   Participant is required to provide evidence of workers’ compensation insurance as applicable.
   By signing this agreement, participant certifies either: (1) participant will provide evidence of
   workers’ compensation insurance prior to commencement of term; or, (2) participant is
   independent and has no paid or volunteer employees. This certification does not alter or affect
   compliance with the workers’ compensation requirements in the Labor Code of the State of

   Participant hereby waives all claims and recourse against the State of California, California
   Exposition & State Fair, including the right to contribution for loss or damage to persons or
   property in any way connected to this Agreement, and shall indemnify and save harmless the
   State of California, California Exposition & State Fair, from all claims due to any acts or

   Participant shall indemnify, defend, and save harmless the State of California, California
   Exposition & State Fair, its officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims, suits or
   actions of every name, kind and description brought forth from, or on account of, injuries to or
   death of any person including, but not limited to, workers and the public, or damage to property
   resulting from the performance of this agreement, except as otherwise provided by statute. The
   duty of the participant to indemnify and save harmless includes the duties to defend as set forth
   in California Civil Code section 2778.

Authorized Signature

Printed Name                                                         Date

Name of Performer/Group (Please Print)